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  1. OK, what Law came into force in Wales 10 years ago on the 2 April 2007, and was then followed by England introducing the same law on the 1st July 2007
  2. thanks for the ding What`s another name (more common name) for the Chilean pine tree
  3. I didn’t google this, but had to get the film out to have a look OUTATIME
  4. the two answers I was expecting. but MartyBartfarst has the right answer with "Times New Roman font" over to you
  5. thanks for the ding, What was created by Victor Lardent for The Times newspaper in 1931?
  6. I doubt that he ever finished on the podium, and in line with his number on the mean machine, it was 00. That's the number I was looking for. but I always hoped he would get a win one day
  7. thanks for the ding now for another question from the pub quiz How many top three finishes in 34 races did Dick Dastardly and Muttley achieve in Wacky Races?
  8. As we have found 2019, and 2021, are not prime, 2023 is divisible by 7, 2025 is divisible by 5, So I will try 2027
  9. as this one has stumped you all , you can google the answer for this question!!!!
  10. These are my favourite...I got a box of Liquorice Allsorts for Christmas, do you want mine 'cos I can't stand them. And I don't know their name either i will give this till the 1st of Jan, then you can have my blessing to have a look on google
  11. thanks for the ding a question from our recent quiz at the Bryntirion Inn. can you name this sweet, from liqueurs all sorts?
  12. The China syndrome happy Christmas to all the pub quiz participants
  13. after a question from Speakers corner I can confirm the answer was bread After checking. the first meal eaten on the moon was bacon, But the first food eaten on the moon was communion bread Quote As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin prepared to take “one small step for man,” Aldrin wanted to commemorate the moment in a way he found most personally meaningful — by taking communion.
  14. bread gets you the ding. But do you know what type of bread, for a bonus point
  15. If it wasn't cheese, it should have been ! that was my first thought as well, but I am sorry to say it wasn't
  16. Thanks for the ding. Now for a change of subject, an out in space question. With the porridge advert on TV at the moment. My question is, What was the first food item eaten on the moon?
  17. comes from the fear of being buried alive. when someone was burred a bell was attached to a rope in the coffin and a man would sit in the grave yard at night (grave yard shift bonus origin)to listen for the bell and dig you up if need be.
  18. thanks for the ding and to hal-an-tow for getting me on the right track. What is the name of the famous hat that originated in Ecuador?
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