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  1. Thanks for the ding Yorkshire Yellow, now staying with Africa. Victoria Falls, forms part of the border between which two country's?
  2. if its the big Five, they are lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros.
  3. Video killed the radio star by the Buggles (And autocorrect nearly made that answer interesting too) over to beach hut for the big DING
  4. Thanks for the ding A very ironic video was the first one played on MTV 34 years ago. What was the title and artist?
  5. thinking back to when I was a child. I will tack a guess at clothes hoers for drying clothes
  6. thank you for that quick reply. already instated and working well.
  7. I hadn't been maintaining that script, as I built a height tool into GME, but I've now re-witten it and put it on OpenUserJS.org, at https://openuserjs.o...Geocache_Height It now has an icon, and behind the scenes I've put together a test suite so I can fix it again quicker next time it breaks. Let me know how it works for you! didn't know about his script but I can see it being very useful. just one question. I am old school and still prefer to use Feet rather than meters. is there an easy way to change the script to show Feet rather than meters? Thank you
  8. thanks for the ding “A forgone conclusion” is a commonly used phrase which was originally penned by which author?
  9. Well, in that case the answer has to be Weston Super Mare, as I know John Cleese was born there.
  10. My profile picture has started to appeared on the map page, as I use the PC its not to much of a problem. but on the phone it is taking up 1/2 the page any help
  11. Thanks for the quick ding What made the deciphering of hieroglyphics possible and was rediscovered in Egypt in 1799?
  12. Thanks for the ding. As I am on holiday in Morocco at the moment, my question is. What should you do in the Arab countries to show that the food was delicious?
  13. My initial feeling was that it is for the gurning championships, but thinking about it now, it sounds a little bit Harry Potter-esque! Great minds think alike, as I was also thinking Harry potter, but as I am away for the next week decided not to enter this one, so I googled the answer and I would not have guessed the true answer.
  14. that's a far out ding for you and while on the subject one of my favorite lines from the series Sikozu: "Do you have any plan of escape?" Aeryn: "Run" Sikozu: "Anything more detailed?" Aeryn: "Run quickly"
  15. Well I wasn’t expecting to get the ding but thanks Staying with a similar theme In which science fiction television series did, John Crichton (a modern-day American astronaut). Try to escape the peacekeepers abroad a ship named Moya
  16. From the deep recesses of my mind, Dan Dare from the Eagles comic, comes to mind but I drought its right.
  17. One I can answer without Googling! Robert Zimmerman Opimist on the run sorry, although you have two of his names correct. I did ask for the his full name. so no ding yet. As there have been no takers for Bob Dylan’s middle name and to keep the thread going, I will give the Ding to Opimist on the run, as they got what is generally known as his name Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman, May 24, 1941
  18. One I can answer without Googling! Robert Zimmerman Opimist on the run sorry, although you have two of his names correct. I did ask for the his full name. so no ding yet.
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