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  1. So then conversly, if a person were to attempt to "pinpoint" a waypoint on a paper topo while in the wilderness in order say to enter a "go to" coordinate into your GPS unit, it would seem to me that the "go to" coordinates in this case would be much more accurate and therefore bring you closer to the desired location drawn from the topo map than "generalized" latitude and longitude coordinates that you would have to "guestimate" At least, that's been my experience and primary reason for using UTM deerhunter68
  2. Any one out there with past experience using UTM? What has been your impression? Is it my imagination or am I correct in that accuracy seems much improved this way? deerhunter68
  3. Does anyone out there (besides me), use UTM coordinates? I have found them to be much more exact when locating or marking a location. No guess work when looking at a topo and trying to plot a point..
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