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  1. Dear geocachers, After a while geocaching without any map with my garmin etrex 30, i want to add a map of Belgium on my gps. I bought a memory card of 8Gb wich should be enough. The problem is... I don't want to spend alot of money on it. So i discoverd OpenStreetMaps. I can easily download a region of my city or my whole country, but the document i download is .OSM and my gps cant read that sort of files. only gpx i guess is there a way i can convert it into gpx? on an easy way and with a safe program? or do you know an other site where i can get free maps (but then in gpx files) I have been searching a long time on the internet but cant find anything (goodlooking ~save) Thank you Kobe
  2. Haha Thank you so much i feel a bit dumb right now . I was really worried that i would have needed difficult programs for thes PQ's Thank you!
  3. I am a premium member since yesterday, it looks fun but i've got a question about pocket queries. I got one to work an he has send me an email with a zip folder, when i unzip it, it contains 2 gpx files, one file with the coords of the cache and one with additional waypoints. But how do i get this on my gps device, i have a garmin etrex 30. I tried some software but i cant work with them, so maybe someone has a good program i could use or maybe i don't need any programs i dont know Thanks already greets Kobechill
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