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  1. I am just curious. I was contacted by a person who found my cache who told me that the reason he added it to his list is that it was one of the most popular caches in the Caribbean. So curiosity got the better for me and I wanted to see if there was a way to find out what are the most popular caches in a country or region of the world. How does one go about creating such a search or query? Thanks David
  2. I am also an owner of a 76CSX and I will be adding the City Navigator 2009 to my suite of maps along with a new Topo 24 collection. That means I need to upgrade my SD card to hold the new maps and poi files I currently load. Is there a limit on the size SD card that is supported by the firmware of the 76CSX? Have they increased the waypoint limits any higher in the last few months? Do you know if they are going to be coming out with a Topo 24 of the Northeast US anytime soon?
  3. And I have already stated that there are "outside" places for a good cache to be placed... (our 50 Cal. ammo box was just too big to be placed there, but a Decon Box, or other container of that size would work fine)... I am not advocating it be placed "inside"... As I will be there in less than 7 days, I will re-explore the immediate surroundings with the folks at the bar and try to locate a protected place close enough that they can still keep an eye on it yet not have it too visible. I will also leave them extra containers and logs as suggested. I just did not want to see TB's and other stuff disappear from the Geocache community like the one I left at Sunset Cache this July when an obvious solution to me was to place it just inside the bar itself so it could be protected from muggles. Will that kind of solution require pre-approval from the Geocache appeals folk or do we just submit the regular form?
  4. An extensive search around the beach bar was conducted by Peconic Bay Sailors a short while ago and in consultation with the local residents there was no place outside the environs of the beach bar was deemed secure enough that it would not disappear. Given the experience of Sunset Cache recently stolen by muggles (also on the the island) and comparing it to the Kissing Cache which is located within a resorts grounds and less than 6 feet from the bar tender I thought that the location we had selected fit the guidelines as well as the Kissing Cache did. The only difference is that at the site I propose when the bar closes the cache would be now inaccessible until the next morning when they raise the steel shutter on the deck and bar area.
  5. According to the guidelines: I'd read that as no. Once again, from the guidelines: I'd read that as a maybe. The people you need to check with is the local reviewer, who is probably erik88l-r. No one would be required to purchase anything, it is just that after dark the cache would be behind a sliding steel shutter to keep it from taking legs and walking. Another cache disappeared on the island since I was there in July and it had in it one of my TB's so I know that not having the cache under the eye of some one is hazardous to that particular location. What exactly is an acceptible maint. plan? I visit that place a minimum of 2 times a year. Peconic Bay Sailors does the same. With daily supervision of the cache right by the bar of a busy beach bar and under the watchful eye of two people on site every day, is that a good enough maint. plan?
  6. Hello, A couple of cache friends and myself would like to place a cache in a location that each of visit 2-3 times a year at different times. The location is on the island of St. Martin and each of us vacation 2 times a year or more. The cache will be monitored by a local resident at whose restaurant the cache will be located. We had a couple of questions before we place the cache. 1: Due to a lot of muggle activity and high theft rates in the area where anything that is not actually bolted down or locked behind steel shutters disappears, can we locate the cache actually inside the restaurant so that it is only accessible when the restaurant is open? 2: Will it be acceptible that we as the cache placers are only on site 2-3 times each year to change the log and collect the disposible camera and post the photos? The restuarant owner is a good friend and very reliable (ex-US Marine). We've been talking with him for 2+ years about doing this and he asks each trip if we had gotten approved. I leave for the island in less than a week so I wanted some answers before I placed the cache.
  7. I seriously think that some thing is wrong with your setup because I ahve loaded the same registration onto my old M3 and a TX and then a replacement TX all with no problems about using the registration code. Perhaps it wold be better to change your user name on the Palm to duplicate your registration name on the software and see if that fixes it next time.
  8. this may be off topic for this thread, if so I apologize in advance. I am a registered user of Cachemate and GSAK. I have been running with a Palm TX, Garmin 76CSX. Recently my traveling requirements have gone up so I am on the road a lot more, I need to upgrade to a Smartphone like a Blackberry or Palm Treo 750 to keep up with my office email and stuff on the road. So my question is if I get a Treo 750 will I still be able to run Cachemate in conjunction with GSAK? If not, what are my options as far as you would recommend?
  9. I need some guidance. I planted a USA coin at a cache site on the island of SXM. Since that time it has traveled to the island of Guadelope by some unkown person, brought to Switzerland by a known person, transported to a cache in Southern Germany but not logged as every having been at that cache site and is in now the hands of a person who lives in Central Germany. All along the way most of the finders have failed to log the cache where they found or left it. Right now for all that travel the coin shows that it has moved only 48 miles with only one point on the map showing. yet if you go back to the logs for the various finders, they have indicated where they picked it up... but they just have not entered in for the Coin itself in the TB database. How does one go about fixing the log so the coin shows that it has moved around...
