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  1. Sounds easy enough... but where is that written. If you use the site to track the number of caches you've found... and you found 5 caches while at the event (and the caches were set up only for the event), then who's to say that you didn't find those caches. If you've found 250 regular caches, and 5 temp caches (while at an event) then have you found 250 caches? Or have you found 255 caches? While I personally wouldn't do it... I can certainly understand the logic behind it for those who want to keep track of the actual number of caches they've found. Since temp caches are not legal or loggable per GC then how can they be a find? I believe this is the same as pulling up a cache page on the computer and logging it as a find since you "found it" on the computer. A lie is a lie and a fake is a fake. Multiple attends at an event is a lie and a fake.
  2. So FAKE is only bad when it affects you.... what about that it affects the GC community? That is ok in your book? A FAKE is a FAKE !! or do we have a situation of situational ethics?
  3. A big THANKS to the Emerald city gang and what they are doing to the site. It really has been interesting to watch the various changes take place. Expecially when there is obvious testing of how something might look persented one way or another. Keep it coming. One thing has happened to one of my travel bugs TBZBD3 Someone was very kind and added a number of pictures to the TB. This was great, BUT with the thumbnails the page now expands horizonally about twice the size of the monitor. Could it be possible to wrap thumbnails at 5 or 6 or something that would not expand the page beyond normally viewing?
  4. I was interested to see that about 30 people attended the event GC10F47 WGA Geo-Campout 2007 over 1700 times. GC has been very hard on those that promote or ingage in virtual logging. Is not the attending an event 20 time the same thing?
  5. I think the adding of thumbnail photos on the cache page is one of the best visable changes made. So far all the changes that are outside visable look great. Good work
  6. txoilgas

    New Site Bugs

    Love the changes I have seen so far I do like the thumbnails in the logs. One Error I did see. It is showing an event that has already been done as one that I plan to attend.
  7. I would suggest that you do the drop when you log the virtual. That way if you miss the virtual you have not logged a TB in an out that you did not actually make. I have my personal TB that I log in and out of every cache I find including virtuals. The only one you can not do that with is the Earthcaches. Have a great trip.
  8. TB's are fun. Why not just put the tb you have in the next larger cache you find and then go generate some tb's for yourself. It is like putting out your own cache. There are many facits to this sport/hobby. Moving someone elses tb is fun but watching your own tb move is also quite fun. WARNING!!!!! Be careful about the coins. They can be really addicting and expensive. Good luck
  9. I have taken a group of TB's, Jeeps, and coins on several international trips with no problems. The ideal way would be to put in checked baggage. I have carried mine in a backpack with not even a question. Just be prepared to let them open the container. Once they see them there should be no problems.
  10. Big auction weekend for this coin
  11. Texas is not so large. Don't you know that everything in Texas is just "a little piece down the road"?
  12. It is up and running. Check out at Blue Star Thank You Geocoin
  13. The current plan is to launch the auction tomorrow, Thursday, and let it run for 10 days.
  14. The coin is 2" long and 1" high.
  15. Thanks for the heads up on the Fisher House FISHER HOUSE. Their pupose is "Supporting America's military in their time of need, we provide "a home away from home" that enables family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful time -- during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury." They provide housing free to families of Irag and Afganistan wounded. Sounds like a good one. Any comments?
  16. There is no preferred group. Just that the funds go to a veterans/military group.
  17. At the request of the manufacturer, of what has been called the Blue Star Thank You Geocoin, I have in my possession 2 coins, one of which is shown below, to make available to the general public. These two coins will be the ONLY coins that are authorized to be sold by the manufacturer. ALL of the other coins have been given, individually, to those that are or have been in the military. Each coin has a serial number and this one is serial number 001 The proceeds are to be given to a veterans/military group for the benifit of the veterans/ military. My questions here are 1. If this was to be set up and sold on an auction what should the Reserve Price ? 2. What would be the best group to give the proceedes from this sale?
  18. The following Blue Star Thank You coin will soon be going up for auction.
  19. I have one that is now just a twinkle in my eye Does this count ?
  20. Using Google Earth, as Sean stated, is absolutely the best way to start. In using the last cache you logged I pulled it up and when enabled the Geocaching Network KML the ones in that park area popped up. I also showed a big area where there are no caches. It looks like across the road near Medical Plaza Drive there is a large section of the paths that do not have a cache. If you are not using GE then I highly recommend that you install it, it is free, and use it as the basic tool to start your placement. Also be sure and download the KML that is on your "My Account Details" page. The real neat part of GE is that in the Fly To section you can put in a position and GE will put an X on that spot. You can then measure to the nearest and see if it should be ok. The reviewers us a program very simular to this to do the same thing. The GE pins will "float" around but if you click on them and bring up the cache page you can highlight and copy the cache position and then put it into GE and get the exact postion. You can then measure quite accurately. I have placed several skirt lifters just using GE. I get the position and then go "find" the location and place the cache. I have also place several that I notice a specific tree or feature. I determine that position and in several cases I have not moved the position at all for the final position of the cache. So don't get to frustrated. There are tools around that will help you place caches. As you place a few you find it a lot easier with each one which will allow you to get even more creative with your placements. If you need any more help then contact me via email and I will see if I can help.
  21. Why bother with dropping the coins in the event. Why not just leave them where they are and let people discover them from there. That is what I usually do with mine. I assume you are physically taking the coins to the event. The only thing you accomplish by dropping them in the event is to gain mileage. Most personal collections don't need mileage. Also if you "hire" a geoassistant, they will end up wanting time off, pay raises, early retirement, blah, blah,.....
  22. Having hiked 5 miles with a rise of 1,500 feet over 6 hours and then another 8 hours getting back to find out that after 3 years 8 months and 21 days someone had beat me there, using a different route, by 16 hours. Fortunately this was a virtual. If there had been a log book there that showed someone was there the evening before........... the hike back would have been MUCH longer. Panther Canyon Abode
  23. Am I the only one having the problem with Yellow Pins with the new Google Earth?
  24. Don't feel bad, I HAVE seen construction paper and crayons ones in caches. They are obviously a very special sig card and definately a one of a kind.
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