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  1. I did the same thing from City Select to a 76s and you're right, all you'll get is the selection of 'points' along the way with straightline indicators in between. Nature of the beast and I don't think you'll find the answer you're looking for. sorry
  2. As of today 3/31/04. GPS City has updated their 76CS page from expected ship date of Mar 31 to April 30. I wish Garmin would focus as much on their Supply Chain as they have been on new products Anyway, please keep everyone posted here as we hopefully get closer to the shipment of 76CS's
  3. See This Thread with Pictures and Links of a VERY good RAM dash mount! Works with ANY GPS.... Something to consider as the RAM mounts are so versitile and economical when you have multiple uses... car, bike, canoe, motorcycle.....
  4. Only the new aviation GPSMAP 296 from what I've seen.
  5. Check This source for Weighted RAM mount... Once the holders come out for the 60 series, this weighted base from RAM is much heavier and more flexible than the Garmin bean back mount. This mount has solid lead? core and is heavy and flexible to conform to any dash. If you have other RAM components, they will work on here too! I bought the base and mounted a ball directly to the base and use my double ended femail connector to go from the weighted mount ball to the ball attached on my 76 holder. This allows me both height and angular adjustment of the GPSr. When my 76CS gets here, I'll be able to reuse all the parts. It's a very flexible system and very economical if you have more than one location for use eg. bike, canoe, car, etc....
  6. GPSgeek a.k.a. Gilsson Tech very well known on this forum. Here's their page specific to the 72, 76 series... Thier neoprene case is very nice! Oh yeah, cig. adapter price $8.40 I bought one, it works just fine!
  7. For those running two GPS's one larger unit like a 2610, 2620 or Street Pilot AND a handheld GPS (etrex, 76, ...) for use in hiking, biking, geocaching. How much of a hassle is it to have to load and synch geocaching data to two units so you can drive to cache with one and hike/find the cache with the other? I am thinking of going the 2610 route and rebuying a 76s (used, sold it to my brother... Oh brother!) Thanks.
  8. The 76C, 76CS (as well as the 60C/CS) series CAN Autoroute.... The older 76, 76s series cannot autoroute, but do accept CitySelect Maps.
  9. Try this link for Many RAM options specifically for the V I love my RAM weighted base similar to below. It's is heavy!, has a lead center? and a sticky rubber shell, very durable, very flexible, very quick to move around, very quick to move to any part of the dash.... very highly recommended: Only I have a 'ball' mount directly attached to the base and use the 'two ended femail coupler' arm between the ram holder ball and the weighted base ball. This allows you to vary the height and angle of the gps. (It also allowed me to use RAM components I already owned and avoid the little stubby female post pictured above. My setup seems much more flexible.
  10. I'll second the GPS geek antenna, it's VERY GOOD and available in 3 different cable lengths....
  11. How about a used 76s (24Mb map memory) that many people are selling used for around $225 +/- $25? I already sold mine to my brother, but with all the 60C/CS and 76C/CS purchasers I would think 76s's and Vistas would be growing on trees just a thought, check ebay for used.... or hang out here enough or checkout the gps garage sale forum here.
  12. Sick, just sick. Do you realize there are poor peolple in the world who would be glad to have just one GPS? Just kidding..... but seriously,....just when are you approaching a fetish?
  13. I had a suction cup mount and returned it for a weighted RAM base.... check it out at GPScity.com. It's a non-slip rubber with a flexible center of what feels like lead as it's heavy and maleable. It's my favorite RAM accessory! Here's an excellent link with many Vista mounts pictured.... TVNAV and GPSCity are also good places to by RAM stuff...
  14. When driving on angling roads (non-E,W,N,S; headings other than 0, 90, 180, 270), such as river towns and other 'angling roads', I found that North up helps me to have a better feel for what direction I am heading relative to a MAP or North Up orientation. I am very used to North Up and rarely even try Track Up, with the exception of : On trips with basically N,S,E,W driving, then Track up is more tolerable and allows greater use of the screen. I don't have a problem knowing whether an upcoming turn is right or left, just like riding a bike once you're used to it. YMMV Good Luck.
