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  1. When you are sitting on an aircraft for 22 to 26 hours you look for any kind of diversion. In October on a trip to Tanzania from Dallas via Amsterdam we cross the equator obviously. I have a GPS 76S and by holding it next to the window you can get an excellent signal most all the time. This unit has both the GPS altitude and a barometric altitude. The GPS altitude was correct but the barometric showed the cabin altitude. I have travelled internationall a lot and have never had any problems with using the gps in flight. I was showing the passenger next to me how the gps worked and as we approached the equator you could really see the position counting down to zero North Lattitude. The real fun was trying to mark a position as we crossed the equator. I did get a N00 00.014 and we were doing about 600 miles per hour at that time. I would believe that if any flight attendent requested that you turn one off you should but at the same time ask that person to please ask the pilot if it would be ok. If the pilot does not know it is a passive device like a laptop then I would suggest you try another airline in the future.
  2. 6. What is the name of the experienced cacher that helped you place this cache. (I would like to see a newbie hook up with an experienced cacher, one with over 250 finds, for at least his first 2 caches)
  3. Texas is fairly level is some places BUT in the Big Bend area you have this. I should have turned back here but I did not. The Good News, this is one of my finds for the Texas County Challenge A very sad story about a FTF turned into a STF Check the story at Panther Canyon Abode
  4. I know of one that has almost 6,000 finds and only 4 caches and as of now one is inactive and the others archived. But this is just a game and everyone is able to do their thing.
  5. I have noticed that on the geocaching.com front page at the bottom there is a Upcoming Geocaching Events which lists events for the day. I have noticed that "almost never" are any events listed that are here in the US when there are events in Europe or Canada. As of noon today in Central time zone the listed events in Europe would be over but ones in this time zone and further west are yet to happen but they are not listed. I know there will be some smart a** answers, but interested.
  6. Why do I have a hard time believing that. Anyone I know that would save taunts like that would surely find some way to balance the ledger.
  7. Old addage Start It and They Will Play...... or something like that Ok , so exactly how do you want this to go down.....
  8. If you are interested in Iraq caches go to IRAQ, Kuwait, and Afghanistan Geocaches I started this list at GW4 last year and this lists the current active caches.
  9. The standard large ammo box inside is about 5" wide 7" tall and 11" long. Most of the ones I come across are about 1/2 full. Does not leave much room. Also remember that anything the size of an ammo box is outside and opened in weather that is not the best. I have found that TB's that are small and a bit crazy move a lot better than the bigger ones. Good luck.
  10. Make sure it is a small book. Remember the normal largest cache you will find is an ammo box and they normally will not have any extra space to put any thing large. These will not hold a normal hardcopy book. Any book you send will probably at least get damp. I have seen small, 3X4, diary's being used and put in a zip log. Smaller TB's move fairly easy but large items put a strain on containers and cachers.
  11. The best advice I can give......... get someone else to pay for it.
  12. I think one of the most interesting Mystery caches I have seen is the Navy Army Airforce GCJZ5W. It is played like the game Battleship and has 25 "Waypoints". These are all located in one county that is about 30 miles square. If you drove to all of the points you will end up with well over 100 miles driven. The neat part is that there is no official starting point. I have started it a couple of times, get distracted, and misplaced my answers and had to start over.
  13. Here in Texas quite often the only thing left is a cemetary and usually there is a group maintaining it. That might be a way to help with local interest. I have thought about Ghost towns but not for a while. Now you got me thinking again. A TB wanting to travel to a ghost town is just as interesting as most.
  14. My personal TB TBN0FB shows 55,256 this morning. A couple of trips to East Africa sure helps the mileage.
  15. Go to Edit listing and turn one of your caches into a members only. When you update and view the cache page in the upper left corner under the cache name will be a line that says Read the Audit Log. Click on it and all the people that have looked at the cache page will be there including the last time they looked at it. I do this to all of my caches. When they have been out there a while I then allow everyone to see. Some I keep as members only.
  16. Got plenty of room and lots of TB hotels. Would be willing to move along here in Texas.
  17. The TB's came packaged individually with the codes on labels...so that makes it easy! Thanks for your help! Great idea for a FTF. When I leave an unactivated coin or TB I keep the number stored away so that when they activate it you can watch where it goes. Like watching your "children" roam the world. Recently I purchased some FTF coins. I activated them and offered to let anyone that had the coin to adopt it.
  18. If you want your bug to move I would suggest you contact MaxB On The River He has over 7 million miles of moving TB's all over the country. Would be ideal way to get your TB started.
  19. I don't think blue,....... but now that you mention it..... what is the color of Foie Gras?
  20. I have just completed initiating several new Earthcaches. My suggestion is to go to earthcache.org and submitt a new cache. It is a basic submittal sturcture. The key is to have the visitor do some type of educational item that they would email back to you. This is just like a virtual but with some geological information. Not just a date on a sign but something about the site that could only be determined by visiting the site. Once that is sent it is evaluated and approved by Geoaware and an adoption is sent to you. Once you adopt the earthcache then you can add all the extra info and photos you want. Takes a little more time than getting a normal cache approved but essentially the same proceedure. Typically I have had mine approved within 2 working days. Good luck. I looks like you have a neat Earthcache.
  21. Not specificially but you do have to give them the final coordinates of where the final, or any stages, are to be located.
  22. After about 7 hours of hiking, uphill of course, I was headed back down when my "trail buddy", a not to happy Javalina, wanted to know why I was on his trail. Of course I wonder the same. We both kept an eye on each other for a while and moved on.
  23. Drive it like it was YOUR MOTHER IN LAW'S
  24. The best way is to put a request in the block on the bottom of your edit page that says 'NOTE TO REVIEWER" An email to the reviewer will not necessarly get to the right person. also make sure the box is checked that the cache is placed and ready to go.
  25. Being a member for 2 months shows how you have not seen how the site has improved. Like any thing else improvements come with time and money. If you are really interested in helping, how about sending GC a couple of million dollars and I bet they can get the redundency you think they need. No system is designed for full time usage at peak loading. Like building a 20 lane freeway just to handle rush hour traffic. If you want to match time of usage I can best you by approximately 10 years when DARPA net was what we used. And yes things have improved and GC will improve. They just don't need someone popping up every day trashing and cusing at them. I would think someone of your age would have better manners. I do notice that someone in your area is placing and finding caches so it must not be that hard. Every area has its difficult times. When it is 110, no wind, and bushwacking through thorns and PI caching is not a lot of fun. I see from you last find, yesterday, that you said. "Easy find. Windy and blowing snow, but fun.." so it must not be to bad. Enjoy the hobby, it is a lot of fun. If you do not like the computer system then don't use it.
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