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  1. I have gone to two caches that listed the Grisham Geocoin, only to find them not there. Many people have logged that they have discovered the coins. How do you do this without the tracking number? One of the geocoin pages said that it was a virtural TB. Is this possible.
  2. I love Geocaching. I just recently started when my son took the Geocaching merit badge in scouts. It is a great opportunity to get him off of the Xbox and doing something active. His little sister loves to go too. Geocaching gives us a great opportunity to have some fun together. Who doesn't love a treasure hunt. We look forward to a long term love affair with Geocaching. Thanks for the cointest.
  3. I understand the tracking part, but the coin is unowned. I have been to their website, but there is no contact information that works. Do you think it ok to claim ownership? It also asks for a waypoint that starts with GC. What is that? I thought we made our own waypoints on our GPSr's based on caches.
  4. Thanks for the cointest. It was fun. See you on the trail.......
  5. Obviously I am new to this, since it was my illegal post that got your response that lead me here. Thanks for the info. My name is Jeff, and my (our) caching name is Jarron&Company. My son Jarron took the geocaching merit badge at scout camp and got us both interested in geocaching. We are up to 55 caches found in about 3 months. We are from Utah, and currently own 1 geocoin (a Boy Scout 100th anniversary coin, what else) that we just placed in California over the Thanksgiving holiday (where we found the unmentionable item). We are excited to track it's progress, but are looking for more to own. So far we haven't found any trackables, but are looking hard so we can join in on that fun. Jarron really enjoys the multi-caches, especially some we've done searching for clues in cemeteries. We look forward to a long and enjoyable career of geocaching, and already want to get a better GPSr. Christmas is coming !! Good luck to all, and see you out there.
  6. Sorry, I deleted the message. Didn't realize it broke the rules.
  7. When you hit the reply button for the forum, there is a link on the second line that looks like a little picture (it's two symbols to the right of the little smilie face). When you click on that, it will give you a little drop down box where you can input the http:// link for your picture. You will need to have the http:// address for your picture before you do this. I'm sure there are better ways to do this, like some photo storing websites, but I do it by uploading my pictures into some geocaching page (like a cache page or a TB page or even your profile). When the picture in uploaded into whatever website you use (like I do with geocaching.com), then you can right click on the picture and copy the properties, which gives you the http:// address to link in your forum post. And that is about the extent of my extremely limited knowledge of how to do all things computer-esqe. I am sure there are tons of other people who are MUCH more knowledgeable than I and have a much easier way to do this. The first part of my answer (about the link for your photo) is true, though! Thanks for the help. Look's like it worked. Thanks also for the cointest. Also the first I've entered.
  8. I found a wooden geocoin in California this week that has a tracking number on calif.geocoin.net. It has never been registered on their site. The site has no contact info that I can find. What are the rules here? Can I register it?
  9. I want to enter the cointest, but how do you attach a photo on here? I can't figure it out. Please help!
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