  15. 'Nuff said.... Amazing neither of your two posts address the original poster's question on best prices for the new Garmin 60 series gps.... -- And to that end, I would also recommend GPSCity.com for their prices, excellent website and service.
  16. GPS City has "Due Mar 31" on their 76CS page. What the odds that date will hold as it's only 2 weeks away?
  17. 76CS vs. 60CS diff's: 115Mb vs. 56Mb memory for maps Floats, 60cs doesn't That's about it for the major differences... ?
  18. Now that the 60CS people have stopped their whining , it's time for a whole new batch of 1st 76C and then 76CS orderers to start harrassing Garmin, their ordering dealer, the Fed Ex person..... the list goes on Seriously, I hope Garmin can get both the 76C and 76CS out in April as I am one of the soon to be whining 76CS owners-to-be
  19. Not trying to be curt, but .... 1) If you CAN afford it and VALUE the hobby and features, then yes, I've found my 76s to be worth it, sold it to my brother and really look forward to the improvement of the 76CS at about $30 higher than the 60CS. 2) If you CANNOT afford the 60/76CS series OR do not VALUE autorouting, large memory capacity for maps, electronic compass, etc., then NO. It is not worth it. As with everything, YMMV.... just my ¢2 worth To answer the original poster's question (attempt to not hi-jack this thread)... I've found the prices, service and knowledge available from TVNav and TheGPSstore to be excellent, have bought from both and as long as their prices stay at or near the lowest, I will continue to do so.... good service and knowledge needs to be supported
  20. Most of the time I set my weighted RAM base next to the left A-pillar. I find this as easy to see as center of dash and it's out of the way. I don't see much mention about the weighted RAM base, but it's my favorite RAM piece as it's so versital and easy to setup/move from vehicle to vehicle. It also allows me to let the bottom of the gps overhang the front edge of the dash, thereby lowering it a bit. It's never been a problem for me.
  21. The false readings in airplane cabins are HUGE. it will show you at 6000 ft, when you are really at 30,000. The GPS altitude is not so bad that you would really want something else, if you are just a rec user. When I hiked yesterday, I was up at around 1700-1800 ft. My topo map showed me about there, and my gps was only off by a small number. It didn't have any significant difference for me. I have also heard that it's a big pain to calibrate the barometric altemeter. Funny! The readings are 6k to 8k feet in an airplane, because the cabin is pressurized and the cabin altitude IS 6k to 8k ft. and GPS elevation is more accurate then because that is the ONLY option. Did we expect the gps to read the pressure OUTSIDE the airplane? Anyway, back the the original poster's question. Necessary, no, neither are maps, but I wouldn't buy another gps w/o mapping either. I love the electronic compass feature as it allows you to take readings to the cache w/o moving around aimlessly and without having to get out another compass. Necessary, no, but very handy. I will agree with other posters who state the barametric altimeter feature is not needed. I don't do anything where the gps altitude wouldn't suffice. I actually found while flying that the gps altitude vs. cabin altitude was interesting, not faulty. The only other thing I sometimes watch is the stationary barametric pressure change while backcountry canoeing as it let's me know if a front is coming through. Good Luck.
  22. Multimap gives lat/long, but the site sorta s_cks. MSN mappoint still does this, but the coordinates are hidden in the website address bar that results from the search. MSN is the best of those I'm posting here. Maporama lists the coordinates at the bottom of the results page from an address search. That's a short list, there used to be more...
  23. Here we go... Others will chime in who are more of an "expert" than me and hopefully some who own both units. Having said that, it doesn't matter what a reviewer says, what a spec says. You NEED to find a store that handles both Maggies and Garmin and see for yourself whether you like the look, feel, menus, maps, screens, etc. of each mfr. For me the choice was Garmin. Others did the exact same thing and it was Maggie. Your tastes, your values, your 2¢
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