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  1. List updated thrice!


    I am hoping to chisel away at my "seeking" list! This is my first effort in a while, and so it is a BROAD one. Below are my seeking/heart's desires/no-chance-in-purgatory coins, and then after that are my current, newly updated traders list.


    If you have any of my seekers, please contact me and let's see if we can work out a trade.


    If I have something you want but you don't have anything on my seeking list, STILL contact me and let me know what you can offer! There are tons of coins out there that I don't have...I'm sure we can work something out.


    Thanks in advance for looking!


    Seeking List:

    2007 Earth Turtle - Black Nickel or Gold

    2007 Fern New Zealand

    Absolute Caching

    Africa - Stick your neck out


    Applewomyn - Fall colors or Satin Nickel/green

    Armadillo - any


    Australia - 2006, 2007, or 2008

    Ble68 Peacock

    Blue Crab - any

    Cache Attributes

    Celtic Peacock Antique Silver LE

    Coexist - any


    Crake (any metal)

    Crater Lake NP (round) - Ant. Silver

    Difficult Climbing - any glow

    Everglades NP (round) - gold

    Flower of Life

    Forest Cache Frog

    Four Elements

    Fox and Geese


    Gray Whale

    Hawaii Volcanoes NP (round) - silver

    Hector's Dolphin - Ant. Silver

    Joshua Tree NP - Ant. Silver

    Kingfisher Team



    Man vs. Cache - firestriker

    Monarch Butterfly

    Nature's Night & Day - any

    Northern Right Whale RE

    Nudibranch Micro

    Parrotlet's Parrot

    Plan B

    Prowler53 Big Cats set

    Saman Team

    School of Piranha


    SLO Trekker


    Tadpole379 2008 - any

    Team Chelmo 2007 - any

    Texas Bluebonnet

    Trekkin' and Birdin' Personal Coin


    Trading List:

    Appalachian Quilt - BN, Ant. Silver, Ant. Gold

    Bay Leaf Quilt - BN and Ant. Gold

    Blarney Coin SE

    Boomerang BN

    Bulgarian Mystic Ant Silver

    Cachepillar - Nickel LE

    Cache Agent


    Celtic Star

    Celtic Tree of Life - Red enamel on Gold


    Cinemaboxers - BN

    Cinemaboxers - Polished Gold LE

    Cinemaboxers 10th Anniversary

    Crown of Thorns Quilt - Ant. Gold

    Crystal Ball - Ant. Silver

    Denali NP - Ant. Bronze

    Dragonfly Talisman - Nutella, Ocean Mist, Johnny Cash

    Earth Turtle Oceania - New Zealand and Tahiti versions


    Fall into Caching

    Flip A Friend - red and blue

    Flying V - black nickel

    GeoCoin Club - all from April 08 to March 09

    GeoScooter - purple/pink

    Gecko Yellow


    Jack Russell Terrier - Nickel and Ant. Copper LE


    Kansas Sunshine

    Key to the Cache

    Kiwi Fruit BN

    Leather Man

    Lettuce Go Caching Gold

    Malachite Butterfly

    Matlock75's V1 - green/gold

    Matryoshka Russian Dolls

    Mimbres 1.0 REs only

    Mimbres 2.0 - LEs: blue and gray

    Northern Atlantic Lobster - all versions

    Not Another Micro! - Desert Camo

    Pororoca - all finishes

    Pursuit of Caching v1 - BN and Gold LE

    Pursuit of Caching Geowoodstock - BN and Gold


    Saskatchewan LE

    Sign of the Zodiac - all finishes

    Smokey Bear - copper

    Stone of Rosetta

    Sumer Is Icumen - antique bronze

    Tengwar - several colors - 2nd mint - trade in progress

    Tranquility - Sepp and Berta - HTF offers only, please

    Virtual Ghost Micro GLOW

    Wildlife Muggles - Tasmanian Devil


    PN sent

  2. Hi all,


    im searching as soon as possible one of the following coins:


    Rain Forest Jewel(Black Nickel) V1

    2007 Earth Turtle( the round version)

    Dark Side of the Cache(either the LE Gold or the XLE Copper)


    I have the following coins up for trade:


    Dutch 2008 Geocoin

    Dragon Spinner Geocoin AG

    Dragon Spinner Geocoin AS

    Pirates Sword Gold

    Future Coin

    Dorkfisch Fischtank

    Guardian Coin

    Biercoin LE

    Angel Mystery Coin


    I know it could be hard for me to find one of them, but i hope of some one from you who have heart for me. ;-)


    I have round about 80 other coins in a list.


    I also could offer a multitrade. Let me know.


    Best regards René

  3. Today-1.jpg


    Turtles....... woooohooooo. And Hoppers........ and ..... oh my!!


    Is jack a trackble


    I think it's the Elwoodiny personal. I'm not sure if it is trackable or not.


    Yes it is an Elwoodiny personal coin. They are not trackable but numberd.


    I also have sell one for myself.


    Its a great designed Coin wit glowing parts on poth sides.




