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  1. Yes it can import from Geocaching.com and directly from my GPS. If I have a PQ on my computer/laptop I have not figured out the link to get that file displayed. It must be on the Google Earth display page but I can not find it. I do have the most recent Beta version installed.
  2. I think this hobby is about hiding and finding caches and not photography. Bandwith is a continuing problem here so excess bandwith usage is not in everyones best interest. Why not put a link to a page you manage so everyone can see your large files.
  3. The purpose, the way I use it and understand it, is to have a list of caches that are available while traveling cross country. The default option is .5 miles off the route. This makes the ones that are on rest areas or near intersections easily obtainable while traveling. I travel between two cities in the area quite often and I have set up a route and limited it to 2 miles off the route and 300 max. If it goes over the 300 then I backoff the distance so that it shows less that the max. The real key to the route option is to use all the variables that are there especially the I have found, I own, ignore list, and especially the active ones. Just remember you can preview this lists as many times you need before you check when you want the PQ sent to you.
  4. Go to your My Account Details, select Build Pocket Queries, and on that page you will see "My Pocket Queries" and at the bottom of that page is "My Fines" Good Luck
  5. All your logs are already stored on this site, so there's no need to import anything! I think he is talking about downloading all your finds with their logs. This is available on the PQ page.
  6. Why would you log a coin into a cache that you have not been to? Along that line why not just spend the day logging your coin in every cache there is?
  7. There will be a red check mark near them. They do not change colors. There is an index on the right side. Go to one of your caches and check the maps for there. It should show.
  8. Thanks to everyone..... got it working....
  9. I know this must have been discussed before but I can not find the answer. I wish to put a photo in body of the description of my cache listing. All the ones I have found indicate that it is a Groundspeak location. BUT I can not figure out how to get this photo into the listing.
  10. Jeremy, Please do not add a Discover to a cache. This will enable those that only want numbers to totally screw up the systems. Theorically everyone in the system could "Discover" every cache out there. Right now there are people that are exchanging list of 100's of tracking numbers on coins just so they can have a zillion icons. With coins there is no way to verify except that the owner know it is not correct since the owner may have the coin locked up in his desk.
  11. I see from your profile that you have only found 1 multi. My first suggestion would be to find a number of different caches. Mystery and multi especially. When you see how they are done it probably will give you a better idea how to handle your question. I have a POW/MIA (GCRNXB) memorial cache which obviously I could not put a container or log book. So what I did was to use data found at the memorial to give offset data to where the cache was actually located. This worked great because they have to pay attention to what I wanted them to see yet they also are able to find a container with swag, TB's and a log book. Also I have attached redirect locations to the back of STOP signs or other metal signs. These are used when setting up a multi. The way I understand things now is that only the Virtual and Earthcaches are allowed to ask questions that you must reply via email to keep the find. Good luck
  12. You know, it doesnt matter what they look like. Things made by hand dont have to be perfect. I suggest you leave what you made. I know many cachers who will pick it up and put it into their collections. nielsenc I agree a true homemade is probably more special than a "store bought" one. Another suggestion would to make 25 and mark them 1 of 25, 2 of 25, etc and then you will generate a special limited addition. Good luck
  13. txoilgas

    Tick Geocoin

    Finally got mine today..... Package was open with sticker which said OPENED FOR INSPECTION - U.S. Custons and Border Protection - AGRICULTURE Looks like they have been help up in critter quarintine nice looking coins.
  14. Better clean eyeballs...... is this something like read the instructions? ..... Thanks.
  15. I am just now going paperless and enjoying very much. Living in the Ft. Worth / Dallas area there are a lot of caches and quite a number that are activated every day. There are a couple of areas that I have started to work and have a PQ set up for those areas. What I would like to do is set up a PQ that will give me those that are new in a much larger area. I would like to see this feature added in the subtitile area THAT which shows those updated, found, owned, etc. If I have missed this feature somewhere else please let me know.
  16. Me wonders if what we see is what we see. You say you received one coin. How did you get a picture of both sides on the same background? Are you that good of a photoshop editor???? Or are you the source of the coins. If so I want one NOW!!!
  17. Also very happy with improvements. Would like to see initial map to be owner coordinates specific. Also I know of a number of caches with coins within the 10 miles, you have stated was the radius, that are not showing up at all. These are in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Again the improvements are definately appreciated..... well done. I moved a coin to a cache near my home coordinates and now map comes up with home at center. Looks like this has been fixed.
  18. Also very happy with improvements. Would like to see initial map to be owner coordinates specific. Also I know of a number of caches with coins within the 10 miles, you have stated was the radius, that are not showing up at all. These are in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Again the improvements are definately appreciated..... well done.
  19. Have placed coin 5 miles from home coordinates and it does not show up. Coins moved has not updated since this went on line. Map shows whole world and not just my area. Reentered home coordiantes... no change.
  20. Thanks for the answer. When the map comes up the whole world is shown. How about only the state or the area you are showing for the coins
  21. Same question.... only one coin showing in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area
  22. Where's the fun in that? I've been capturing screenshots of the 'rebuilding' progress stages..... You, know for posterity -- I can tell my kids, I was there when it happened. You really must not have much to do These changes are really great..... waiting to post comments for a couple of days to see how it shakes out.
  23. TOO COOL I assume it will be in bronze and gold colors? Think about it
  24. Unfortunately they dont seem to have much in their list at the moment. As a general rule coins are only built in relative small volumes. If you are serious about getting them you need to look almost every day. Good luck
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