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  1. I searched for Carolina Dash for the Cash Cache and seemed to keep going in circles on the search page. Link?
  2. ahem. Food, IV? What are we doing about food? I am bringing potato salad and Coke. Anyone else bringing anything? (Let me know-- I'll make more.)
  3. Look for what doesn't fit, n3trk. Bark that's facing the wrong way, stones piled up, too many branches in one spot. And when it gets to be too much, just take in a weed whacker. That usually reveals the hiding place pretty quick.
  4. I don't know how much fun this is going to be. I mean, we all know where the first cache is, right? On display in an unused basement bathroom with a sign on the door that says "Beware of Leopard." And then I guess the second one would be on a strange and alien planet. Pity it's such a dump. And then the third could be in the fjords... And MARVIN could be the fourth! Okay, this could be fun after all.
  5. I hate change. Please stop. Thank you.
  6. I just want to know when all these changes are going to stop? Every other month it seems I have to relearn how to search for caches or email users or reply in the forums... Not a burden certainly but it's irritating as hell. Can we please have a break for about a year??
  7. quote: a poll on your sexuality I think you meant "gender." I hope you meant "gender."
  8. the faint mustache really isn't an indicator... is there an "other" option?
  9. Sounds like a very elusive virtual! It also sounds like fun. A Breakfast Cache Club...
  10. Does this mean you'll be there, MissJenn? Excellent. I needed another handler for IV Warrior. I trust the presence of Little Lep will keep Older Lep in line...
  11. How 'bout you tell us what you found in Charlotte and we can go from there?
  12. You are going to set a cache there, right??
  13. quote: The final location would be well stocked and have a nice first through third finders prize, and I would make sure to maintain it carefully to keep it well stocked as to make the end justify the means. "And I'll walk him and feed him and brush him--" Sorry. Ahem. ANYway. This sounds to me exactly what geocaching should be about: introducing folks to interesting places. I hope it gets approved, it sounds cool. So, whatcha gonna name him?
  14. Set two Finder's Keepers while attending the South Central PA Cacher's Picnic. One in MissJenn's Pavement Ends and the other (an impromptu FK) in Höchste Spitze am Blauen Marsh See. Go and get 'em if you want 'em!
  15. Yes, THANK YOU JENN!! And Pulaski and whoever else I'm forgetting for putting together a great event. Thanks for being such a welcoming and forgiving hostess. I hope it can be replaced and I promise not to "bump" the foosball table again if I should ever be allowed back in your lovely house... And my defense would have been even sharper if my hands hadn't been shaking so much. Nothing like sheer terror to throw off your game... ANYWAY! Thanks for a great event!
  16. what, you can't say pi$$ed here anymore?? What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  17. quote: ... [in an] old abandoned cemetery with the foundation of a homesite or Church or something nearby. While searching around the foundation, my [metal] detector indicated there was something in the ground close by the southwest corner of the foundation. After digging down about 2 feet my shovel struck a wooden box that had nearly rotted out. And folks get ****ed at us for walking through the woods? This guy's DIGGING up the place! What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  18. quote: ...You'ld think we had somehow woken up one day, to find ourselves living in Seattle It doesn't rain like this in Seattle. It's more of a constant mist. At least, that's how I remember it. Certainly none of these great swathes of water pounding down on you... I'm not fond of caching in the rain only because I end up tromping through so much undergrowth looking for the cache. Back and forth through rain-drenched leaves and grasses, collecting all the rain in the world in my sneakers and jeans... What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  19. no, not that one. It's too easy. It only took me about 7 trips to set it up. Try Serenity, instead. Thanks, Ce'nedra What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  20. quote: You couldn't find a ammo box on an asphalt parking lot. I mean, come on here... Oh, wow. You know, sometimes I could *use* a cache like that... Think I could get that approved? What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  21. quote: However, I don't care for micros placed where a regular cache can be hidden. Especially those "needle in the haystack" types that cause people to tear up the surrounding area in their search. Yeah, could we agree no more micros in non-descript places? I don't mind looking for micros in the woods, or stone fields or endless brick walls but could the hiding place be *distinctive*? Not everyone's coords are going to match and I'm sick of looking in every log and tree to find a micro you threw there. What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  22. quote: and in the throws of passion (if that's what you'd call it). Actually, it's "throes." What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  23. exactly. What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  24. I'll be there. Won't be camping as I live close enough that I don't have to subject myself to outdoor toilets, but I'll be there Saturday evening to annoy IV Warrior and I'll be ready to work on Sunday. C'mon folks: the more we work with the parks the better. Clear some space in your schedule for this. Plus, I heard that IV Warrior is going to be jell-o wrestling. What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
  25. You'll have to share at least one of those prizes with me, MissJenn: I'll be there. May even be camping, not sure yet... What appears to be coming at you is coming from you.
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