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  1. Firstly, thank you to those who have taken the time to participate in this discussion. I'd like to address some of the points raised. I am a UK Reviewer, I was at the meeting where the Team and a Lackey discussed this issue. This is very difficult issue to explain and give examples without breaching confidentiality - however, suffice it to say that the Feedback we had from Groundspeak was that Events were increasingly being submitted that could be interpreted as being less than social. Recent changes to the Event Guidelines - where Flashmobs were being submitted that lasted 5 minutes or less - that stated that Events must be at least a Minimum duration of 30 minutes - has resulted in an increase of Events being submitted that last for Only 30 minutes. The problem isn't a unique problem to the UK. What may make us unique is that we have a very tight knit Team who wish to work cohesively to try to ensure best practise. The solution was to have a UK applicable framework for all of us to work within. These new additions of 20 miles OR 10 hours were to clarify a specific criteria of time or distance which would hopefully result in a more consistently applied guideline. From Post 19 - this is indeed why the criteria were introduced. But on this occasion we decided to share them nationally to avoid the first few refusals being taken personally. No, we're saying that the independent events will be allowed on the same day, as long as they are - according to the new additions - at least 20 miles / 10 hours apart. I'm a bold Reviewer. I would probably publish both of the Events as described above. The limits are either 20 miles - for events happening at the same time or 10 HOURS for events in the same area. As already confirmed by Graculus in his post 2, these values may be reconsidered at a later date.
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