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  1. ...but when I clicked on the cute link that doesn't display an email address I got an error and so was unable to find an email address to send this directly to gc.com and so avoid posting this in public.


    Here's the problem: when I logged in today I got logged in as enfanta and directed to the user profile for a cacher named fitzy.


    Someone hit the wrong button somewhere? I can get to my own cache page but these kind of crossed wires make me nervous.

  2. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo like the TB symbol and adding TB numbers under it -- I'd become a human TB!


    The fox hunt I did was an experiment and like all good experiments I learned more when it failed than I would have had it succeeded.


    To wit: micros in the woods are not compatible with speed.

  3. Some info on the life cycle of ticks here


    Look at the actual size of ticks...


    And according to http://www.aldf.com/Babesiosis.asp "Deer ticks cannot jump or fly, and will not drop from an above-ground perch onto a passing animal. Potential hosts (which include all wild birds and mammals, domestic animals and humans) acquire ticks only by direct contact with them."


    ...so you musta got one of them jackrabbit ticks.


    They only make you sick if you eat them.


    Friend of mine at school did her senior project on ticks. I forget the term for it but they climb up the host (counter?) clock-wise so as long as you stuff your pants in your socks and your shirt in your pants, you should have a bit of time to find them.

  4. What if I signed a different log book and added that to the cache. Is that a find or should I delete those finds? Because lord knows there's a lot of full, soggy, and missing log books out there.


    Did they sign the log book they added? Then it's a find. It's pretty simple: you've found the cache when you've signed the log book.


    But I'm derailing the conversation from the delightful excuses. Please continue.

  5. May 11, 2003 by someone who just doesn't get it

    WooHoo!! #108  2nd out of 6!! [cacher] and I walked right out into the middle of the swamp on this little hole filled pathway... We were about to give up when [cacher] looked else where, looked back at me and said quietly FOUND IT!! Your just plain EVIL !! [cacher] tried to get the log book out. But it was too wet and only a tiny piece of the paper would come out. So we left satisified we had found it. I took a pic of the GPS and the cache together if you need that to verify we were there. Excellent cache!!


    Life is full of grey areas and uncertainties. It's nice to know that some black and white situations exist. If you signed the log book, you found the cache. If you didn't sign the log book YOU DID NOT FIND THE CACHE.


    It doesn't matter WHY you couldn't sign the log book: you didn't so you can't claim it. These are the chances we take when we cache. We can do everything right and still not get the smiley. Suck it up and move on.


    And for those folks who say "what does it matter? Just worry about yourself," I say it does matter. Their false claims undermine my legitimate claims. And if you own a cache and let false claims stand, you are doing a disservice to the cachers who legitimately found the cache.

  6. Put caches back just like you found them.


    You can help cachers put the cache back the way you want them by including a photo in the cache of how you want your cache hidden.


    Whenever I find caches with sticks neatly piled up in rows I assume some new cacher has been through and "fix" the camo by scattering the sticks and making the spot look more natural. If I found a cache just sitting out in the open with no indication that this is what the owner intended, I'd use camo according to the rating.


    If you want the cache to be easy to find then you'd better indicate it on the cache page with an appropriate rating or include instructions in the cache.

  7. Micros in woods= bad!  Micros in urban areas and parks = good


    Beg to differ!


    Micros in spot which is the same as the next spot and the next and the next = bad! Micros hidden in spots that are unique or at least different from everything else for 60 feet around = good!


    Urban, suburban or sylvan glen, looking for a tiny cache can be fun if it's been hidden with care.


    And, as an aside, if it seems like there's going to be poor reception for the GPS, it's only courteous to include a spoiler clue. Where's the fun in tearing up a cache site because your GPS is sending you in circles??

  8.   Are there not enough other words in the english language that the thought or responce can't be expressed clearly?


    Frankly, I'm more concerned about all the misspellings and grammar errors one encounters in these forums. Failing to use a spell-check or basic punctuation rules just screams "I'm incapable of formulating a coherent --


    ooo! shiny!

  9. How comes you can kill defenseless animals on these grounds, but not look for ammo cans?


    Cause the hunters pay for that right and we don't??


    Maybe the gameland folks would be happy to barter some caching permits: one permit for each bag of trash brought in.


    I really hope this is a miscommunication because if it isn't I lose both of my "real" caches.

  10. You've started a thread about which threads you've read in the forums...


    This has to be the saddest thing I've ever heard of. I didn't believe it was true but here it is!


    Brian, get up from the computer and go outside and find a cache.


    Then keep it to yourself.


    I dare you.

  11. I'm not sure what, but BP is known for not mincing words and has stepped on toes in the past.


    So, they're banning folks who, annoying as they were, seemed to have some ethics and protocol and ACTUALLY CACHED but they let the trolls hang around?


    Clear thinking for a more progressive site! Good job, guys!

  12. Time to get in gear, folks. Any ideas?


    I'd rather like to see the area around Iron Cohort cleared out. Lovely area, thoroughly trashed and in need of some TLC.


    Any other suggestions??

  13. LadeBear cannot steal what has been given to her. (And for those who are keep track, I can give away as many crowns as I like. I am, after all, enfanta.) Although "give" might not be the right word: I think she's EARNED that crown.


    Good luck on your next assault, LB! And for our peace of mind, please wait until the snow and ice are gone!

  14. As far as dates go, probably the 21st or the 28th. Yes, we'll be having the vulture theme again, but I have a little change planned... I will, of course, make sure we are in compliance with any agency upon whose lands we are playing: it's not fun if you piss people off. Well, people who can kick you off their land, anyway. ;^)

  15. It may not seem like it now, in the middle of all the snow and ice, but summer will be speeding past us soon and it's time to start planning for the SECOND annual Central PA Geocaching Scavenger Hunt!!


    There's no way it could have happened without a lot of help from a lot of wonderful folks and I'm appealing to you all again to chip in.


    The date isn't set yet (sometime in late August) and the venue hasn't been pinned down (though we're looking at a state park to allow all you out-of-towners to camp before and after the event) but one thing IS certain: we're gonna need a lot of caches!!


    If you're local to central PA and you have a cache idea you've been toying with and you think it might work at the event, please email me. (This is the time to bring out all those cool ideas that just wouldn't work in the long-term.) If you aren't local but you STILL have a cache idea you think might work, please email me! If you have ideas for puzzles, we could certainly use them: email me!


    Oh, and here's the email address: enfantaandco@yahoo.com


    Additionally, if you were at the event last year and you have photos you DIDN'T post to the cache page, I'd love to see them. I'm going to be appealing to Garmin and Magellan for prizes and photos of the event can only help.


    Finally, if you have any suggestions on how the event could run more smoothly or could be improved, feel free to send those to me as well. I have Kleenex and chocolate standing by to ease the blows.


    Thank you all and I hope I see you at the Scavenger Hunt!

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