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  1. I miss the blackberries out in Washington. They try to tell me these black raspberries they have here are blackberries, but I know better...


    Ode to a Pigeon: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You Lookin' at Me? YOU LOOKIN' AT ME?! (b. katt, 7/14/03)

  2. Just a quick google brings back this article and this scary number:

    The budget for repairs in western parks, which already have huge maintenance backlogs, was cut this spring by 28 percent.


    It's just a small drop in an ocean of maintenance but I bet most rangers are happy to see us show up for trail clearing and trash collection.


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator



    Come on, folks. Step up, send me a mailing address, fill out the form and send it back: we have to know how many people will be there otherwise how will we know how many silver dollars to put in the caches?


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  4. The problem with a team name is that the smiley face goes to the team. If three people develop, set and maintain a cache, then three people should be able to claim the hide.


    But maybe the PTB are already working on this option? icon_biggrin.gif


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  5. A lot of people go for Thousand Step--


    oh, wait. We did that one.


    Well, Hook Challenge would be a good--


    No, no. Did that.


    Maybe something really different, like Brush Mount--




    Maybe you should just pick up a virt somewhere and throw a party instead? icon_wink.gif


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  6. One: Eeyore and Shadow are NOT allowed to not attend. Period.


    Two: A team is 2-5 people with half the team required at each cache find. If the judges discover that you're splitting up into 5 one-person ninja stealth attack squadrons and getting all the caches too quickly, not only will you NOT get ice cream at the potluck, we will bring out the big CHEATER stamp and apply it liberally to your person.


    I am working on the pre-registration packets and hope to mail them out by Friday. Be sure to include a mailing address when requesting your packet!


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  7. quote:
    Sounds interesting, are you hiding all ten caches in the park??




    You should be so lucky.


    This is the CENTRAL PA Geocaching Scavenger Hunt. They could be anywhere in the county.


    Or surrounding counties.


    You just won't know until the day of the event.




    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  8. Excellent questions, MissJenn.


    And the answers are: yes, 2-5 and I sure hope so. To get you started, here are some other answers.


    These will all be brand-new caches. Some will have the Official Blessing of Geocaching.com and others will be renegade caches, there for the pure love of the hunt! (In other words, if you find all ten caches, you may not end up with ten smilie faces on your cache page. But that's life.)


    When you email me for your registration packet, please include a mailing address. This isn't something I can email to you. Good old-fashioned stamp 'n' envelope time.


    YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE FROM CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA TO ATTEND! Will the locals have the advantage over you? Perhaps: all the more reason to sucker one onto your team.




    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  9. A team of dedicated volunteers and I have been working, nay, slaving night and day to bring you this.


    Please make time in your busy schedules for it. I think it'll be a lot of fun.


    And if it isn't I'll give the list of administrators I hacked out of their private chat.


    Oh, feel free here to ask me any questions you may have.


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  10. OK, HC. Try this.


    Take your left lace (hereafter called LL) in your left hand (hereafter called LH). Take your right lace (hereafter called RL) in your right hand (hereafter called RH). Cross the laces (this is called "Crossing the Laces") and then reposition your hands so you are holding the LL in your RH and the RL in your LH. Tuck the LL under the RL and pull UP.


    Now you have a "knot."


    Pull firmly on both laces to "tighten" your "knot."


    Form a loop with the RL (which is now on your left) such that the very end of the RL sticks out towards your left. The RL should be a "spoon" shape in you LH. Hold it with two fingers and your thumb. This is called "Taking the Loop." Take your LL (which is now on your right) and wrap it *around* the RL by placing the LL first in front of the RL and then wrapping it *behind* your fingers. Bring it all the way to the front again to the left of your bow. Start to wrap it around again but this time take it back between your fingers and hold it there. This is called "No Turning Back Now." Now this is the tricky part.


    As you hold the LL between the two fingers grip the RL with your LH and pull the two loops at the same time. If you time it right, you should form two loops at once and form a bow. This is called "Tying One On."


    Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back when you do this.


    Good luck!


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator


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  11. It was evil! But in a lovely way...


    Set an informal Finders Keepers at Lost Village of Little Falls. "Informal" means I brought the caches but somehow managed to leave the cards behind, so I wrote everything out on a piece of notebook paper and left it at that. If you collect the LVoLF FK, please drop me a note.


    Also set one at Circus Train Memorial and had a fascinating conversation with the woman who lives across from the memorial. She's related to the Hannah mentioned on the memorial who watched a panther attack one of their cows. When the memorial was built, this woman put a capsule containing animal bones and a booklet on the tragedy in the right pillar of the memorial. If you keep going down the road to the hunting club on the left-hand turn, you can see the skull of the tiger they had to shoot. She had a ton of information, very interesting.


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  12. I don't care if it's 11:30 pm on a holiday. Public safety comes first.


    Animal Control. It's not always cute and fuzzy.


    (Actually, I told the first folks who looked at me strangely* that I was looking for crawfish. I think I had them looking by the time I wandered off.)


    *yes, yes: I get that a lot.


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  13. Left another Finder's Keepers at the Elves Tree a Raccoon cache. Well, at the first stage of that multi.


    Who's the demented bastard who designed THAT cache?


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

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