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  1. So interesting. No one says ..... Gee the site is working perfect tonight. My logging is so fast tonight I can not keep up...... It is easy to criticize and for so many so hard to praise. This site is not perfect. But it sure is better than the alternative. I appreciate what they do in the "Emerald City" and I am glad they have to worry about it and not me.
  2. You'll eventually learn which times to avoid the site..... Love these people that know all about everything and they have been a member for two months. Maybe if they just shut up and went and found some caches they could figure out how things worked.
  3. Down here in Texas that scarf sound real good about now. The scarf would be very nice. I have placed gift certificates to local surplus store for ammo cans, and unactivated coins. I have seen lottery tickets, coins for adoption, and unactivated coins.
  4. Updated today and now GE 4.0.2722 showing Yellow Pins.
  5. I don't think so.. Google Earth 4.0.2722 I had just updated and checked and I have yellow pins also. They seem to screw up the icons. Hopefully will be fixed soon. Probably with another update.
  6. There are a lot of people that do not care about TB's and won't pick them up. They just want to do the caches. And then there are the others. It will be picked up soon enough. It will just depend on the cacher.
  7. Well at least, before this photo placement, she use to do dishes and cook!
  8. Recent photo when retreiving cache for #500.
  9. I was thinking about putting together a group myself. Sounds great. I just checked the cost from DFW and it was about $ 1,700 round trip. I sure have done crazier things than this. Keep me informed. Thanks
  10. If you are talking about Texas, do you realize that as of right now there are 16664 caches in the state of Texas. How much memory does your GPS have?
  11. On the pace where you upload the image there is a small box on the left side that says Make this the default image for this travel bug. just click the box and then upload.
  12. I think this one qualifies as a 5x5 and it is a an Earthcache also Rainier Summit Earthcache
  13. That is a pretty long series. A FTF is well deserved for each of those finds. We have one in the area that has 80 points in the series. Each of the caches are 1/2 to 1 mile apart and you can not just drive to each one in series. There is a bunch of finding the right road for the next one. They are a series mainly in name only. There is no final "prize" Sounds like fun...... cache on
  14. If it is the same one I saw he openly states he is doing a Virtual tour. It goes back, IMHO, to lazy virtual owners. If they won't monitor what is happening then they should let someone adopt the cache.
  15. .... and you wanted to do WHAT this evening?
  16. There is one in a cache that is about 4 miles west of your cache. Do a nearby cache search from your cache page and it will show up. You do know that these are like the jeeps they are already activated and are ment to travel from cache to cache. Good luck So to make sure I understand this. Because they are already activated even if i did get an uncirculated one i wouldnt be able to have it listed as one of my bugs? There is really no such thing as an uncirculated one. That would mean it was unactivated. Those that were sent to everyone that asked were already activated. You can not "own" the TB just like you can not own a Jeep.
  17. There is one in a cache that is about 4 miles west of your cache. Do a nearby cache search from your cache page and it will show up. You do know that these are like the jeeps they are already activated and are ment to travel from cache to cache. Good luck
  18. you don't need to enter any of the symbols. All it needs are the numbers ie N34 56.789
  19. Hope that works, but my experience is that the service department can only track down a key if they have the vin number. I can not believe that the frequency or tone sequence is unique to only one car. I noticed that this TB has been going since 2004. Also the big key looks like it is a PO Box key or a safe deposit box key. Maybe you have a key to a hidden million dollars. Now if you can just figure out which bank it is hidden in.
  20. I would like to be able to watch several Public Bookmarks. Is there a way to do that? Presently I save them as favorites in IE but that does not tell me when they are updated.
  21. It appears that you are from MA. I found that if you make a mistake of 10.0 min of Latitude it will give you an 11 mile error. If you make a mistake of 10 min of Longitude it will give you a little over 8 miles of error. Recheck your numbers it looks like it is a typeo. What ever number you type into Google maps or Google Earth are dead on accurate.
  22. Correct... cache numbers are automatically assigned when you hit the report new listing button. That has nothing to do with when it is approved. I have a couple that I have been working on that still have the 6 digit code. He just got lucky.
  23. It is like saying HELLO in spanish, english, or german. They are all the same just different. Your GPS can be set up to input any of the postions. Example you can set to read Degrees.... XX.YYYYY then change setup to degrees and min.mmm XX YY.YYY It is just the interpertaion.
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