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  1. My eTrex summit would be low on power and point all over the place when near a geocache. Not just the arrow direction, but the distance would jump 100-200 feet, too. Changing to fresh batteries cleared up those problems quickly.
  2. Boots... and Bicycle Repairman had some useful tips that I agree with. You might want to try an approach again without WAAS and compare the results. Happy Geocaching! BGSkierNC
  3. Hello, I've been geocaching since 2001, but haven't posted on the forums much.
  4. Maybe the 3-month time limit will allow the Parks to disallow that cache if it becomes a problem in that specific area. That sounds reasonable for a new activity. Let me know how the rest of us can help out on this issue. BG BGSkierNC@yahoo.com
  5. littlefrog, don't take these attacks personally, I think the others are missing your point. In my experience, most caches are not in dangerous locations. Of course, in any cache hunt, you must be cautious for unforseen dangers. I hope no children or dogs were hurt from your buried discoveries. Only the cache owner could answer your question. Perhaps the owner didn't consider children or pets when placing the cache. I'd be curious to hear the answer the cache owner gives you, if any. Happy Hunting! BG BGSkierNC@yahoo.com
  6. You might search the logs of GeoCaches near you and note the users and e-mail some of them that are in your area. Happy Caching! BG BGSkierNC@yahoo.com
  7. The TIMEX Ironman series seems like it would take som abuse, but I have never owned one, so really I don't have a recommendation but a suggestion... Maybe I'm cheap, but I get the $6 sport watches from the local Target, Wal-Mart, etc. that are waterproof. After a year or two, throw them away. If you MUST know EXACTLY what time it is, carry a watch in your pocket or backpack. BG BGSkierNC@yahoo.com
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