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    No thats a great idea. Wish I had thought of that before I placed it - will go back and add my card next time I'm in the area. VA3PRW
  2. Thanks everyone - that worked. I needed to give the bug a name.....Lets hope it gets to the Grand Canyon now.... Perhaps gc.com could put an additional instruction in the listing to name travel bugs first. Thanks again all
  3. Now there is the problem - in the lst at the bottom of the page it just says None Selectyed. There are no travel bugs in there yet they are registered and on my travel bug page....
  4. Hmmm - didnt work. I placed a 'Write Note' both with the cache ad the travel bug. No bugs appear in the drop down box in the Log Your Visit page of my cache...... weird Any other ideas. Its a pity such a user friendly site s so user unfriendly for travel bugs...... Cheers Ogof
  5. I have 4 travelbugs and want to record placing one in my own cache. How do I do this please? Thanks a lot ogof
  6. Ogof

    Garmin Emap

    Hi there, I am new to Geocaching and have noticed that when I download caches to my Emap from GSAK they all show in the screen but only some of them are selectable when I scan through.... has anyone found this previously. Thanks a lot for your help OGOF
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