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  1. Thanks for the tip. I tried to do the above, but was unable to sign up (required for bug reporting) to the hub properly. It does not verify my email although I do receive the emails from the hub, and have tried alternative methods to get the mail address verified. Bummer! This is getting really annoying!
  2. I made a new Wherigo with wherigokit, which I have used successfully before. I made the cartridge, and the new cache was published today. The person hunting for FTF reported a bug, which had not appeared during the building and testing process. The user got a message from WhereYouGo saying: "You hit a bug! please report at openwig.googlecode.com and i'll fix it for you! java.lang.NullPointer.Exception: Attempt to read from field 'cz.matejcik.openwig.Cartridge cz.matejcik.openwig.Engine.cartridge' on a null object reference" After that the cartridge crashed and did not allow the user to get back to the location he was at. We tested the cartridge with two android phones using WhereYouGo software. The error message appeared at least when trying to save the cartridge and close the software. After that the phone did not recover from the error message (could not be closed). I tried to go to the address above, but this page does not exist. What should I do next? I found a cartridge in which this error has appeared already in 2019. What is going on?
  3. I wonder If you are asking why should Groundspeak offer a service which the users are demanding? The answer is quite obvious I think. Why should the users clutter their computers with scripts? No, it is not too challenging, but what is the point of using a script related to tampermonkey, which has been labeled as "harmful"? What is the earning logic of this 3rd party script? What kind of data does this script have access to? I hope that the answer reflects GDPR.
  4. You are right of course. External script should not be the solution to offer such a basic functionality for (paying) customers. So many of us are looking forward to UI improvements of geocaching.com.
  5. I have been using the website since 2011 and what has always been annoying is that you cannot save your filters. That is why I tend to use only the local country app for geocaching. However, that is not always possible. One should be able to at least save the found / not found filter so that all the thousands of found caches would not show on the map when opening it. That drives me (and I know many others) crazy. I did not understand what kind of script 2Abendsegler is refering to. I could not find such a interface in my website which is shown in the picture above.
  6. Hi! I have updated the cartridges for my Wherigo Why Villilae (part 1)? (GC6EM2X) due to the changes in the environment the Wherigo in placed in. In my mind the versions updated are now versions 3, but the English version is now versioned as 1.0 and the Finnish version is versioned as 1.2. Is there a way to change these version numbers to keep updated with the development? br, Mrs Forestress
  7. I entered one log yesterday but it seems to be duplicated for some reason (now two identical texts). Do I need to correct it manually or is it corrected in the system?
  8. OK. I'll get back to you by email. Thanks Ranger Fox!
  9. Well, the version 1.8 did not work. I did remove the slashes and it worked. However, when looking back to the development, what made the testing so difficult was that obviously the files retrieved directly from the kit (download cartridge -> .gwc) worked also with slashes in the answers, but the published version retrieved from the Wherigo.com (-> pocket pc version) did not. Do they handle the special characters in a different way? That is why the problem did not come up before publishing the cache. This is tricky for cache owner. The second issue that I would really appreciate to be fixed is the ability to copy the cartridge in the account page. As I have said before the images are not copied along the cartridge and they need to be uploaded again for the copied version. Or did I just get this wrong for some other reason? PS. I came across wherigofoundation.com. That looks and sounds awesome. I hope to see it go live soon! Wherigos are much appreciated around here!
  10. What to do next? Still continuing on the same case. After publishing version 1.7 the file this time from Wherigo.com (not directly from the kit) was tested again and it did not work for a chance, although no actual changes had been made in between successful and unsuccesful testing. After some serious debugging there was one strange thing I could find. The photo in the unworking zone had a very peculiar time stamp (year 4000 or something). The photo has been replaced altogether, and version 1.8 has been published. Could it be that this works now. Please.
  11. What to do next? Well, what I did was that I opened every zone and every activity and pushed update to exit although no changes were done. Then I saved the whole thing again to test it. Now it works fine again. Mysterious (at least to me it is). Now I am waiting for new comments from end users. Maybe something made the trick, although I do not know, what it was. What I failed to do successfully was to make a copy of the cartridge. The zones and the activities were copied, but I needed to upload all the images again for the new cartridge, as they were not copied as described in the kit page.
  12. I'll try although I have been working on this Wherigo for over six months and I may spoil the cache by explaining this. Originally the second multi-choice question worked fine in testing. It used to be in the previous to the last zone. Then I changed it to be in the last zone (in which the emulator stops also), but I have toggled in between the two versions during past months so that I cannot remember all the phases. I know I have e.g. added the photos to the text skeleton after checking that the text version worked. When the problem appeared (the question does not accept any of the answers to be correct), I first just toggled between the answers, left the button to stay in the correct one, updated and saved, republished and tested. Still it did not work when using the file in two different kind of devices. Every answer is replied with "you did not get it right" answer and the player cannot proceed. I still had an older version of the file in which it worked fine. Then I deleted the whole zone with the question, created the new one, rebuild the two activities in it (with the multiple question), checked that the answer was correct, changed the order of the existing last zone and the new one, which was now to be the previous one to the last. I updated, saved, repupublished and retested. The question still does not allow to proceed. What to do next?
  13. Facing another problem: I have two multiple choice questions in my Wherigo. For some reason the second question does not accept any of the answers to be correct any more, although this zone has previously worked fine in testing. It is true that I changed e.g. the correct question at some point, but this should not be possible as the right answer is one of the three anyways. I tried to reconstruct the zone, but this did not help. What to do next? This Wherigo has been published today and until this is solved I am acting as the online helpdesk for cachers...
  14. Whatever you did, it worked! Now I was able to see and edit the activities behind the tabs, which were not visible yesterday. I did not have to push the browser at all. Thanks! I made a copy of the cartridge, as I wanted to make both English and Finnish versions of the same tour. However, I could not really figure out, how to select one to be published. I will have to figure out that later. And how to make a link to the cache page, that I will have to learn also. But thanks for the WKit! It was so easy to use!
  15. Hi! I have built my first ever Wherigo with WherigoKit and have not faced any major problems, until now. I have been able to save and load the cartridge, edit it along the way and share the file to be tested succesfully by fellow geocachers. Now since appr. two days ago (have not used the site for some time) I tried to edit the file for the last time for publishing. However, whenever I go to the site I can open only one zone properly so that it shows the activities included in the site. The second time it opens the site but does not show any activities behind it. If I log out, log in again, I can open one zone again (e.g. another one), but the second one I try to open, does not open correctly. I have been using the same browser every time (IE 11). What can I do next to proceed? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  16. On Wed (6th of Mar) I logged 8 found caches. Total amount jumped from 440 to 448 and these logs show correctly in the list of logs on the Quick View page. However, on the same page the total number under the title "Hello Forestress" is 446 and the same number appears in the Stat Bar. The wrong figure appears also in my logs on cache pages. The figures have not synchronized in three days. Similar problems have been reported by some other Finnish geocachers colleagues. If I need to do something to get this fixed, please give some instructions. Thanks in advance!
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