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  1. Some things are basic. Signing a logbook is in geocaching FAQ's as stated here. What are the rules in Geocaching? Geocaching is a relatively new phenomenon. Therefore, the rules are very simple: 1. Take something from the cache 2. Leave something in the cache 3. Write about it in the logbook Where you place a cache is up to you. Does this mean that if you don't 'take something from the cache' and if you don't 'leave something in the cache' then you also can't claim it as a find?
  2. If it ain't rainin, you ain't cachin. (Spoken from my warm dry office)
  3. I tried this once but it didn't work. Next time I'll have to remember to take my wifes car keys as well.
  4. I was in scouting from the late 1960's to late 70's (Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts)in an LDS pack/troop in Cambridge MA. Achieved Life Scout, Brotherhood OA. I then decided I didn't need the adult supervision and joined the National Guard. Recently I was a WEBLOS den leader, but the boys and wife weren't as fond of scouting as I was.
  5. 12 year old male - Would rather be on the couch watching TV, hence the reason for getting him out into the woods. 10 year old male - Doesn't mind it if he can use his DS while you run the GPSr 8 year old male - Will never turn down a chance to go. Likes to hang out with dad. XX year old wife - Can't you find another hobby?
  6. I believe it was about a year and a half ago when a local politician (Massachusetts) got into some legal hotwater as well as some bad press. His crime was that he spent a fair amount of his own money and resources to restore a stone wall on his own property.
  7. CamoCacher - I was the NBC NCO for the MA -STARC (now the JFHQ).I was happy to see that the 272nd Chem Company that I mobilized before I retired just came back.
  8. Army National Guard (1978 - 2004) - SFC (Ret.) CamoCacher - 'Elementis Regamus Proelium'
  9. What is everyones thoughts/experience with caching during hunting season. I have come up with the following options: 1. Take appropriate precautions, don the blaze orange, and cache. 2. Only go out on Sunday when hunting is forbidden. 3. Hole up for the season. 4. Put on the funny hat with the antlers and go because incoming fire always makes the cache experience more interesting.
  10. The answer was that my ISP provider uses a Download Accelerator which converted the files. I just had to shut it off before downloading
  11. Did I miss something? I am very new to the sport (just got my etrex legend today), How do I download waypoints from the website. I thought that I followed the instructions: signed the agreement, downloaded EasyGPS, etc. When I click on the icon to download the waypoints they seem to be a *.apx file which EasyGPS does not recognize. Am I missing a step somewhere?
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