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  1. Thats an great idea. But i life in germany so i have not a chance to get one. I will hope to get this coin an other way. Many thanks. Best regards. René
  2. Hello All, this is the last chance to get some coins. I only have some coins left for sale. Kind regards René
  3. Im hope to get 4 ore 5 of each metal. Kind regards René
  4. Hello All, i want to let you know about the new munich 2008 geocoin with own trackable icon. The Geocoinshop.de produced the geocoin for me. They have a high qualiy. This are great Geocoin. The coins are minted: 140 Coins Foggy Gold - last 43 - 90 Coins Foggy Silver - last 14 - 40 Coins Black Nickel - SOLD OUT - 10 Coins Foggy Gold (Nachtleuchtend) - SOLD OUT - 10 Coins Foggy Silver (Nachtleuchtend) - SOLD OUT - 10 Coins Black Nickel (Nachtleuchtend) - SOLD OUT - Here you will find some Dates about the Coins: 44 mm x 34 mm x 3mm dick and wight 36 gramm Soft Enamel The coin costs 8,50 Euro for each. Please send me an PN with the metal and the number how much you want. Costs for shipping are 6 $ to US Many thanks for showing. Kind regards René
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