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  1. I've not had a single issues since my switch to IE and the latest Firefox seems to work as well (I got a new laptop and installed the drivers without any issues). Have you contacted Brand44 directly for support at geomate@brand44co.com? Have you tried the stand-alone Geomate GUI to import your PQ's to see if that works? I can't find the link at Geomate Jr. site, but the app is called geomateQtGuiApp.exe and may be found on the internet. You just start it, it connects to your Geomate Jr., then you browse to your PQ's GPX file and download it to your Geomate Jr. If you want the Geomate stand alone GUI and can't find it, email me and I'll zip it and send it to you.
  2. We are on an extended summer journey in our RV, and, as usual, I choose a few caches at each of our stopover locations. It is such a perfect way to get to see the "real" parts of town. The secret parks and views and sights that local cachers love to point out. I have chosen caches based on the descriptions on the cache page, and very often based on the mention of available Travel Bugs/Coins. HOWEVER...most of the time there have been NO TB's in the cache! It's gotten to be a ritual joke...Me "OK, Honey, this next one is supposed to have a couple of TB's." Him "Yeah, Right. That would be a first." Now, I understand that people are traveling and might not get logs written immediately. But, I think lots of them are going missing permanently. I sure wish we could educate cachers about this. I know this isn't a new discussion, but I just needed to vent. Thanks.
  3. My answer...on a lanyard around my neck, always, while walking to cache, signing, etc. Husband's answer...hand it to wife while rehiding the cache she just signed.
  4. Harriet the Spy, thank you for being the only person to actually address the question of what to do now! I appreciate the suggestions!
  5. One more time...can someone tell me what to do now? All "200" of us have had our say...all but one very politely...but I need a solution. I will be traveling across the country, and I want to check out the route I am taking, or the places I'll be staying, and be able to choose some caches. They add to the pleasure of the trip, and add to my numbers, as well. I know about caching along a route and PQ's but they provide many unsatisfactory results (i.e no room for the RV). I really like to choose from among the caches on the map. I am not familiar with other mapping options...guess I was too dependent on GE KML. Thanks, in advance for your help.
  6. OK, I'm one of the 200. Silly me...I found GE KML a long time ago...it worked for me, so I've used it in my travels all over the U.S. It doesn't help me to complain. Just someone, please, quietly, tell me what to do now? Thanks.
  7. We are spending the winter in Alamo, Texas. I highly recommend that you drive from Brownsville to Progresso, TX. Park in one of the lots before crossing the bridge (we park in the one on our left for easy out, cost $2), and then walk across to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico. BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR PASSPORT OR BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Follow the directions on Art... There will be a closed sign at the bottom of the steps, and maybe a begging lady, but just walk on up the steps. Then, enjoy some time wandering the main street. Eat lunch at Arturo's (Big restaurant on your left as you walked in to town), or Red Snapper (on the right side of the street farther down.) You won't need Mexican money...they understand the American dollar. You will each need one quarter heading in to Mex. and one quarter and one nickel coming back to U.S. for the turnstile. BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR PASSPORT OR BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Los Ebanos is neat...a hand pulled ferry, but it's a long drive from Brownsville, the cache is often not there (though a picture on the ferry will count) and if you walk on there is really nothing to see. There really have been problems at some border towns, but not Progresso, so far. Have a great time, let me know how it goes, and, in case I forgot to mention it: BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR PASSPORT OR BIRTH CERTIFICATE. CAROL
  8. We live fulltime in our RV and are on the road a lot. Right now we are traveling from AZ to MD to CO and finally to WY for the summer. I sit down with Google Earth and check the locations where we will be spending the nights, then I scan the route to see if there might be a cache or two in a rest area. I look at each individual cache I might want...I can't just download all of them because they have to be ones we can get to with the RV, or drive to quickly after we park for the night. It's a bit time-consuming but to me it's part of planning the trip and I love doing it. When you look at our profile you'll see that we've managed to find several in every state we've gone through in the past 2 1/2 years.
  9. Has anyone else been injured while geocaching? Five weeks ago I stepped in a depression on a level grassy field and broke my ankle. Of course, we went on to find the cache before heading for the clinic. I was in a fracture boot until this week. That wouldn't have been too bad except eighteen months ago...same thing...different ankle...different state. And, once my husband slipped on wet rocks and broke a piece of his collar bone. Are we just klutzy? Should 66-year-olds give up geocaching? Or, have others done the same thing?
