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  1. Count me In:


    Geocaching name - crazybear and honey (Mission honey)

    E-mail sent - 2-04-10

    Received name -

    Number Of Missions - 1

    Mission Mailed -

    Mission Received -


    Geocaching name - crazybear and honey (Mission crazybear)

    E-mail sent - 2-04-10

    Received name -

    Number Of Missions - 1

    Mission Mailed -

    Mission Received -


    Many thanks.


    Greatings René

  2. HAPPY


    I´m realy happy about this day.


    I have a lot of work finished and now its weekend.


    So i wish a happy weekend.


    Many thanks for my first cointest. I´m not sure if i do the right but i hope it.

  3. New batch of 50, sold as is, make offers on any.


    1. Geocachers of West Tennesse 2006 pewter

    2. 12 Days of Caching Coinament

    3. range finder

    4. podcaster 2007

    5. Midwest Geobash 2007

    6. San Francisco benchmark

    7. Forest preserves jam jar gold glitter

    8. team fish eagle south africa

    9. MS bik ride

    10. 8 muddy feet

    11. caching pill yellow\red

    12. guardian of the cache - bee

    13. The travel coin nickel

    14. geocoinfest mosaic georgia

    15. Apres bottle cap opener 4" coin!

    16. beach ball coin gold

    17. blackpool tower

    18. stringalights nickel

    19. independence day 2007

    20. vintage air power p51 mustang

    21. seasons of caching AS LE spring

    22. paperless caching round

    23. fall into caching copper

    24. travel gnome gnavy

    25. christmas lights v1 red

    26. caching in the holidays mystery

    27. Nielsenc 2005 christmas coin

    28. cache cow micro

    29. wonderful discoveries blue BN

    30. musketeer micro nickel yellow

    31. thanks giving 2005

    32. surfboard flames

    33. geocache america 2008

    34. washington monument benchmark

    35. california bear micro

    36. torn mailer

    37. chattahoochee valley cachers

    38. googol aqua AS

    39. googol red gold

    40. nuttin better peanut jar

    41. franzen endless knot polished gold

    42. okinawa

    43. happy holidays 2007

    44. keeper of the mountain cache - mtn lion

    45. california bear micro

    46. chinese fan satin gold

    47. prowler 53 gold jaguar

    48. team skirtlifter 2006 round

    49. coffee and mittens

    50. geocachers blending in


    If you would like a full list of coins email me.


    Mail sent.


    Greatings René

  4. Hi All,


    my most wanted list has changed ;-)


    I´m seeking the following coins:


    1) Geeocacher's Luck & Protection Mystery coin

    2) Mystery - Coin Dropping Fairy

    3) The Bell Witch - Mystery (I would realy love to trade for this coin)

    4) Sinterklaas mystery coin


    But at the moment i try so much to get some of this coins. I think the possibility to get this coins is extrem small. But my hope will die at least.


    So, i hold my finger crossed.


    Greatings René

  5. Hi,


    i´m looking for the following coins:


    Geeocacher's Luck & Protection Mystery coin

    Mystery - Coin Dropping Fairy

    The Bell Witch - Mystery (I would realy love to trade for this coin)

    Sinterklaas mystery coin


    I have up for trade


    Dutch Lion Mystery Coin

    GeoBandit Mystery Coin

    TQ Dark Gold

    Tempting the Fates Geocoin

    12 Day´s of Caching (Spinner)

    The Unknown Soldier LE

    Dragon Ladon Nickel on Cooper

    Earth Turtle 2008 Gold / Blue

    Mariners Astrolab Geocoin Cooper


    Multitrade is possible.


    Greatings René

  6. Those are the 3 official versions. :P A 4th one will be minted in 10 examples only and not for sale. :(

    I don't plan to remint for now but you never know, maybe If the design is popular there will be but in other metal combo. :D

    They are 60mm wide (a bit more than 2 1/4'') X 35mm high (a bit less than 1 1/2 inches), 3,5mm


    For those of you who made trades with me for my multiple birthday missions and Christmas missions your name has been noted and coins are reserved for you. :lol: I will email the ones with 1 on 1 trade.


