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  1. Sorry Paul, but that couldn’t be much furfur from the real reason. So no ding for you this time.
  2. Thanks for the ding now for a complete change of subject In the Napoleonic wars, why did the French use poodles on the battlefield?
  3. thanks for the ding According to a famous film, what is the word that is defined as "something to say when you have nothing to say".
  4. that will be the first cast iron bridge which spans the river seven. and there is a cache at the base of it The Queen visits Ironbridge
  5. thanks for the ding from the pub quiz again and a round called dog days. Which very famous dog was found in an abandoned German bunker in WWI?
  6. thanks for the ding staying with names Where would you find the world famous rooster, named Cornelius?
  7. Is that the name of the man in the jail on the Monopoly board
  8. I thought you would know that and I just thought it was a great question and will be using it in one of our monthly quizzes. over to Marty
  9. Thanks for that ding What large immovable object has just moved 3cm to the SW in April this year.
  10. A friend has just returned from holiday in Iceland and was commenting on the low crime rate. So I will have a guess at Iceland.
  11. thank you for the ding and the history lesson. now back to a question from this months quiz at my pub The annual wine consumption in which small European country is 59.01 liters per person; a world record?
  12. There’s no need for the reserves to be called on, as you have it right, with you first guess, which gets you the quick ding
  13. Thanks for the ding. staying with the rock music theme, This question was asked at one of our recent pub quizzes. Which English rock band appeared a record 106 times on the BBC's “Top Of The Pops”?
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