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  1. OK, I'll throw a guess in as my horse-racing knowledge is limited....


    2000 guineas?

    sorry but no ding


    the race has been run within the last two weeks


    Ah Ha! The hint confirms my suspicions.


    The longest horse race during the flat season - is a steeplechase!! :o :o The Grand National methinks :lol: :lol:


    dodgydaved gets the jumping DING, over to you

  2. its strange how things happen. this was one of my favorite programs when I was a lot younger. i was checking my email and flicking channels on the TV and up pops the new version of Thunderbird


    Scott Tracy Thunderbird 1 Thunderbird 3 co-pilot

    Virgil Tracy Thunderbird 2 pilot

    Alan Tracy Thunderbird 3 Thunderbird 5

    Gordon Tracy Thunderbird 4 Thunderbird 2 co-pilot

    John Tracy Thunderbird 5 Thunderbird 3

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