    For those who want to reserve ahead (this is not pre-sale I will send invoice only when my coins will be in-hand)

    email me at turlutortue@gmail.com with you coin choice, country and email linked to Paypal. There is no obligations attached to this. If there is coins left after all coins are shipped, they will be available through the same email and my website at www.creationsjacqueline.com


    Coins will be $12 for RE and LE, $13 for XLE. Shipping USA and CANADA :1coin $2.25, $0.75 each additional

    Shipping International: 1 coin $4.50, 2 coins $5.25, 3 coins $9 (3 coins is more than 100g so prices double in international)


    1 of each is in the 5th Math trade.




    They looks fantastic. Many thanks Jacqueline.


    Hope the mail arrives soon. I´m very proud the can received a set of them.


    Greatings René

  7. So I got a strange box at work today.


    From my Halloween mission secret name!


    I had forgotten that crazybear & honey had said they would send me a box of chocolate for Christmas, and it arrived today!


    Wife stole the marzipan quickly, and there's two bags that we have no idea what is in them (one translated as gingerbread hearts and the other translated as cathedral east something or another)


    However, THANK YOU for the chocolate! There will be much negotiations as to who gets what out of the box.


    The translations are correct.


    I hope the chocolate are the right for you.


    Greatings René

  8. Yeah, yiepie the last mission arrives me today.


    Many thanks to my secret santa´s for the great coins.


    Sory for the late post but i would love to have the complete missions.


    I post the pictures at the weekend.


    Many thanks and greatings René

  9. Hi All,


    i do not post until now because i waiting for my second mission.


    I have heard that the mission i´m waiting is outgoing at 17th December but until no it is not arrived.


    At this weekend i will post the pictures of the mission i have received. Many thanks secret santa´s.


    Greatings René

  10. Would ya'll like to find this un coin in yer cache? :rolleyes:








    i realy love the design of this coin.

    The Mystical background is great.


    I would realy proud if i can find sometimes one of this great

    coins near my home.


    Greatings René

  11. Hi All,


    im looking for an compass Rose 2009 Black Nickel LE.


    I have miss the 6 coin Set :-(


    I would love to trade or sell them.


    I have up for trade an Compass Rose 5th Anyversery LE Black Nickel or other coins for an multitrade.


    Please let me know what i have to send for this coin.


    Greatings René

  12. ya'll com in tha holiday adoption thread an maybee I'll send ya one of me new mysteries. coins made to travel , cept mine




    This coins looks realy great bell witch.


    Congrats to this great design.


    Would you love to go to a nightcache with me? ;-)


    Hope someday you would have a little time to visit germany.


    Greatings René

  13. Have some older and rarer coins that are my extras for trade (or sale if they are trackable), email me with your trade list. :laughing:


    Scooby Shaggy and Velma Bronze and Antique Silver

    Geo Leprechaun Antique Silver

    Geo coin fairy Bronze and Antique Silver


    Geocoin secret agent v1

    allen lacy



    Dont fence me in Black nickel

    Geocoin Bug Copper

    The Roths the day we met

    creepy crawly cachers

    Dark knight v1

    Prntr1 Antique Silver

    Prntr1 Antique Silver Bronze

    Goofy Cacher

    2golfers misty gold

    dressel dragon antique silver and misty gold

    kilted cacher



    Flying Spaghetti monster Antique Silver, Bronze, both black nickel and antique copper

    6 of the coinfusion coins 5

    workerofwood, with the little coin on it

    Moun10Bike v3

    donbadabon 2005

    jeep'en jumpers bronze

    dhobby1 v3 antique silver

    uncle jon v1 and v2


    indy diver v1.5 antique silver

    Geowoodstock 3 antique silver

    grayling 2005

    dallas fort worth geocaching 2005

    IRC Poffertjes event BN 2006


    Indy Diver AS v1.5

    GW3 antique silver


    E-Mail sent.


    Finger Crossed.


    Greatings René

  14. In my Saturday mailbox was what could well be the record setter for recycled bubble mailers:



    It had been used at least 5 time (evidenced by all the return address stickers and customs stickers and stamp parts and such. Then I used it to send to 007BigD (star sticker) and he wrote the "not yet" on the star sticker and mailed it back to me. This mailer really ought to get some sort of award for service !!


    Oh, the contents? You want to know what was in this record setting mailer?

    It was just one of the coins that I have wanted forever and ever and ever.

    Greenback 2008





    This Greenback 2008 looks extrem nice. I would love to get also one of them.


    Congrates to receiving this great coin.


    Many thanks for posting the picture.


    Greatings René

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