    Greatings René

  4. OOOOOOHHHH a new mission :-)


    I like to trade:


    Mission crazybear


    1. Participating E-Mail sent 08.09.2009

    2. Received Name

    3. Mission Complete

    4. Mission Arrived!


    Thanks for the organisation.


    Best regards René

  5. My Top 5 Seeking are:


    1. The Wizzard Mystery Coin

    2. The Wizzard Mystery Coin

    3. The Wizzard Mystery Coin

    4. The Wizzard Mystery Coin

    and last but not least

    5. The Wizzard Mystery Coin


    It would be so great if i can found some one who want´s to trade, or sell or send per Mail ;-)


    Greatings René

  6. Hi!

    I am back in mission madness. :lol: and now I need to find some coins for a couple of missions.

    Does anyone have any or more of these:


    dalahorse, any colour

    K-9 GSD

    Lady Luck, any

    manatee, any colour

    starfish, any colour

    pirhana coin


    I don´t have much left to trade but here are some:


    fiabuscoin, BN

    mario bros christmas

    road to sacramentbus blue

    dutch 2008

    evil micro geowoodstockcolour

    hypnotic, a clubcoin of some kind

    jukebox, blue and yellowglitter, swedish groupcoin

    easycache gold


    Please help me out here. Hope for quick setup and for luck ofcourse. :ph34r:


    all the best.

    grodan Karin


    I have some Piranha Coins up for trade.


    Please contakt me if you are interessted in to trade.


    Best regards René

  7. yesterday i recieved a Card from the Maiden of mystery...??? ;)



    its a nice card, with a great saying and inside it had 2 very well made path tags one to keep and one to sell.

    the tag has the same graffix as the front of the card with with another really nice saying



    life is not seperate from death,

    it only looks that way.



    ive never herd of this mystery giver, has anyone else?? :D

    thank you so much i love the tag and hope the winner of the auction will too. thank you for your giving heart!! i cant thank you enuff and everyone else that has been so great about everything ive been thru lately. you all are rockers in my book!!! :laughing::laughing:




    I also received on of these coins!


    Thank you very much the the Maiden of mystery!!


    Wooohooow what a great Coin.


    You can be so lucky to get this great coin.


    I hope to receive also one of them. Or is any one interessted in to trade ? :rolleyes:


    Best regards René

  8. I do not know when i have time to visit Scotland. :-( And found one of this great coins.

    So i have to wait for the day i can hope to hold one of this great coins in my hand.

    But i try to pick one up in Scotland.


    Best regards René

  9. Congrates to all who received this great coin.


    Is there any one who can let ME be a LION KING? It would be so great to can receive this wonderfull coin.


    Let me know if i can do something to get this coin.


    Best regards René

  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm new to most of this. I recently picked up a great lookikng geocoin - it is an old fashioned camera (with bellows) - gold in color and on the back side it had a quote by Ansel Adams - "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..." Does anyone know who sold or manufactured this coin?


    I have one for trade.


    If you are interessted please contact me.


    Best regards René

  11. I have no more holiday this year, so i cant go to Scotland to find one of this great mystery coins.


    I hope the highland geocoin fairy would love to search caches near my hometown ;-)


    Or they would love to visit my mailbox ;-)


    Best regards René

  12. Congrats also from me to all who gets this great coin.


    If any one interessted in to trade this coin with me?


    I can offer other mystery coins: Devil Mystery Coin, Angel Mystery Coin ore an Fear no Cache Geocoin (trackable)


    I hope so much that i can receive sometimes one of this great Mystery Coins.


    Best regards René

  13. Hi,


    i´m looking for the following coins


    Phantomcacher Mystery Coin

    The Wizard Mystery Coin

    Geo Sasquatch

    Mystical GreenMan


    I can offer you a


    Devil Mystery Coin

    Angel Mystery Coin

    Fear No Cache LE Gold


    Greatings René


    email sent, I think I have one of those.


    I try to send a list this evening.


    Best regards René

  14. Hi,


    i´m looking for the following coins


    Phantomcacher Mystery Coin

    The Wizard Mystery Coin

    Geo Sasquatch

    Mystical GreenMan


    I can offer you a


    Devil Mystery Coin

    Angel Mystery Coin

    Fear No Cache LE Gold


    Greatings René


    email sent, I think I have one of those.


    I got's one of those (4) too, but I certainly didn't want a mystery coin in return. So no email here :)


    Hopefully my day picks up. What a mess on this end today . . .




    But i´m always interessted in to trade with you.


    I try to build a trader list this evening end send it to you.


    It would be great if we can have a trade.


    Are you interessted?


    Best regards René

  15. My Geocoin heart desires a Viking Heritage Helmet coin, Antique Gold/Shiny Nickel edition, to have the complete set (and plan a multi-cache with lots of themed geocoins to discover... but I won't say more. Surprise!)


    Hi i have a helmet. I think it is the LE Edition.


    Please contact me if you interessted in to trade.


    Best regards René

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