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  1. And although it’s viewed as treason to even suggest it, there are other geocache platforms other the Groundspeak, it could be one of the other sites.
  2. I have hoste events on vacation, and unfortunately a few have had no one turn up, but some have had a few turn up and that was a very welcome turn of events and was a highlight on that part of a holiday. I had an event near in beach in Vietnam where a couple traveled several miles to attend ant that was on Christmas Day morning. Sometimes I will host an event in a country just because there is a very slim chance that I might find a cache in that country due to a lack of physical caches in the region, and I collect countries.
  3. Ding, he was originally a colonel, his last rank was brigadier over to you.
  4. Keeping with sci fi. What was the (highest) rank of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge - Stewart?
  5. The Orville, haven’t seen an episode yet, but I want too.
  6. Don’t know much about teamwork caches, but I’m happy to partner up with someone. I’m in Bahrain. Like to partner up with someone who’s done a teamwork cache before and doesn’t mind answering a few questions and giving guidance. Pm me.
  7. I know the answer, but I will let someone else claim it, however he used a tower in Alexandria and not a stick.
  8. My favourite cache experience was a pretty lame cache, but in a fantastic location, you had to kayak out to a island about a kilometer into the sea, the cache itself is hardly visited and was in bad shape. What made this a great experience, we were join by a pod of dolphins which swam around with us for about half an hour.
  9. Getting closer. One element has two other isotopes, each of which has their own symbol. So that’s three symbols for one element. I have given the isotope symbols: D and T.
  10. Another clue..... D is also the symbol for the same element.
  11. Okay, here’s a chemistry based question. T is the symbol for what element?
  12. Punxsutawney Phil or at least that was the name in the movie.
  13. It’s a I “red heart” place name..........in this case it’s a BH which is Bahrain. It’s permanent and there are at least 4 others in my tiny country. I see them all over the world, usually with people stood in front of them getting a photo done. On my travels this year I’ve seen them in Australia, Petra (Jordan), Dubai (UAE) and a few in the UK. I was thinking that they are common enough that there might already be a separate category for them, but I couldn’t find it.
  14. Hi guys, Whilst on my travels I come across a lot of the “I ❤️ Place name” tourist signs, they seem to be at most international airports and major tourist destinations. I have had a look and I can’t find the way mark category for them, and I’m pretty sure that there must be one. can anyone point it out for me? kind regards, and thanks in advance.
  15. I’ve just added Bahrain to flags.
  16. On a slightly less high brow literature theme, Sam Vimes is a Commander in which city?
  17. I went to Australia on holiday last summer, the highlight in terms of geocaching as I traveled around were the earthcaches. There weren’t any standout amazing caches of the traditional type, but as I just said, I focused my attention on earthcaches and had a none geocaching family to consider.
  18. I started because I was reading a book by Stephen booth where they mentioned a geocache, I thought what’s that? Googled geocache and 8 years later I’m still going out looking. What keeps me caching, well where I live there are only 5 caches in the country that I haven’t found so it’s the events that our geocaching group hold, so I guess it’s friendship.
  19. Congrats on filling the grid, I’ve still got a many dates to fill, but this will be the year......maybe.
  20. I can’t find this feature on any of the logs, new or old on any of the caches in Bahrain. Is it just being tested in a certain location? Could anyone provide a link to a cache page where I can see the new features.
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