  10. We just completed a trip of 6,820 miles from the Florida Keys to Alaska and geocached along the way. I'm a little picky about which caches to hunt for with limited time, plus we can't go just anywhere on our travel days because we're towing a trailer. I use Google Earth, locate towns or campgrounds where we're likely to stop, and choose a few for each day. I try to find parks, or short walks that look interesting as well as some quick park and grabs. As I look at the map I can also check out rest stop caches. This does take some preparation time but I happen to enjoy that part of it as much as the hunt. Along the way, we often use libraries to check email, so I have searched for local caches then. Have a great trip!
  11. We had to purchase a new HP Pavilion Notebook with VISTA. Now, we can't get GSAK to load waypoints to the GPS'rs. Setup seems to allow only COM3 and all we can find on here is COM4. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is there a simple solution I'm overlooking? Thanks in advance.
  12. I know it's something simple but I can't seem to find our where to renew. Thanks for your help.
  13. You can find it on the geo caching web sit when you go to create your cache you will see a bunch of different Formats you can download. there are even ones for micros. Cheers! Thanks!
  14. The information page that most people put in the cache in case muggles find it. Thanks
  15. Well, that was easy! Thanks for the prompt reply. Happy caching.
  16. A cache was muggled and one of my TB's is among the missing. I attached another hitchiker to dog tag #2 and put it in a new cache, adding a note on its log. I tried activating it again by editing the original but that does not seem to get it back in the system. What should I do?
  17. Miragee, you may be on to something. We did have it on "locked on road." We didn't have any idea what that meant. Now, I think it will work a lot better. If not, I'll be back with more questions. Sputnik 57, nothing is ever too obvious! I did check to make sure the datum was correct. Thanks for the suggestions, both of you. Jammer, good luck with yours, too.
  18. Bedward bought me a Legend C when we started this craziness. It's great, extremely accurate, but I wouldn't let him play with it. He recently bought himself a Legend CX. It's not accurate. Usually points in the right direction, but distance is not great when we get close. Recently, mine was, correctly, showing the cache 5 feet away, while his showed 80 feet away. What do you think? Is there some way to reset it, or should he send it back, or what? Thanks
  19. carolalma


    Thanks for the replies. I'm certainly not ashamed of DNF's, just wondered about it. And I asked, not because I am "anticipating" them, but because I'll be posting my second one now that I've received the consensus. And if it happens to take more visits then I'll post the next ones, too. I appreciate the comments. This is a great forum!
  20. carolalma


    After I have logged a DNF once on a cache, should I log DNF's each time I go back for another attempt? These trips could go on for a long time and I do want to be honest, but it seems silly to "clog" the logs with the same thing until I find it. What do the rest of you do?
  21. How do I discover how many miles my TB (or anyone's) has traveled?
  22. We're fairly new to the activity, but since the first six months were in Florida we became familiar with OYR very quickly. On a recent visit to CO I went to a CB with relatives, acted on previous experiences, and quickly located a micro. It was not called OYR, but was exactly the same (and never on a rocking chair). As we left Florida traveling with our RV (We're fulltime RV'ers) Cracker Barrels were great spots to stop, stretch our legs, etc. and locate a cache (usually, not always.) We like 'em, if we didn't we'd simply pass on by. I'm glad there are types of caches for everyone. One time, my husband was on his hands and knees under a washing machine when a lady-muggle walked by. She laughed and said, "Trying to figure out how the thing worked?" "Yep," was his nonchalant reply.
  23. On the subject of DNF's, I was appalled to find the following log on one that we had to DNF yesterday. " In my opinion, this is not what geocaching should be. This was our second visit, and the two of us spent at least another hour in good weather and broad daylight. Nothing! We crawled all over everything, checked every marker, the entire fence, in and on every tree, moved every rock that would move, searched every blowdown, and poked our hands in every critter hole. Zip." In MY opinion this is exactly what geocaching should be! The most recent two or three logs prior commented that it took two tries for this particular cache. We can't wait to go back to an interesting location to figure out what we missed. I would certainly list my DNF's if it were a choice.
  24. Thanks for the suggestions. We're getting ready to travel a bit, fulltime RV'ers, so we'll work on it soon.
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