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  1. If you go to your profile page and look at the list of caches you found and it is there then it is counted as a find even through it may be archived. If its not there then it was "unpublished" and you get no credit.
  2. In my personal & humble opinion the granddaddy of them all is the one that I was able to have a FTF. It is the Texas County Challenge Texas County Challenge GCRX6F This one requires you to find one cache in all 254 counties in Texas. It is rated a 5/5. It took several months and over 18,000 miles of driving. All that for one final smiley and a LE coin. What we won't do for a smiley.
  3. I believe that if you want an event you should realize the cost of doing so. I have been to a number of events where the various hosts had elaborate food layouts to those that the host gave away a few cache containers. We have a lot of breakfast and lunch events which are meant to just have a bunch of fun and to go caching. The attendance will range from to 20 to over 70. The attendance did not depend on what was going on necessarly. An event for a cacher that had 4000 finds and 400 hides was a big event and lasted most of the day at the home of the cacher that was being honored. To think people should reimburse you for your expense of the event I believe is asking a bit much. To me is sounds like you would like people to contribute money for each cache they find. Just have the event for the fun of the event.
  4. They don't make mistakes. They are in the business of lies and deception. My favorite is their abuse of history. In the movie Pear Harbor they had pilots that fought in the Battle of Britain, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and then were the heros in the Doolittle raid on Japan. Now those guys were good. Remember lies and deception.
  5. Everybody is making comments without going to the cache page and see what was written.
  6. The cache in question is Five Girls Travel Bug Hotel GC14M0H
  7. The cache in question is Five Girls Travel Bug Hotel GC14M0H. This @#$#*(&^ jerk takes all of the TB's out of the cache because he does not like the placement. Hope everyone lets him know your feelings.
  8. I have a few Multi's and one puzzle cache. The multi's have usually been found when a group goes after them. There are some tricky things in the multi that make them difficult. One of the cachers did say that it almost cost their marriage because they were not agreeing on the clue. I think it is neat that it takes a group effort to find. Also I have a puzzle cache that has only been solved by a group of puzzle solvers that got together at an event to solve my cache. Again I loved it that it took a group effort to solve. This hobby allows multiple means of caching. PAF is one of those and group caching is also there.
  9. I like the "Will Attend" feature..... now the inevitable BUT. I would like to see the date displayed to be the date of the event instead of the date that you say you will attend. Request, not demand.
  10. Picked up seasonal supply yesterday from Wally world in sporting goods.
  11. I guess we see what kind of cacher we have when he goes and revises his cache page entries. Here is what he had to say before he revised history.
  12. I just read your entry in the cache in question. "July 19 by LewisClan77 (472 found) OK this time I wont claim FTF but next time I'm not gonna let people use my pen" Sounds like someone needs a little quiet time. Shall we all now send a rasberry
  13. Not right. She was first to find and to be more technical you did not find, you only made an entry in a log that she had found. No, he did find it. I put it back, minus the log, while I scoured my car (unsuccessfully) for a pen. When he showed up I let him find it on his own. Then, in my book, he does not deserve a FTF. To get a FTF just because you have a pen is mighty lame.
  14. Not right. She was first to find and to be more technical you did not find, you only made an entry in a log that she had found.
  15. Thank goodness this is a hobby that anyone can make of it what ever they want. I have several "series" of cache types and adventures. Some are quite difficult and require thought, bushwacking, long walks, and skill. Another series is at road side rest areas. The most recent series are the skirt lifter type with an occasional twist. The interesting part is that all of these are done mostly with "micros" which range from pill bottles to 35mm film containers. Two do have large containers as finals. To me it is the adventure getting to the log book. I recently traveled over 18,000 miles to record 254 caches to get a prize of a trackable coin and a FTF. It was the adventure, not the log book or the prize that made it interesting. I believe that a recent post in one of my current series best defines what I think most people feel about micros. The comment was made the day that the temp was in the mid 90's and the humidity was about the same. "It's days like today when I appreciate caches like this. Even though many of us complain about the plethora of easy micro hides in the Metroplex, braving the almost dangerous heat and humidity of this afternoon just to prove ones caching cred by attempting the Chaparral Trail series, or the P4 series, or any extreme caching, would be utter madness. SL. Thanks! This individual is no longer a teenager, has over 2500 finds and will go after any cache hard or easy. So if micros are not your thing then Great, I see from your profile you like multi's GREAT. Maybe there are number hounds, Great. There is room in this game for all to enjoy their part of the game. That is what makes this game/hobby/addiction what it has become. SO, Cache on and enjoy.
  16. Got a typical response from the reporter with her NOT taking any of the blame. I responded by asking her to do an article on Geocaching. I have received several responses from readers about this mistake. It will be corrected in tomorrow’s paper. Thank you for the feedback. Susan Schrock Star-Telegram
  17. Hope your considerations is to not have this feature. We don't need any more monitoring that we have. I would rather have a feature that would allow me to see who was watching my caches and travel bugs.
  18. That is one way or if you are in a hurry go to the nearest cache to you and "dip and remove" it into that cache and then drop it in a cache along the way or at the end of the trip. That way the mileage will begin.
  19. If things are automatically added then they should be automatically deleted. If this can not be done then the feature should be archived. I have not seen any answer from GS regarding this topic.
  20. I just enter Bug drop erase and then erase the log entry. Then I go and retreive the TB or coin as normal. I have a personal travel TB I use for mileage. I also delete the retreival log so that my tb logs are not excessive. I only delete logs on my TB and not on others that I may be dipping.
  21. This is a recurring problem with various ISP's due to the volume of emails generated from GS. The most common fix is to setup a gmail account as your GS account and then auto forward from the gmail account to your normal email account. Worked for me and a number of people I know or have heard about.
  22. Texas has a long and proud relationship with the military. The cache owner happen to travel back and forth from Iraq and North Texas on a regular basis. He brought the actual cache from Iraq and it was placed at a location that had to be found in the park where GW4 was being held. There was a lot of word going out before GW4 that the cache would be there and it was widely looked upon as a great way to interact with the troops. All of the logs were super supportive and a fistful of coins and travel bugs were placed in the cache, which happen to be an ammo can, for their return to Iraq. That is when someone complained and the ^%$#^$#$ hit the fan. The cache was returned to Iraq and was eventually reactivated when the finds were replaced by notes. I think this one took a lot of unnessary heat.
  23. It makes you think the rest of the count from the person you referenced is a bunch of BS. It does boil down to integrity. This person obviously has none. The cacher that has been singled out is very high energy and his integrity is beyond reproach. It might be advised to walk the trails with a fellow cacher before demeaning him. Better yet, don't demean the activities of your fellow cachers, it's their game. If he attended 832 events in your area then you guy must be having more events that all the rest of the country. Especially when his events are 24% of his total finds and you say he is caching all the time. With those kind of numbers the totals are questioned. I know a guy that does cache most all the time and in the last 5 years he has over 6000 caches and his events are less than 2% of his total finds. So give us all a break. You guys just like to pad numbers.
  24. If they abide by the rules then please show me a GC number of a cache that was placed and then picked up. To setup and have an event you have agreed to the rules put out by Goundspeak. Please show me where you comply with those rules with your temporary caches.
  25. It makes you think the rest of the count from the person you referenced is a bunch of BS. It does boil down to integrity. This person obviously has none.
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