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  1. Arrgh, it's somewhere lurking at the back of my mental filing system ... something Scottish, and I can't help but see an image of groundskeeper Willie off the Simpsons ... was it "The old man of <insert Scots place name here> " ? Loch something ? Lochinvar ? No that was young Lochinvar ... For goodness sake, someone please answer it, that's going to bother me until the answer appears. with the help full quoit from Hal-an-tow which has jogged my memoty and to put him her out of his her torment. old man of lochnagar
  2. have now looked at my profile and the email had unauthorized itself. I just authorized it and all is good Thank you Pup Patrol
  3. i have validated my email and am a premium member. I will have to investigate
  4. not due to renew till the end of October. apparently its not just me that is having the issue
  5. the coords on the cache page are not showing all I am getting is a string of ????? marks N/S ? ??.??? W/E ??? ??.??? the coords are there if you transfer a GPX file to GSAK but not viable on the cache page
  6. During a busy evening at the Bryn, some kind cachers I think it may have been dodger1964, kindly dropped off the box of caching bits for me. Thank you for doing this.
  7. I am probably the closesed cacher to the above cache and would be willing to addopt it if you wish. please send me an email to mrtinwoodchef@aol.com if you want me to addopt the cache Martin (martin&lindabryn) PS. i will also addopte The The Road to St Melangell's as well
  8. well that didn't take long to get the ding BFH was bus fair home
  9. Thanks for the ding For winning, which TV game show would you be awarded? A toy, a tankard or the BFH. And for a bonus ding, what was the BFH
  10. I seam to remember hearing this term when my son had his appendix out. so my guess will be the appendix location
  11. And the Eagle has landed. They launched on July 16th, and the Eagle landed on the 20th, so right about this time everyone was following their mission and I can just about remember the buzz (see what I did there ) it created, and I can remember going into school the next morning and watching it on a big black and white telly in the dining hall. I can remember that as well sitting on the floor no chairs looking up at the black and whit TV on its 5ft high stand, getting a stiff neck. This is the hand movement instructions, for the umpire in which sport. and for a bonus ding, can you say what they are indicating.
  12. In that case it must be Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the one every one forgets about Michael Collins
  13. Please see the latest Release Notes for the background of this change. hadn't see this, thank you.
  14. I have just changed the script, and OS maps are now working. but I have now lost Map Quest, and map quest areal on the cache page
  15. Thanks for the ding. Where would you find the waggle dance being performed ?
  16. Having been to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, I recognise this view
  17. Isn't the ship caled Myra or something along those lines. sdg2g08 You are so close with Myra, the ship is actual called Moya. As I have two correct answers, from two different players, I will let the first one of you to post the next question take the honors of the ding.
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