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  1. I have the same issue with two units. Hopefully Garmin will work it out for the next update.
  2. I downloaded the full vehicles bundle from Garmin and extract those *.srf files to Vehicles folder, but I have only 30 vehicles to choose from, including those came with the unit. So there is a limit of 30 vehicles?
  3. I got my 650 on Monday and that was supplied with a screen protector as one of the gifts with the package. I haven't installed it yet and don't know if I will. I have read posts about people who have tried to remove them at a later date and caused damage to the screen. I have had iPhones and have an iPad and the display surfaces are still like new. So I am wondering if I would put the screen to a bigger risk by installing the screen protector in case I have to remove it later. Incidentally the one that has been supplied is called a Vikutili and seems to be made by 3M in Germany. I am sure that my 650 hasn't had one fitted already. Are you sure what you are seeing is not part of the actual display. I think most screen protectors are more of a matt finish whereas the bare 650 screen is quite glossy. It IS actually a matt finish. I didn't realize there was already a layer of film until I checked the edge of the screen. I could see the film edge and the glossy screen itself under it (just less than 1mm wide shown). Anyway, I still applied the anti-glare screen protector above it. I hike/paddle/portage a lot. The zagg invisibleshield protected my 60CX and Oregon 550 very well. I'd have damaged both screens if there had been no screen protector.
  4. Just received my 650. I ordered Anti-glare screen protector together with the unit, but just as I was about to install the screen protector, I noticed there was already a layer of film on the screen. It was applied very well, if I didn't check it carefully, I wouldn't see it. I'm confused. Do I still need to apply screen protector? What is this layer of film for? Do you guys also have this film on screen? Thanks all, Henry
  5. I have a problem with almost all versions. Not sure if it is the software issue or something wrong with my unit. I wonder if anyone here can test it on your unit and see if you can re-produce the same scenario: Say you have a lot of geotagged pictures (I have more than 500), you press "Where to" icon then "Photos", press "scroll down" arrow, press "scroll down" arrow one more time. What happens? My 550 will immediately go blank and shut down by itself. I'd appreciate if anyone takes the trouble to test on your own unit. This has been bothering for a long time. Thanks in advance! Henry
  6. I still have the shut down problem: Press "Where to go" then "Photos", scroll down button, scroll down again, screen fades out and GPS shuts down by itself. I've had this problem since 4.32. I thought they fixed the issue, but well, I was wrong, again. Going back to 4.20.
  7. I just reverted back 4.20. This new beta is even worse than 4.32 which froze my 550 many times, the picture viewer on 4.45 is broken. When I choose "Near A Location" and then "My Current Location", it shows pictures taken 3000 miles away! (GPS Accuracy was 7m when I tested it). Restart, removing batteries wouldn't help. Once I reverted back to 4.20, the picture viewer functioned perfectly.
  8. That's not the case with mine. I can still see map only on my Automotive profile and then change to my "BirdsEye" profile to see Birdseye imagery.
  9. You do realize you can rename those waypoints, when they're created? I've already said "When you are driving...". Maybe you don't mind fiddling with your gps while driving, I prefer not to do it -- you know the reason. The same reason for voice navigation -- I don't need to keep looking at my GPS screen to see which way and how far ahead I should turn. If there is voice note (or voice tag, whatever you call it) function, I can mark a waypoint by one simple press and the device can be setup to pop up a voice question "Do you want a voice note for this waypoint?", You say "yes" and go ahead with "This farm building should be great for a sunset shot with fence as leading line" (I'm a photographer, so use this as example). Later when you back home you can check this voice note and know why you mark it. (Or maybe a double press to activate marking waypoint as well as voice tagging.) Henry
  10. I want all the features the new Magellan eXplorist 710 has, especially voice turn by turn navigation and voice notes. When you are driving, you see something you want to mark it, one simple press and then by recording voice notes you will remember why you mark it one month later. I'm confused with so many waypoints with only numbers as names, have no idea what they are for.
  11. Is this thing easy to use when mounted in a car? You only need one finger to use all functions of 60 series. With this Rock n Roll thing, I wonder if I can turn it with one finger. I don't want to use another gps dedicated for car.
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