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  1. I don't think anyone is brave enough to touch this one, but nice try.
  2. I have had fun moving TB's and coins. There are a group that I have that in some cases have traveled over 20,000 miles. They are in my backpack all the time so technically they are with me at everycache I find but I only log them in and out at special times. These specials are international travels or milestones. The only response from the owners have been requests for more photos. My personal TB has over 50,000 miles. There are a lot of ways to have fun with this hobby.
  3. Tried this recently and was told that only one profile gets the Icon. On events I think some number of co-hosts should be able to get credit
  4. In this situation our reviewer, either before or after an SBA, will put it off line for 30 days and if the owner does nothing will archive it. Then you can go place a maintained cache in the same place if you want. I do not feel we should maintain caches placed by owners that are not willing to maintain them.
  5. I had the fortune to be in the US NAVY for 8 year 1961-1969 as an Electronics Tech on submarines (ET-1 SS). During the last 4 years of that I was very much involved with what we called the TRANSIT system. This was the first operational Global Positioning System. We would track 1 satellite every 3 or 4 days. At the time it was very highly classified. The units we used were contained in two 5 foot high cabinets. The primary use of the system was for Research and Development. We would compare the data we received with our inertial navigation system and the data was always within our "shooting" specs. What a long way we have come in size and cost. USS Scorpion SSN-589 - - - Norfolk, Va USS US Grant SSBN-631 - - Hawaii/Guam USS Kamehameha SSNB-642 - - Hawaii/Guam
  6. I thought I had a FTF. The cache had not been found for 3 years, 8 months, and 20 days. Got beat by 16 hours. Story here. Panther Canyon Abode
  7. Back to the topic. I travel quite a bit so my finds are higher than my hides. However when I do hide I try and make them that are not a simple skirt lifter, though I have a couple of those also. I also believe that the quality of the hide is far more important than the volume. I have a couple that took me many hours and many miles of walking to lay out and place. These have not been found often and no one, yet, has complained that they were poorly laid out or the coordinates were incorrect. What I do not understand are those that have thousands of finds with nearly zero hides but that is their choice. So an absolute ratio is not approprate since it does not evaluate quality. My recommendation is to keep in your mind that someone had to place the caches you find and maybe you should do your part. So now everyone go out an place 5 "GOOD" caches this week!!
  8. I agree that more placements looks like caching is doing pretty good. If you don't want any more micros then go place some ammo cans, etc. Within 50 miles of Rochester there are 475 caches. It looks like you have only found 76 of them and placed 2. A "badly placed" micro is better than no cache. Do not know your defination of "badly placed". The only thing I would call a badly placed micro is at the end of a 1/2 hour hike through the woods. I noticed that you have not gotten one of the easiest to get, a virtual. Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial sounds like a neat cache and besides it gives you a new icon.
  9. If you just want it out of your inventory then find one of the "tb cemetary" site or drop it one of your caches and then mark it as missing.
  10. Quite often I wear a nearly thorn proof Carhartt coveralls, a camo ball cap, and my GPS very visable. When necessary pull out PDA and then off with the GPS. I had a LOE stop next to me a week ago, while I was signing a log in a school parking lot, and asked if I was doing some survey work. I said I sure was and he said thanks and drove off. Hiding in plain sight works most all the time. The times I have encountered LOE or Game Wardens, etc. I start off telling them about geocaching. Most have heard about it and so far have all wanted to know more. Slows down the hunt but makes another informed person that you might need some day.
  11. Ok what is the largest item that someone has set loose as a travel bug. The means something that is actually handed to a new holder. Not someones cachemobile that has a tag attached. My vote is for Miss Proppens. I saw this one at Geowoodstock4 and signed it. This is one half of a propellor from a turbo prop airplane.
  12. Just a thought here.... some people are said to have lead in their posterior
  13. Do you and the geocachers you represent also object to the Camo Heart geocoin kealia posted an image of above? I personally do not think anything that is tied to the purple heart is appropriate. The heart is the tie in. Again a como bandaid I believe would be more appropriate. I do have a number of scars on various parts of my body due to thorns, etc. They only took a bandaid to fix, and none were life threating.
