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  1. And...after all of that...I guess there were a few things that I sent to myself also?? I don't know HOW I got over the ocean to send myself a gift, I don't even have a passport.


    Carpe Diem! You took me by surprise!! Thank you.



    Hefty!! This is one big chunk of Copper!! Thank you for thinking of me.



    I can't figure out what's worse...Getting Bitten, or getting Geocoin Bugs in your teeth. I didn't even realize these were still flying around. I guess they have a long life cycle. Thank you so much.



    This little gift was so sneaky that I completely missed it when I pulled all the puffies out from the bills, I found it later when I was sorting out all the ucky stuff. The smallest one of them, but not small at all in spirit. Thank you for the extra little surprise.



    WOW!...So many coins that I had to break this into two posts...it wouldn't take all the pictures!!


    Congrates to this great mysts.


    Best regards René

  2. Hi all.


    i need help to find some coins.

    I´m looking for


    Easter Bunny Mystery Coin Charly Brown Version

    Sinterklaase Mystery Coin

    Compass Rose Yime Version any (could be activated)


    It would be so great to get the one ore other of this coins.


    I have a lot of coins up for trade ;-) Please contact me.


    Best regards René

  3. Time to try to catch up. I was fortunate enough to do a lot of trading at the ASP Geobash a few weeks ago, along with a trip to the event store...


    The group coins:




    Trades and store purchases:






    All coins were placed in my mailbox today, and sanforized for your protection!




    Congrates Dr. Neal. There are some great mystery coins in.


    Best regards René

  4. OoOoohh Yeaah.


    What a great day. Yesterday i have worked a long time and as i´m at home late in the evening i found on my desk a golden mailer.

    I couldn´t wait until the next the and have open it and what i found was so great.

    I got one of this brand new mystery coins i would realy like.


    Thank you soooooooo much my mystery friend. I wish you the best.


    Greatings René

  5. I have not posted in here in like forever. I have not gotten much in awhile, like 1 here and 1 there. Now these 2 were not in my mailbox, but I did get them and was excited when they were in my hands. Saturday I attended the 10 Year event in Pittsburgh and got to talk to a guy I met back at GCF 08, YY. Was glad I got to talk with ya again Yime and thanks for the oh so AWESOME coins.



    My new & awesome Gamma Ray #30 Yemon Yime and my 2009 #15 Yime Compass Rose.


    You could be so happy to get this great coins.


    I´m looking since years for several Yime Edition Compass Rose but until now i do not have the

    chance to get one of these coins.

    I have a dream to finish my compass Rose collection, but this would be a dream for the next years.

    I got all compass roses since 2005. But i have not enough money to spend this in the yime versions on ebay.


    So i try to find a way to get some times one of each coin i´m searching.


    So you should be proud to get this coins :) end enjoy them.


    Best regards René

  6. Hi,


    i´m seeking the following coins:


    Sinterclaas Mystery Coin

    Easter Geocoin Bunny Woodstock

    Easter Geocoin Bunny Charly Brown


    I Have up for trade


    Secret Agent Mystery

    Angel Mystery

    Bandita Mystery

    Creepy Crawlers Mystery


    It would be so great to find someone who wants to trade ore something else.

    Please contact me.


    Best regards René

  7. First a disclaimer...I placed each of these coins in my mailbox, so they were in my mailbox today!


    I was able to attend 2, 10 year celebrations this weekend, and met up with some other coin collectors...a lot of my traders found new homes, and some new coins made their way back with me!





    and some "doggie" coins!






    OOOh Yeaah.

    Congrates Dr. Neal to get some cool coins.


    I realy like the Zomby tribe. Great Trades.


    Best regards René

  8. oke i think it`s time to be honest to you all why i don`t be in hereso much lately cause i feel a little quilty about it...........

    everybody has sometimezzzz periode`s in there life that you can only struggle and that periode i had for a long time........

    first i was sick over and over again and it did`t go away then they found a little hump in my breast and when they take it out i was so so scared that it was wrong but it was`t so badley as i thought so that was good thing..........

    Lorca was also sick over and over again she had a bog infection and she had a little surgerie and is still take medzzzzzzzz but she is go good again........

    then there was my mam i had to take care for her as she went hospital in and out i could`t take it but it`s my mam.......

    also my and hubby life seperate at the moment cause i`m struggle with my feelingzzzzzzzzzzz so so much and we do love each other but sometimezzzzzz that is`t enough so we are looking what we want in life i want difference then him and that come`zzzz that i lost to many people the last two yearzzzzzzz i must find my way back to the beginning of the road of happynizzzzzz again........

    i`m working on that i really do and that is why i did`t come so much in here i know it was selfish from me but it was something i had to do and i`m sorry for it that i let you all a little down........

    but last day i found a GOLDEN ENVELOPE in my mail and there was a BEAUTIFULL COIN in and when i saw it tearzz roll over my face cause i feel so badley that you all do tell what is going on in your life and i did`t i just stay away without even knowing about this BEAUTYFULL COIN.........

    i don`t know why i`m pickt out to recieve this BEAUTYFULL COIN but i`m HONORD to get one and it really did realise me that you are out there on the other side of the world sending me this BEAUTYFULL COIN even now that i`m a little selfish that i think only at my own feelingzzzzzzzz and i`m sorry that i tell my story i`m just bussy with getting back to the person who i was and wanna be again i`m just a little EMOTIONAL ......





    here a piczzzzzzzz of that BEAUTY..............



    and the back..................





    ohhhhhhhhh one more thing when i read this topic there is a lot about wine but what has that to do with this coin i don`t get the clou of it sorrryyyyyyyy :P:D


    I´m so happy for you that you received such a great coin.

    Also i wish all who gets this great coin realy good time and enjoy your present. :-)


    Best regards René

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