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  1. Let me add a third method to receive spoken directions in a vehicle: If the vehicle has an AM/FM radio AND IF the radio has an external audio jack you can connect an audio cable between the Montana and the vehicle radio and hear the spoken GPS directions thru the vehicle's speakers. Let me suggest a fourth method -- bring your wife along...better yet take mine...you'll get more directions in half a mile from my wife than you'll need for a thousand mile trek across the country. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
  2. In my part of Canada it's CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all.
  3. Interesting -- thanks, I was thinking about getting one and was in fact looking at them yesterday and would have bought one, but Best Buy didn't have a custom fit for my Montana. Good to know!
  4. Montana 650 using either Montana_363 or 364Beta software. From the ‘start page’ using key sequence >setup>profiles>3 horizontal bars>set mount profiles>selecting any of the four mount choices turns off the Montana 650. This simply means that I cannot change 'Mount' preference. Has anyone else had this experience?
  5. Spanner mode works great. Thanks for that. Just one question -- Does it charge the batteries when in spanner mode or mass storage mode?
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