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  1. Count me In: Geocaching name - crazybear and honey (Mission honey) E-mail sent - 2-04-10 Received name - Number Of Missions - 1 Mission Mailed - Mission Received - Geocaching name - crazybear and honey (Mission crazybear) E-mail sent - 2-04-10 Received name - Number Of Missions - 1 Mission Mailed - Mission Received - Many thanks. Greatings René
  2. Hi, i would realy love to find a way to get this great coin. What i have to do? I would do anything. ;-) Greatings René
  3. I received all missions. Greatings René
  4. HAPPY I´m realy happy about this day. I have a lot of work finished and now its weekend. So i wish a happy weekend. Many thanks for my first cointest. I´m not sure if i do the right but i hope it.
  5. Hi all, great to hearing the Bell Witch goes arround. I hope sometimes one of this great coins will find the way to me. Greatings René
  6. Hi All, my most wanted list has changed ;-) I´m seeking the following coins: 1) Geeocacher's Luck & Protection Mystery coin 2) Mystery - Coin Dropping Fairy 3) The Bell Witch - Mystery (I would realy love to trade for this coin) 4) Sinterklaas mystery coin But at the moment i try so much to get some of this coins. I think the possibility to get this coins is extrem small. But my hope will die at least. So, i hold my finger crossed. Greatings René
  7. Hi, i´m looking for the following coins: Geeocacher's Luck & Protection Mystery coin Mystery - Coin Dropping Fairy The Bell Witch - Mystery (I would realy love to trade for this coin) Sinterklaas mystery coin I have up for trade Dutch Lion Mystery Coin GeoBandit Mystery Coin TQ Dark Gold Tempting the Fates Geocoin 12 Day´s of Caching (Spinner) The Unknown Soldier LE Dragon Ladon Nickel on Cooper Earth Turtle 2008 Gold / Blue Mariners Astrolab Geocoin Cooper Multitrade is possible. Greatings René
  8. Oh what a great coin. Congrates to all who were bitten. I hope for a bit to ;-) Greatings René
  9. They looks fantastic. Many thanks Jacqueline. Hope the mail arrives soon. I´m very proud the can received a set of them. Greatings René
  10. The translations are correct. I hope the chocolate are the right for you. Greatings René
  11. Hi all, the last mission arrives. No package, nothing with chistmas. Only a small peace of paper with Marry Christmas and two coins. Many thanks. Greatings René
  12. Hi, i´m searching some other activationcodes. Crystal Ball Coin http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...4387&type=t target=ImgWindow Little Memaid Geocoin (Ariele) http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...arget=ImgWindow Many thanks. Greatings René
  13. Hi, anybody knows where i can find the activationcode from the Crown of Thorns Quilt-Trail Geocoin. I think it was made by TNT. http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade...5568&type=t target=ImgWindow Thanks. Greatings René
  14. Yeah, yiepie the last mission arrives me today. Many thanks to my secret santa´s for the great coins. Sory for the late post but i would love to have the complete missions. I post the pictures at the weekend. Many thanks and greatings René
  15. Hi All, i do not post until now because i waiting for my second mission. I have heard that the mission i´m waiting is outgoing at 17th December but until no it is not arrived. At this weekend i will post the pictures of the mission i have received. Many thanks secret santa´s. Greatings René
  16. Hi, i realy love the design of this coin. The Mystical background is great. I would realy proud if i can find sometimes one of this great coins near my home. Greatings René
  17. Hi All, im looking for an compass Rose 2009 Black Nickel LE. I have miss the 6 coin Set :-( I would love to trade or sell them. I have up for trade an Compass Rose 5th Anyversery LE Black Nickel or other coins for an multitrade. Please let me know what i have to send for this coin. Greatings René
  18. I´m wayting for the last mission. Hope it will arrive this day. Greatings René
  19. Only one day to christmas and i wayt for the my last mission :-( Hope today the mission arrives me. Greatings René
  20. This coins looks realy great bell witch. Congrats to this great design. Would you love to go to a nightcache with me? ;-) Hope someday you would have a little time to visit germany. Greatings René
  21. This Greenback 2008 looks extrem nice. I would love to get also one of them. Congrates to receiving this great coin. Many thanks for posting the picture. Greatings René
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