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  1. Funnily enough, I've done one in NZ that you could only find easily by night - it was hidden deep in a crack in some rocks, and had a flashing light on top that you could only see if you looked at *just* the right angle...
  2. this one kinda works the other way around - you highlight the coordinates first, then click the button = it then opens a windows at the location in streemap. Just as functional.
  3. make a new shortcut in your links folder edit properties to contain following: javascript:bmsorguk=new Date();void(window.open('http://benchmarks.org.uk/map.php?c='+escape(document.selection.createRange().text),'w'+bmsorguk.getTime())) drag link to your toolbar. highlight coords on page, click button on toolbar.
  4. Excellent! Next time I want to go to Haugesund I can just follow those directions in reverse from Newcastle
  5. You could check to see if it listed on navicache.com Alternatively, try to find the 'rogue' cache yourself, and it may provide a waypoin or other hint as to where in cyberspace you can find it.
  6. Cheers indeed. Rach and I had a great time - many thanks for all the well wishes for our wedding in a few weeks. And a HUGE "Thank You" to G Force for the Wedding TB they put together for us. Oh, we did some caching too Aidan.
  7. Serious Stuff. Even with disclaimers etc, you've got to wonder what the long term implications of this kind of thing are for Groundspeak and Geocaching as a whole. Thank goodness they got to them in time...
  8. Most definitely. I have friends in Dunedin who took an amazing time lapse video of the Display just before christmas. Not a common occurrence by any means, but not unheard of!
  9. Aurora watch and Aurora Alert are based on data from the York Magnetometer only, so those in Scotland may still have had a snow OOPS show. But yes, we certainly didn't end up getting anything here in Newcastle. However, there's another CME on it's way, due to hit tonight/tomorrow, so fingers crossed!!
  10. 2315, and no aurora or snow here in Newcastle <whine>I would've settled for *one* of them</whine> I just had a look at some satellite measurements - if it's clear in Northern Scotland, then they should be getting a good display right about now...
  11. Hmmn. Put it this way - if the sky clears later this evening, it's definitely worth getting out to have a look. From what I understand, the solar storm is similar in size to the one in early december that sparked aurora sightings in the midlands. Best display looks to be around 11pm to midnight if it shows... Snow or Aurora? Tough call which I'd prefer! Aidan
  12. Easy - the same way as logging any cache - it is the picking up of TBs at virtuals that is much more problematical! Hmmmn. Wonder if an email travel bug has been done before? Email the tracking number to a fellow GC.com member, they log it in the Virtual of their choice, and on it goes... May have merit. But then, I may just be a few sandwiches short of a picnic...
  13. Completely off topic, so I apologise in advance, but if you're in the North or in Scotland, and the sky is clear, there's a massive solar storm going on. This means that there's a very good chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis later tonight. Provided the sky is clear of course Aidan
  14. It's not Paranoia if they're really after you.... My handle used to be NVPIV. If you invert this, you get my name, Aidan. This was all well and good, but no bu&&er good pronounce it (neither could I, for that matter.) As we're Kiwi's now caching in the UK, thought CuplaKiwi's was appropriate. Might keep it when we go home, but then might not
  15. ...and the photos from the moon look like a valley just outside of Hollywood!! Is that a conspiracy theory I feel coming on?
  16. Yep. That's quite a way away... But I have a log that is 18695.5km from my home coords!! Sorry, can't work in miles tho'... Furthest placed is 18464.4km away from home coords.
  17. yep, the last SEM I saw was not exactly what you'd call portable. dadgum, there goes that plan
  18. ooooo, now THAT would be cool. Make that 5nm then.
  19. Now there's an idea for a cache that requires special equipment. I work with microscopes for a living - wonder what I could set up? Multi with second coords on a microscope slide in 5 micron high text, anyone?
  20. I'm sure the devious Yorkshire crews that I've heard so much about could come up with something *way* beter than that! With the right camoflague they could go just about anywhere... edit: the caches, that is, not the cachers...
  21. Should be listed under the first six letters of the waypoint name as written in GSAK
  22. Poached this from a topic on the main boards. Man, these blighters are *small*. NE cachers: lets hope rutson doesn't get his hands on any of these!!
  23. ...Alhough I just remembered that on a lot of mice you can click the scroll wheel to give you a 2d scroll by dragging the mouse - similar to what you describe. I wonder if there is some way to link this to a keyboard shortcut for your site visitors?
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