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  1. Go a feeling that was Princess Anne. Don't think the organisers wanted to start World War III That’s a royal ding for Pharisee
  2. thank you for the ding now for a change of subject Name the only female competitor at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal who didn't have to undergo a sex test?
  3. GCG822 Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents is this the one you were thinking about
  4. Challenger Deep which is located in Mariana Trench, As to who has been there I have no ideas
  5. I know the name of the engine, but as to the year I don't know, so will leave the answer to some one else
  6. sorry but no ding HINT the race has been run within the last two weeks Ah Ha! The hint confirms my suspicions. The longest horse race during the flat season - is a steeplechase!! :o The Grand National methinks :lol: dodgydaved gets the jumping DING, over to you
  7. sorry but no ding HINT the race has been run within the last two weeks
  8. Thanks for that Which is the longest horse race, in the FLAT season?
  9. No ding for you as Penelope Pitstop drives the Compact Pussycat
  10. Thanks for the ding. Now loosely, staying with the same theme. Who drove the Turbo Terrific in the Wacky Races cartoon?
  11. its strange how things happen. this was one of my favorite programs when I was a lot younger. i was checking my email and flicking channels on the TV and up pops the new version of Thunderbird Scott Tracy Thunderbird 1 Thunderbird 3 co-pilot Virgil Tracy Thunderbird 2 pilot Alan Tracy Thunderbird 3 Thunderbird 5 Gordon Tracy Thunderbird 4 Thunderbird 2 co-pilot John Tracy Thunderbird 5 Thunderbird 3
  12. Well that’s Citizen Wolfie Smith and if I remember he was based in Tooting
  13. I am only able to see some OS tiles at 16 miles and then there are missing tiles, any closer in, and there are no OS tiles showing using Firefox and grease monkey is up to date
  14. I point you to the rules of this thread Welcome to the Groundspeak Arms, come in, take your coat off - put your feet up! I'm going to ask a question, whoever answers correctly can post the next question and so on... Rule 1 - No googling! Rule 2 - Try and keep your question at the level someone in a pub quiz might be able to answer...
  15. oops just had another look at the question. and should have put my glasses on TARN not TEAM
  16. thank you sticking with films The sudden popularity of the name "Jennifer" in the 1970s is often attributed to the character Jennifer Cavelleri from what 1970 film and novel?
  17. Warping back to earth after the excitement of space. Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to be awarded what at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976?
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