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  1. Hide completed setting is here. Really great job, thanks!
  2. A beautiful Christmas gift to all AL players To hide pins on map and items in the list for completed ALs. Implementation of this feature is very simple, just to add a switch into profile. Split into found/not found labs already exists as seen by different colors in the list and tick symbol on the map.
  3. I know, but most lines are blue and you must scroll a lot ;-) I think to add this feature could be pretty simple, because split into blue and orange already exists, so only switch is needed.
  4. Request to developers: Be so kind and ADD possibility to hide already found AL. BTW: I tried feedback via app with no success :-(
  5. Notification of new LAs should be more specific. In a map almost filled with many AL it is not easy to find which one it is. Notification format of standard caches could be an inspiration. We like a proposal to hide already found ALs. You can see an example in the attached picture.
  6. Yesterday an Error 500 occurred occasionally, today every time. So I searched for a while and found the following solution for Chrome, it works so far. In Google Chrome you can clear the cache and cookies by following the below steps. 1) Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. 2) You will get a window to clear the browsing data. Ensure that the boxes are checked as in the below screenshot. 3) Click on the button “Clear browsing data”.
  7. Advanture lab caches are a positive step in GC, we like it. We would like to help you with some improvements of the application as follows. Too complicated control, e.g. swap between compass and map. Also selection of the map type was somewhere hidden during our game. We propose to use very clear and user friendly UX, i.e. “industry standard” implemented in the great Cachly application. It would be very nice to have possibility to export GPX file of visited lab caches for adjacent processing in the GSAK database. It would be nice to open Q/A window on entering the zone (similarly to Wherigo). We didn’t catch a purpose of the Journal. When we finished journey, journal was still empty, no records with time stamp nor answer were there.
  8. This new functionality is really great and we appreciate it. We hope, a small fine tuning is ongoing ;-) Date in GPX file obtained via Download GPX link is wrong, see picture. Thanks ivans
  9. SOLVED And now I found a mistake in my txt file. One cache had in the log double quotes before text and one quote at the end of text, ie. ""text". Any diagnostic message would be better than "Please try again later." ;-)
  10. I do have an interim solution. When I switched to the previous version of Drafts upload via Opt out, it worked and I can log now.
  11. It is my standard workflow, I did it regularly until now. It is txt file created by Cachly, fully readable in Notepad editor. Before I tried to upload it to the gc website, I successfuly uploaded it to the GSAK with no issue.
  12. I don't know how long takes "later" mentioned in the error message :-)
  13. Yes, approximately every 15 minutes during last two hours :-(
  14. According to http://status.geocaching.com/ is everything correct, nevertheless I can't upload drafts. What's going on?
  15. We changed date and time of event Meeting in Reykjavik from Tuesday to Monday from 18:00.
  16. Hello, this is our first visit to Iceland and we would like to meet geocachers on our short stay in this beautiful country. All cachers, not only from Iceland, are heartily welcome. We can also exchange some trackables and take other to the Czech Republic or other countries. Come and meet us close to Hallgrimskirkja (event "Meeting in Reykjavík" http://coord.info/GC5RVTC), on Tuesday, May 5th 2015 from 14:00 to 14:30. Reason for this time is that we travel there with the tourist agency and have very busy program and are rather limited relative to time. Greetings from Prague, Ivan and Jitka (ivans)
  17. Hi, it looks that old bug is here again. I have to every time sign-in to the geocaching.com site. On the PC it is okay, but this bug appears in case I am accessing site via Safari on iPhone. Is it temporary mistake casused by preparation for migration to new platform? Have a nice day ivans
  18. Attribute headers in English language: Attributes to Include (Click to include/exclude certain attributes.) Attributes to Exclude (Click to include/exclude certain attributes.) But in Czech language are headers swapped: Atributy vynechané z vyhledávání (klikni pro označení daného atributu) ... ie. Excluded Atributy zahrnuté ve vyhledávání (klikni pro označení daného atributu) ... ie. Included Could it be possible to correct translation in the next release? Thanks, ivans
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