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  1. Nothing can be adopted without the owner asking you to adopt it and sending you the adoption link.

    You would send it on as though the owner is still active. They might check on it someday. One never knows. This could be just the thing to get them interested again.

    Pretty cool that it's back in action.


    Yes! I was surprised it was so old and no action! Thanks for the reply. I will send it on.

  2. Recently I mentioned to a friend that was going geocaching. He asked if I would take a TB and send it on its way. A friend in Idaho gave it to him "a while back" On receiving the TB and logging it I discovered it had not moved since 10/21/2002! Nearly 10 years! It was first placed in March of 2002. The owner has only 6 caches , all in 2002. One cache was placed by TB owner at same time. It was disabled in 2009 after no response from owner that cache was in pieces. Her email is unvalidated and not availabe as is her membership. My question: Since this owner has vanished from geocaching can her TB be "adopted"? Do I send it on as if the owner still existed? I have logged that I grabbed it. Now what? My plan is to move it on. But can I adopt it? Or do I just put it on the watch list?

  3. Groundspeak is interested in finding ways to better educate new geocachers on the proper etiquette for handling trackables. I am personally aware of many incidences of trackables going missing - not through any malice on the part of the bugnapper - rather by simply being misinformed about this one aspect of the game. There is a lot to learn when first starting out, so please help everyone by answering the question:


    What should new geocachers know about trackables?


    Thanks! :D

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