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  1. Hello eveyone. I just signed on today and new to geocaching. I have been a ham since 1989. 73's Ken Randolph, MA
  2. N1LWK

    Geocaching Net.

    Hello, I just signed on to this group today and new to geocaching. I am looking forward to any up comming ham nets on this subject. 73's.........Ken
  3. Well I don't think that cw is dying or on it's way out by any means. CW is not and I say again not my prefered mode, but I have used it many times trying to QSO with a ham buddy that was RVing acrossed country. CW works and many hams out there still use it. If you do not believe me then tune down to the cw segments and listen. And by the way, last New Years I dusted off my old straight key and took part in SKN for the first time in my life and had a ball! 73's.....Ken
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