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  1. So solved a puzzle and decided to update the coords on the cache page. Something I have done thousands of time. The last few times have been much harder then need be. The latest update/fix has left the box that comes up clear allowing what is on screen behind it to show through. When typing in the new coords the area becomes very busy and hard to read thus allowing for mistakes. Why this would not have stayed white or changed to any other colour then clear makes no sense. It appears that is the only change that was made to this part was the colour change.
  2. Tried the new app and will get used to using it. I'm a Handheld GPS user most times so this could take awhile. One thing I have noticed you can note see your "Personal Cache Notes." I know a lot of cachers that drop a note in there to use on the trail and you can't see them in the app. I myself use this feature on any puzzle cache I have solved and updated the coords on. That way when in the field I can look and know I have done so. With almost a 1000 solved puzzles it is not possible to remember all the ones I have solved. I also will drop hits in there on puzzles I have DNF and perhaps get a little hint from a CO or Friend. This would be a handy feature to be able pull these notes up while looking at the cache.
  3. As long as I'm here. It would be great to be able to see my "personal cache notes" many of us will put clues in there or something that lets us know we have solved this puzzle and coords are updated. So fare I have found no way to see this in the New app.
  4. So you like finding them but not looking for them? To bad you are missing out on a great feeling when you find that well hidden cache, but to each is there own. I can say yes, sometimes the search is a pain but if they were all the same and all the same type of hide so there was no searching needed there would be very few people that would geocache as they would be bored.
  5. The chemical you guys are talking about appears in some dog and cat flea collars and sprays for to drive ticks and fleas off your pets. Although in a very diluted form.
  6. No maps are working no matter what you try or how you try to excess them. Been that way sense yesterday little hard to plan my cache day without them when I in an area I don't know well. Is there a fix for this coming?
  7. I had the same issue have windows 8.1 also had issue with the download of single caches to my GPS> 8.1 did not seem to allow the plug ins to work. Never did figure out the cache entry issue I have a laptop with windows 7 so used it with no issue.
  8. Your rating sounds about right I have seen them averaged and added both. Sometimes people have issues with puzzles because they can't solve them quickly and others seem to think if you take longer then 5 minutes to find a hide it should be a dif.5. What I'm getting at is you can't make everyone happy.You have to decide if you are happy with the rating of your cache. I've changed ratings on my own caches once on the urge of others only to later think to myself that the cache really should not of been given the higher rate. Other times I relized I had not taken something into consideration when rating and the cache did need a higher rate. One thing I can say is I have never had someone tell me my cache was rated to high and should be less (interesting).
  9. GC1YCNJ this will put you in a really nice park with lots of neat stuff caves,pot holes,old mill ruins it is in the Guelph area.I have not completed this cache but have done a few in the park and plan to get back there soon. I would go there even without the caches to get its just a beautiful place.
  10. My family has given up,they accept the fact that what ever it is I will some how find away to use it for geocaching. We have not opened anything yet but I'm sure I will get a few things that will really be handy next time I hit the trails. Seasons Greetings and may there be many caches in your future with the new cache stuff you have gotten.
  11. Never a dum question. Is it a up grade some will say yes others say no. I have a Magellan gc and have found around 700 caches with it sense last christmas love it. My first gps was a garmin etrex legend and I sill have and use it for some things. The garman is faster then the magellan on start up and I can hand enter coords quicker on it then the magellan but the magellon hold many more caches then the graman and has a few features and tools that the garman does not.Every gps unit I have looked at has its good and bad points it seems.I tend to look at my 2 gps units and also my cell phone as just more tools to make the find with. I have found in the past that sometimes one unit will be a little off the mark and other on the money to find the cache,the next time it might be the other way around. I was at a group cache event one time as 20 of us walked the trail half the gps units said cache was to the left and others to the right,farther up the trail this happened again but the grouping of units was different.There were high and low priced gps units in the group as well as cell phones and it made no differents.We often carry both units my wife will use one and myself the other and we have found it helps in making that find quicker or confirming that the gz is were it is on a day were you have thick cloud cover or thick tree cover.Best I can say is that any tool that can help you find the cache is good to have.
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