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  1. Congrates to all who have received this great turtle.

    What i have to do, to find some day one of this great coins.


    If there is any one who want´s to trade ore send out this coin to me please let me know. ;-)


    Best Regards René

  2. Hi,


    i have a question. How much i have to add as shipping costs.

    If i wan´t send out only one coin from germany i have to pay at the post office 6,00 Euro thats only the postage. My time, the bubblemailer and all the other things are not included. So if i would sell a coin to US i should have to add an shipping rate in a high of 8,34$ plus the costs for bubblemailer, time and so on.

    How many people would bid for an coin where they have to pay round about 10$ for shipping?


    Thats only an information for shipping from germany to US.


    Best regards René

  3. Hi everyone,


    I have only been geocaching for 2 days so please excuse my ignorance.


    Today in one of my finds I found a coin with a sticker saying "the cache reaper from the beginning to the end". I thought I would do what I thought was right by logging it online then passing it on. However there isn't a code anywhere.


    Should I have left it in the cache? What do I do now?


    Please help a newbie out!


    If is it not so much for you. You also could send it to me. ;-)


    No its a great gift. So hold it and you could be lucky to found one of this great mystery´s.


    Best Regards René

  4. Hi all,


    sorry for the late answer and that you all have to wait but now there is my picture.


    What is that:




    the proportions do not quite fit, but i hope you could find it out ;-)


    Best regards René

  5. so what was your question? you quote the bit about rene wanting particular colours.


    It's really more my astonishment than a question....that the person has been given one version of a beautiful mystery coin, & now is asking for the other two versions? :ph34r: Is that what's happening here? I just really can't imagine doing that myself.....




    i love to collect mystery coins.(I´m a collector) And if i see some new versions i try to find out how i can add them to my collection.

    Right now i have over 50-60 Mystery coins in my collection and i would love to add some more.

    Why i should not try to say that i´m interested in the versions i not have jet?


    Best regards René

  6. Today I received 4 Geocoin Fairy's and 2 Geocoin Devil's. The others within the past month (except mine and Sasquatch). Most of these mystery coiners and several mystery pathtaggers have posted will attend notes at GC2C575. If they cannot attend I have most their coins (and others) to donate to the event. :laughing:




    Congrates dear Cache Reaper to this great mysts.


    Ooooh my good, i felt in love with the Wizard Mystery Coins. There are two version i

    would love to add to my collection. The yellow one and the silver (white) one.

    Where could i get this coins. I would do anything to found one.

    I know i could try to visit the US Event but at the moment it isn´t possible. Because a little child will born in a few weeks.


    Best regards René

  7. Count me in if it is possible.


    Mission crazybear (04.10.)


    Name Received:

    Outgoing Mission Sent:

    Incoming Mission Received:


    Mission honey (02.10.)


    Name Received:

    Outgoing Mission Sent:

    Incoming Mission Received:


    I would like to send outside Germany ;-)


    Best regards René

  8. Congrates to all who finds one of this great coins.

    It would be so great if sometime one of this turtles find his

    way in a cache near by me.

    Or in my mailbox ;-)


    Many thanks to the mystery sender who let get out this great coins.


    Best regards René

  9. Hi,


    this are my coincollection




    From left to right from the first line to the last:


    Secret Agent

    Great Geo-Pumpkin

    Colonel H. George Cachington's Dragon

    Mystery Christmas Stocking

    Mystery Merry Christmas Snowflake

    Carpe Diem

    Coinfather Blue Mystery Edition

    Mystery Christmas Coin 2005

    Mystery--Creepy Crawly Cachers Halloween 2007

    Mystical Greenman

    Luck and Protection Double Dragon

    Bell Witch

    Coin Dropping Fairy

    Easter Geocoin Bunny 2010 Woodstock + other versions (i need the charly brown version)

    Geocoin Devil Gold and Silver (looking for the black nickel version)

    The Geocoin Fairy ant. Gold, ant. Cooper, ant. silver, black nickel, polished Gold 2010 (i need the silver 2010)

    Mystery Binary Coin Gold and Silver

    The Cache Reaper cooper and ant. silver

    Geocaching Jedi (i´m seeking the ant. silver version)

    Imagine Mystery

    Wizard Mystery

    Dark Knight BN and Nickel

    Mystery Gator Nation

    Mystery Mouth of the South


    Mystery - Mickey Diver

    Mystery Puzzle Coin

    G. O'Coin B.U.G. Gold and Cooper

    Goofy Cacher

    Geocaching Angel

    The Phantom Cacher....

    Highland Geofairy Mystery Coin 2008 Nickel

    Mystery - Geo Sasquatch

    Mystery - Wishing Coin

    Geo Leprechaun Pot of Gold silver and black nickel

    Close Encointer of the Third Kind

    Dutch Lion Mystery Coin


    So thats it for the moment, but i try to get some more coins that i have not in my collection.


    My most want to have coins are


    Sinterklaas Mystery Coin

    Het Gele Bussie

    GD Mystery

    GD Mystery square


    I crossed my fingers that sometimes i could finished my collection.


    So have fun and best regards René






    I see now, Yes I can verify that the pathtag is one of mine and the sherpa was made by the geocoin store. I believe it was designed by Chris Mackey.


    They do compliment each other nicely if I do say so myself. :laughing: hhhmmm, I may have to talk to Mother~Nature about a new coin design . maybe a sherpa v3?


    Thanks for clearing things up and posting the pics.


    I like this pathtag. It would be great addition to my mystery collection.


    The best way to dicribe my collection is to say what mysterys i´m seeking.


    Right now i have a lot of mystery coins. The only coins i´m seeking are


    Sinterklaas Mystery Coin

    B09 - Het Gele Bussie Mystery Coin

    GeoHonu Mystery Turtle

    one ore two versions of the easterbunny mystery

    and im seeking a second imagine Coin for a friend


    I post this evening a picture of my collection.


    Best regards René

  11. Hi all,


    i try to finished my collection. I´m seeking


    Delft Coin any of the series

    Compass Rose 2007 two Tone

    Compass Rose 2007 XXLE ant. Cooper (yust a try ;-))

    Compass Rose 2008 Yime Edition

    Compass Rose 2008 Black Nickel/Polisched Nickel LE

    Compass Rose 2009 Yime Edition

    5th Anyversary Yime Edition

    any Moun10bike Coins

    Sinterklaas Mystery Coin

    B09 - Het Gele Bussie Mystery Coin

    GeoHonu Mystery Turtle


    I have up for sale or trade: (not for sale *) ALL COIN ARE UNACTIVATED.

    Earth Turtle Australia Version

    Earth Turtle Fiji Island Version

    Earth Turtle Tahiti Version

    Turlutortue Turtle Coins (complett set inkl. XLE Coin)

    Elrich Elch Cooper (never Sold Version)

    TQ Dark Gold Edition

    Bandita Mystery Coin *

    Tempting the Fates Geocoin

    Secret Agent Mystery *

    Creepy Crawler Mystery *

    Dragon Ladon Cooper Silver LE

    Darkest Dream White Night (glowing) XLE

    Darkest Dream Orange LE

    Spacegate Ant. Silver

    Munich Geocoin 2008 XLE BN glowing (only 10)

    Munich Geocoin 2008 XLE Gold glowing (only 10)

    Projekt Game Cooper

    Antefix Geocoin

    The Cacher Coin silver

    Star crazy Earth BN


    Hope to find some traders.


    Best regards René

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