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  1. I now, this thread isn't right place for my wish, but script Geocache Height is from Your workroom B)

    This very small script worked fine for me, but after GS layout changes is dead.

    It is possible refresh him?

    Many thanks!


    I hadn't been maintaining that script, as I built a height tool into GME, but I've now re-witten it and put it on OpenUserJS.org, at https://openuserjs.o...Geocache_Height




    It now has an icon, and behind the scenes I've put together a test suite so I can fix it again quicker next time it breaks. Let me know how it works for you!

    didn't know about his script but I can see it being very useful. just one question. I am old school and still prefer to use Feet rather than meters. is there an easy way to change the script to show Feet rather than meters?

    Thank you

  2. Thanks Marty - for what World Championship Event might The Golden Spurtle be awarded?


    My initial feeling was that it is for the gurning championships, but thinking about it now, it sounds a little bit Harry Potter-esque!

    Great minds think alike, as I was also thinking Harry potter, but as I am away for the next week decided not to enter this one, so I googled the answer and I would not have guessed the true answer. :yikes:

  3. Thanks for the ding


    Now, staying with Bob Dylan,

    what was his full real name?


    One I can answer without Googling! Robert Zimmerman


    Opimist on the run

    sorry, although you have two of his names correct. I did ask for the his full name. so no ding yet.

    As there have been no takers for Bob Dylan’s middle name and to keep the thread going, I will give the Ding to

    Opimist on the run, as they got what is generally known as his name

    Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman, May 24, 1941

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