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  1. quote:
    I've had a lot of fear crammed in my head from my family and friends over the years. Apparently, if I'm going to go out on my own it's just a matter of time until something dreadful happens.


    I still go, but there's a dark cloud of worry and resentment that puts a small damper on the fun and excitement. I'm trying to ignore this.


    Okay, on a more useful note than before, may I recommend "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker? It's an amazing and practical book which should go a long way towards helping you feel and stay more safe.


    Amazon has it for $7.50 right now. Or you can try your local library.


    Really. Don't miss this book.


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  2. quote:
    Enfanta, where would I be if there were a 20 find rule, and dont say I would be an exemption because once there are exemptions then everyone will want to be exempt. two of my caches, one placed after one find, have been very popular in teh state.


    I guess it would have had to wait, huh? icon_wink.gif


    I'm not hung up on the Find 20 Before Placing First idea. I'd be very happy to draw up a test, instead! (And include a special sub-section on TBs.)


    But it's not up to me, or you (probably) or any other cacher, is it? It's up to the administra--




    How'd this cache get approved!?!!?


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  3. I must say, the CoastCachers are keeping an excellent attitude through all this. Kudos to you for that. icon_biggrin.gif


    The other side of the 20+ found, CC, is it lets you see what sort of caches are out there, what you like, dislike, etc. If you've found 7 caches so far and each of those caches was just a tupperware container under bark next to a log 200' off the trail, you may not realize how cool caching can actually be.


    Conversely, if you've found 20 caches and they've all been tupperware containers under bark next to a log 200' off the trail, you'll realize that your caching grounds need something new and different...


    Granted, if there are only 10 caches in your area then the rule could be bent a bit. But that would be up to your local administrator.


    Good luck!


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  4. I think this entire mess could have been side-stepped if cachers were required to have found at least 20 caches before placing one. If you've found 20 you've a fairly good idea about what's done and what's not done and you wouldn't forget that one does not place vacation caches.


    How 'bout it Admins? Can we make this a requirement?


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  5. quote:
    I still like them and disagree that they look cheap (as opposed to what, the two color blobs from before?) But maybe the faces are the hang-up for some. What if the faces went away?


    Uh, they look cheap because they look like a twenty-five cent sheet of stickers. And before, you could actually sort through the information without the distraction of several colors leaping out at you from the page.


    Yes, losing the faces would be great. Even better would be having a search page that defaults to what I haven't found (if I wanted to know which caches I've found, I'd've gone to my cache page, thank you) in a format that's easy to read. Two or three colors, important info in bold.


    When I want a lot of colors and squidgy shapes I'll go to the children's section of the library and pull out the picture books, okay?


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  6. Minority again. I don't like the new icons. They look cheesey and cheap. Not to mention distracting. Took me a moment to figure out what the white tag next to my cache meant but since I only own one cache, I finally caught on.


    Do you guys want some help with design? Cause the site's getting difficult to look at...


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  7. This week-end I went out on a couple trails around RB Winter Park with the thought of creating a biking cache.




    I thought I was a fairly competent biker but I was certainly humbled by those trails. Narrow, infrequently blazed and very often more quarry- than trail-like I had to fight to stay on my bike.


    A fight I lost not a few times.


    Maybe I'll stick to the game lands for biking caches!


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas.


    They entirely miss the point of the Finders Keepers.


    I will continue to set FKs until it's clear that people aren't seeking them.


    MissJenn, you've been a brick. You win the (unanncounced) Finders Keepers Post Card Decoration Contest, btw.


    Are we done now? icon_razz.gif


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  9. I just want to make a couple points.


    The reason I want approval is so the finders of these caches can get credit for them. It's just like any other cache: they had to get the coords and seek the cache themselves. In fact, FK may be tougher than some caches 'cause there's no clue and most folks don't know what they're looking for until they've found it.


    Thank you all for your suggestions, however, I am not interested in changing the set-up. I am aware of all the work-arounds available to me: I simply don't want to use them.


    Some folks say these aren't caches because they're one-time only. Well, event caches are one time only and folks get to claim those.


    One argument I've heard against approval is that the approvers can't be sure I've set the caches in a legal space. These caches are set on the way to other caches. If the territory surrounding a cache is fragile or off-limits, perhaps we should re-think the placement of a regular cache there?? icon_razz.gif


    I'll continue to place my caches cause I like to and I hope people will continue to look for them. I just wish they could get proper credit when they find them.


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

  10. Left a Finder's Keepers in Walk in the Park, IV Warrior's new cache in Reeds Gap Park.


    Seek 'em if you want 'em.


    The FKs set at the South Central PA Cachers picnics have been claimed. In case you were wondering...


    Care the Deception of Imitative Administrator

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