  14. Addressed generally (not just to the quoted poster) : Assuming you are a veteran who has earned the real PH, what would you do/say/think if a fellow cacher awarded you the GCPH for getting caught in a really bad briar patch, said cacher not knowing you well enough to know you would/would not be offended? Light hearted fun award..... you have got to be kidding... ... I am a veteran, 8 years on fast attack submarines and missile submarines, who fortunately has not received the PH.... however my immediate family and extended family have received a total of FOUR (4) Purple hearts covering the period of Viet Nam to the current war in Irag. The first submarine I served on was lost with all 99 crew. I personally had served with about a third of that crew. Their families all received Purple Hearts. To those that have been effected by the reason that someone would receive the medal the events are quite traumatic. To make this a "light hearted fun award" with that idiot frog on the medal is absolutely revolting. If I was offered something like that I can not print here what I would say to individual that would be stupid enough to offer it in the first place. There are a number of veterans and current military, I am personally aware of, that are watching this forum and are appaled at what is going on here. If you want to call it the "Golden Bandaid" or something else light like that then I have no problem. Just stay away from anything that congers up anything that could be associated or interperted as having thing to do with the real Purple Heart medal.
  15. Ditto on the above except I have the 3715 with the built in camera. Great for taking pictures needed for verification and when you are doing a bunch and forget which ones were which. I added a car/truck adapter so that I can charge while on the road. Even without it the battery will last most of the day while out caching. The GpxSonar is fantastic and in my opinion a must for any paperless application.
  16. Hopefull I will not get this backwards but he wants you to go north and west by an amount which should make it S 23 21.454 E 150 29.419. Please excuse any errors. I am standing on my head trying to make sure I am doing this right. I see you are very new to this so welcome to one of the many twists you will see. These changes you see here are what I call redirectors. Congrats on your first find. You only have 345396 more to go until you have them all.
  17. The simple answer is YES. You have to tell them where the final cache is located and they will determine if it is not within 0.1 miles of another cache and the other placement requirements are met. Also remember with a multi you have to disclose all the points of the multi.
  18. You can purchase these from the USGS. Typically a quad will sell for about $10. A quad is scaled at 1:24,000 which makes it about 24"X 36". In a state like Texas that takes close to 100 quads to cover the state. Also remember that they have not been updated with roads or anything else since the late 70's or very early 80's. I use Google Earth and print out the area I am looking for on standard paper. It is much easier, cheaper , and usually has the latest roads. Good luck
  19. No one has suggested mocking the real Purple Heart or any member of the military. Any use or distoration of the real medal is making a mockery of the medal and those that have received it. Yes I am pissed at this whole thread and the subject. I have 99 shipmates that received the medal the hard way, a brother after losing the use of his arm, that received one and by the grace of God his name is not on the Wall, and a Step Son that was shot down in Irag and has recieved one. Yes I am sensitive about the medal.
  20. Several vets have objected to the posted image. You seem to be quite certain about how we think... did I overlook your post in the "How did you serve?" thread? Other than the one that said 'It's dangerous out there' or something? Ed You might note that even I suggested a different image. You might have overlooked my post. I have discussed my past in a few threads. If you have something to add about my past, either post it or send me an email. Otherwise, back off. This is not the time to back off, it is a time for decencey. Most vets I know will object quite strongly to anyone making a farce of this medal. It is real easy for those that have not served or members of families that have not suffered to mock this recgonization. This is the only medal that is given by the military that no one wants to receive. To mock this in any way is ludricious and completely insensitive to those that have served and given all or have been injured.
  21. Both of the Adventure Quest coins.... engraved...... really nice.
  22. OK to say up front.... do not blow me away after what I am about to say In the "OLD DAYS" of dialup internet there were local modems that were slow and the only way to correct that was to hang up and redial. I am wondering that could it be that there might be a router, etc at the Emerald City that is being like a spoiled kid and at times decides to misbehave. Or maybe someone is working on the system and there are to many of us trying to jam to much through the available bandwidth. Remember 5:40 am in the Western Time zone is about noon in Europe. I have been using "internet" types of communication for a long time including the DARPAnet and what we have today is so good and reliable it is unbelievable. We sometimes forget that "instant gradification" is not always necessary. To get the kind a service we are getting for free or if a premium member for less than 1 Starbuck a month is pretty good no matter how you look at it.
  23. Got mine today and started to wonder. There has to be a story behind this coin. You can not produce and deliver these coins for $4.99.
  24. First I would like to say that it is great that Earthcaches are back. I would like to see a feature added. At present there is a place on the Earthcache page that shows inventory like all other cache pages including Virtuals. However when I go to log my find it does not permit my dropping a TB or coin. Since I have a TB that I log into every cache I find this feature would be nice on the Earthcaches.
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