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  1. Or This. This is the iMate PDA2K. Haven't used it myself, but have a mate who has one and swears by it.
  2. Ah yes, but where has this come from? Litigation has been the prime driver for our Nannification. Where has our Litigation culture come from? Anti-American dig it may be, but cheap it certainly aint...
  3. Ah, the joys of Nanny State/Litigation/Political Correctness. This Cacher's Code was set up by an American, perchance?
  4. I imagine Copyright shouldn't be too much of a problem PROVIDED you don't use the Geocaching.com logo. I've seen a couple of US threads where GC.com have gotten a bit upset (quite justifiably) with people using their logo. I think also if your printed ones were very similar to GC.com ones there could potentially be issues. Just have to think creatively!! ...my 2 cents worth (sorry - I'll never get used to this 'pence' thing!!)
  5. Hmmmn... I auditioned for a part in The Lord of the Rings, and my Girlfriend's cousin was an Orc (not sure which one tho'!). And she used to walk the dog of the guy who played Deagol. But then, we're Kiwis, and I think most of New Zealand knows someone who was part of LOTR!! Don't think they're cachers tho, so no, I don't know any famous cachers!
  6. Am now hooked on 5* caches, so my New Years Geocaching resolution is pop a few of these in here in the NE. I have an idea or two already, so watch out you Geordies!!
  7. Yep, count us in. Is there a cache page for it yet? Will be good relaxation before we go back to New Zealand the following weekend to get married!! Think by that stage I'll *definitely* need a beer or three...
  8. Has anyone seen Bob? I went out to Amphitheatre of the Gods last night to collect him to take to Thailand with us, but he has vanished! No logs in the book since he was placed in July, and the cache was not obviously pilfered. His home page shows him still in AotG. Anyone have any thoughts on where he may be??
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