  10. I will give that a try, I would have to say when we were kayaking when trying to determine the right way to go,we were sitting still. So with the compass off, is the only way to know which way you are headed by the North arrow on the map page? If not, how do you knowN,S,E,W? Thanks By the way.......I meant by poing the unit East etc, it would be off by several marks The CSX is very sensative to being held level to get a true bearing with the electronic compass. Even a bit off level and you can get some pretty wide fluctuations of heading and direction. The person who talked about calibration is also very correct. I calibrate at least each time I power up and power off, sometimes more in swtiching modes from off road to on road and visa versa. The thing is just real sensative to changes in the way it is held and modes.
  11. Does that mena that all the cache waypoints will not be displayed? That sucks!
  12. I am just wondering about custom POI's ... With other POI's when you run the pointer over them the name of the POI pops up. What do you have to do with Custom POI's to make them do the same?
  13. Okay, I have the latest webupdater, the SW version is 3.0 the GPS SW version is 2.70. Do I need to wait until they make 2.80 available for the new WAAS almanac or is it in 2.70?
  14. if and when I finally see 48 or 51 on my sat acquisition page, do I have to do another reset to download a current almanac from one of them?
  15. I have reset my 76 CSX twice in the last few days and then hooked up my external antenna and let it download what ever almanac is available. I am not seeing any WAAS birds any longer. No 35, 48 or 51. What WAAS birds should I be seeing in New England and is there anything else I ought to have done to reset the GPSr so I get the almanac reset?
  16. I thought that there is a setting that changes when the POI's display and that you can change that setting for your own preferences. I'd be interested in the macro for GSAK though. I use 3 Custom POI's right now and that sounds like the way to go for my needs.
  17. Yes... I just re-uploaded the file to my PDA changing the location from the SD card to PDA Ram and then the TB little ">>" signs appeared in the TB column. There is a setting on the PDA that asks if you want the TB column to show or not. Go to the options menu and then select list options and make certain TB's are checked.
  18. Did you include the Microcache icon in your files? Like the person who posted in the other thread, I often like to know which type of cache is close by my route as I often have TB's to share or move along.
  19. Has Garmin fixed the problem of scrolling the pointer over a custom POI and being able to see its name the way you can with regular POI's? Is there a setting I can change so that it will do that? I have 3 sets of custom poi's assigned to 3 custom icons and I got that all working but it would be nice to be able to get the name to show up when I scroll over it. D
  20. Never mind... I finally got the zip file with the icons. D
  21. I have a couple of questions about taking updated information from my Pocket Query's into GSAK and then exporting them to my Cachemate program on my PDA. After I updated my GSAK program to the newest release one of the functions I used to use has disappeared. In Cachemate there is an option called List Options that allows you to see travel bugs. In the past I used to see a column on the left hand side with a '>' in it for the caches that had travel bugs. Since upgrading I no longer can see anything in that column. The second question has to do with mapping the "status" field in GSAK to Category Field in Cachemate. is there a way to do that? Right now it looks like I have to do two exports, one for the caches I have found and one for the ones I haven't found. Then when I open Cachemate I have to select the cotegory to file them entries under. Is there another way to do this? David Edited by DHB an hour later... Never mind... somebody over on the GSAK forum gave me a hint that fixed everything. I did not know that Cachemate operates differently when the data file is stored on the SD card on my PDA verses when it is stored internally. That fixed the display of TB's and at the same time I found a setting that retained the category that fixed the status. D
  22. I looked around the site a bit and I could not find any other way to go from SW versions 2.3 and 2.4 to 2.5 is via the webupdater. I had the same experience as many others... It told me that I had the latest firmware but did I want to check for unit software, (I am running 2.71) I clicked yes and it then updated my unit from 2.4 to 2.5. I have a 76CSX if that also helps.
  23. I have the version you are talking about above. The drawbacks are as people have already mentioned. They are 1-100k maps and based up USGS maps from 30 years ago. The details in these maps leave a lot to be desired in comparison to the Topo National Parks 1-24K maps. The roll your own recommendation is one that I have heard over and over again when I have asked your same question. For the amount of time it will take me to create my own maps, I am tempted to purchase the 24K series from Garmin as those will cover a significant number of quads that I am interested in. the East version of the National Parks 24K has a large part of New England and the entire Appalachian Trail covered and those are two of the areas I am most interested in. You might want to check the web site and see if the areas you are looking for might be in it as well.
  24. Thank you for this post.. I tried turning waypoints off and was finally able to see the POI name display. That helps me understand why some people see them and some don't. As far as changing the POI icons... Here's what I did. I have three sets of poi that I filter out of my GSAK database. 1 is benchmarks, 1 is multi caches and 1 is tradtional. I create 3 different GPX files, Multi, Bench, Tradit. I have three different icons in the same directory named exactly the same, it Multi.bmp, Bench.bmp and Tradit.bmp. When I use the POI loader the three different icons show up on the screen. I haven't tried hitting the found button on any of them yet, so can not comment on that little bug.
  25. I have a 76CSX and am using beta firmware 2.71 shows the benchmark icon shows the cursor with no name of the POI
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