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  1. My familly has one and it is an awsome machine. Waterproof, shock-resistant, averages waypoints, proximity points, sun & moon, hunting & fishing predictions. It's got almost everything.
  2. I can just see it: I am ExplorerBoy, and I'm a geocacher. LOL
  3. Also, it's much easier to find these without a GPSr. Try it!
  4. I did it at first, before I had a GPS. I can tell you what, though, it's a lot easier in rural areas!
  5. I've only been geocaching for less than a year, yet now i am totally obsessed with it. When i see a container, i think geocache. When i see a bush, i see geocache hiding spot. Before i go somewhere, i have to look up to see if any geocaches are there. The list goes on and on. I'm sure that others are like this, too. Can you peeps share some examples?
  6. I have no clue where these caches are! So how can i check if one of my caches is too close?!
  7. Garmin Etrex Vista CX (and I couldn't be happier with it)
  8. I don't have a problem with members only caches. They should be there. I don't care myself, but I think it's obnoxious to say that there is one there, but not give any details. In answer to test dummy, I don't like it when people are money hogs and try to get more and more people to give them more and more money. The people behind geocaching.com have been awsome in this respect. Thanks guys!
  9. Let me rephrase. "Un-special members" How's that?
  10. I'm not a premium member and I don't feel like I have to. Because I live in Eugene, OR, I have over 400 caches to work on. I don't need any more to fill my schedule. Something that annoys me, though, is when I see member only caches in the list near my home. Why can't you just make it so that they are hid from normal members?
  11. Money usually, but locks and stuff like that is good too.
  12. I print off the disciption, download coords to my Garmin Etrex Vista CX, and head out!
  13. Let's just say that its all of the above. Thanks for replying. Closing this thread.
  14. I will continue to say then that if it's off by that much with the kml then I will not trust it with marking waypoints. Happy now?
  15. Google Earth is always off by alot or more. Sometimes it gets close but not often. I only use the kml for when I'm trying to see the geocaches in a current area in general.
  16. If there are no WAAS satelights or towers in the area, it can also affect accuracy a bit. No kidding!
  17. 1.4 difficulty 1.5 terrain for 27 caches I'm starting to go to harder ones.
  18. In Oregon, we don't have poison ivy. We have poison oak, and it comes in many different varieties. It could be a tree or a vine, even a bush! You can't go into any wilderness without seeing it.
  19. I found one that was a plastic tube stuffed on the inside of a piece of wood that was cut specifically for it. When face down, the thing looks like something that just fell off a tree!
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