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  1. Ce'Nedra this happened to me once and I got twitchy about it b/c it changed from an actual cache to a virtual cache.


    Yes, I am one of those snobs who believe that a container cache is better than a virtual cache. Sorry, it's just my opinion, but there it is.


    If I had logged your cache and it had be changed to a virt, I'd be a bit peeved. If it changed from say a multi to a trad, I wouldn't mind at all.


    Just one cacher's opinion...



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  2. Hey, Keystone!


    Could you direct me to the guidelines for the forums? A quick search around the site didn't reveal anything like that.


    I guess I'm curious b/c I didn't read anything I consider out of line in this thread yet. I'm wondering what standards TPTB are setting.





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  3. quote:
    Sure, a lot of virtuals are just a point you go to and find some information, but a lot of physical caches are basically the same thing, except instead of finding information, you're finding a box full of trinkets (which, so far, I've been able to find in a couple minutes each time). What's the big difference? In the end, you're finding something you sought to seek out.


    A traditional cache is hidden and the ones I've been able to find in a couple minutes I can count on the fingers of one hand. Virtuals aren't hidden: they're quite public, rarely a challenge, involve a test and are usually something I never stopped to look at for a reason.


    If folks want to hide and find virtuals, then more power to them. I just wish I could filter them out of my Nearest Caches search.



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  4. quote:
    Originally posted by Team Geo-Remdation:

    Why enfanta's bunny avatar changed the pancake on it's head to a GPSr?


    PSUPAUL of

    Team Geo-Remdation


    Duh! How else is Oolong supposed to find the cache?! icon_wink.gif



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  5. Yesterday I happened across the flower bed as the grounds crew was tearing it up. They had not seen anything like a film canister or an Altoids tin...


    Secret Cacher, now is the time to 'fess up: was there anything there?



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