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  1. "Rule 1 No googling!


    Rule 2 - Try and keep your question at the level someone in a pub quiz might be able to answer..."


    Now as Goggling is not allowed and I didn’t know the answer and there is no mention off geocaching.com, I looked for Europe’s most southerly cache and found this one.

    “GC2C49R Trypiti - The Southernmost of Europe”. The island of Gavdos is located about 36 km south of Crete in the Libyan Sea and is the southernmost island in Europe, and by looking at the gallery the cache page, I can deduce that there is a large chair near GZ.

  2. I was expecting this to have been answered by now as I have had no electric /internet since 3pm Wednesday

    But, as it hasn’t, let give you a hint.

    It is more of a feminine hobby but a lot of men do it too.


    My Mum used to have Anchor Silks in her sewing machine box (I played with the empty bobbins) so I will plump for embroidery .........


    That’s a ding for dodgydave


    They are manufacturers of silks for embroidery, cross stitch etc

    Over to you

  3. I'm not sure about the spelling, but it looks like Oric from Blake's Seven


    That’s a ding for MTH

    Orac is indeed from the British science fiction television series Blake's 7. The voice of Orac was Peter Tuddenham, except in its initial episode where he was played by Derek Farr.

    Orac was supposedly a highly advanced supercomputer developed by the scientist Ensor.To me it looks more like an evil geocache

  4. Its 11am, and I have had 2 people already log an attend at my space event which doesn’t start till 7pm tonight, purely to get the souvenir

    The logs are

    “Attended in mind if not in body!”



    “Sorry can't attend as working but can I still get a souvenir for my profile?



    I have deleted the logs, but they will still get the souvenir

    If there is another event, with a souvenir to be awarded, would it be possible to give a code to the CO of an event, which he could give to the attendees to allow only those attending the event to receive the souvenir?

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