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  1. I know some others that had that problem. They found if they deleted their log and posted a new attended log it fixed the problem.
  2. Oh ok. Got it. We hit one place were we took one picture that could have worked for three waymarks. It was pretty cool.
  3. Ok. I will bite....what is cross posting?
  4. Based on the comments I have dome to a couple of conclusions. 1) The Waymarking side of the house leaves the Geo-drama behind and seems less concerened with "rules" and more concerned with the idea of getting out of the house and enjoyng something. 2) There are reasons to post a visit and reasons not to post a visit so in the end it doesn't matter if you do or don't. 3) I use GSAK for manythings. GSAK won't track my posted Waymarkers but if I post a visit log on them it will. Case closed. For my purposes there is benifit to me to visit my posted waymarks. Actually I don't have to post the visit for GSAK to track it I only need to tell GSAK I found it. One further note. We have visited a few Waymarkers so far and have posted 1 of our own. We have 2 more that we need to tweek and resend to the managers. In our travels we have found a great many locations that we can waymark and we intend to start gathering info, coords, pictures and such and posting more Waymarers in our area. Only thing I have a problem with so far is the incredible number of catagories there are, it gets confusing trying to figure out what I need to post or visit a waymarker due to the extremely high number of varialbes. I guess in time we will become more educated on that and it won't be so bad but for now I have waymarks I have to return to and ones I wanted to post that I have to return to. Good thing they are close to the house.
  5. I rencently found a Skirt Lifter that I actually liked. It was in a park that has no Lamp Poles. Lots of wooded area around several small lakes/ponds, a small playground and lots of picnic areas. But right by the entrance acorss from the gate is a picnic table, info board and a flag pole. I have to admit I searched quite abit before I noticed the skirt on the bottom of the flag pole and there it was. I got a real kick out of a skirt lifter in the woods.
  6. Drinking beer and caching and manifestly not incompatible! I had a brilliant 9 mile, 3300', 26 cache hike yesterday that included a two-beer lunch. It was glorious! My best day (24h), 17 finds, was done on foot after having 3 pints. I'm not saying you can't cache and have a beer....or 10. Just saying I don't get the guy that goes home and sits on his couch everyday hugging a 12 pack. Why is getting out and caching nuts and sitting at home or even worse in rush hour traffic with the rest of the rats acceptable.
  7. My wife and I have been Geocaching for a couple years now but only recently started messing with Waymarking. I see far less logs in my area for Waymakers but I have noticed that several have visits logged by the poster. I know that is generally taboo in the Geocaching world but there you are looking for something hidden and I would hope you could find something you placed. Waymarking is a differnet since nothing is hidden and seems to be all about visiting a loctation. So what is the general feeling on visiting your own Waymarks....taboo or not? Seems I wouldn't post a Waymark for a location I haven't visited but logging it seems a bit strange too...maybe that is just the Cacher in me. Love to hear others thoughts on the Waymarking side of this question.
  8. They should also make it mandatory that all caches use a 55 gallon drum painted international orange, Geo-piles are not allowed, it can't be behind a large object that could obscure the view, it must not be in an area with tree coverage, it can not be published until the satalite image is updated, it must have a proximity alarm in it that activates and audio/visual alert system when you get within 50 feet of it, it will have to fill out the log for you and read your mind to access details of your search that it will then use to upload your log to GC.com ensuring there are no TFTC logs and it will use multiple cameras to take pictures of your search and upload those as well. Oh and it will be loaded with pre-approved high dollar SWAG items and unactived TB's and GC's for each finder. Seeing the cache in a satalite view is good enough to log it and your rewards will be shipped to you.\ Or....you can stick with LPC's and let those that enjoy the puzzles do them.
  9. Would this plan include spending a night in the woods holding the cache in place until the Liquid Nail cures or would you screw it in place and come back the next day to remove the screws?
  10. I tend to use the "fire and forget" method of putting TB's into circulation. Once I drop them my time with them is over. If I get a log entry I read it but rarely does it say much of anything. The bugs we pick up we move along and dip in caches as we go until we drop it off somewhere. If my bug goes missing for a extended period of time I mark it missing to get it out of the cache it was last reported to be in. If it is in the hands of a cacher and seems to be missing I don't e-mail them or do anything else. I cache for my enjoyment. Telling others how to enjoy their hobby isn't enjoyable to me. If they like my bug and want to keep it so be it. If they log it "properly" so be it. I don't really care what they do. For me TB's are a bit like slot machines...it doesn't matter if I drop money into a slot machine or the toilet when I pull the handle I don't expect to get it back. My wife and I enjoy finding TB's doesn't matter if the cache shows a TB or not it is always a nice bonus when we find one and we keep an eye on our inventory to make sure we don't loose one. Twice we have found a bug on our list and we didn't have it...we searched and found them. One micro coin under the seat and one TB in the Grandkids toy box. We hope we never really loose one but I am not staying up nights worried about my bugs out there. Maybe they will land in the hands of child who thinks it is the most amazing treasure they ever found and never be seen again, maybe they will be accidently dropped and land in the fast food bag and never be seen again, maybe they will be dropped into a cache and logged who knows what their fate really is. No matter what happens to my bugs I will cache on!!
  11. ???? Me & Bucky has been caching for 10 years....not that hard to believe. I think it is more nuts that some people stop and grab a 12 pack on the way home every night and drink the whole thing....I for one would rather go caching.
  12. Anti-skirt lifter could also be used to describe a cache that isn't under the skirt or even a campaign to flood all local parking lots with non or anti skirt lifters....and hopefully something other then the magnetic cover.
  13. I use GSAK too. I have all kinds of notes stored in my GSAK database...databases. Lot of the spoiler info that I won't post in my online log is stored in GSAK. My GPS also does field notes so that all goes into the GSAK data base as well. I really like how easy it is to plan a day or a trip on GSAK and set everything up in a separate database so I can refresh the logs and load to my GPS. It has been especially handy on trips, I can break the trip down into days and load the caches we want to hit each day. Recently we went on a trip to do a series so I had the trip to our hotel, caching on the way to the series, the series, and the trip home set in different databases. A quick break and a few minutes with the laptop and we were set for each part. Files were also setup from GSAK to load into the Nuvi so we could navigate to each location. We also have GDAK loaded on the E-tablet so all the databases are ready to go and we can pull up the caches and my wife reads the description on the larger screen on the way to each cache. That comes in especially handy for an EC or Virtual. The other thing I do with the E-tablet is upload an Excel file (generated by GSAK) with the list of caches we plan to hit, GC code, name, and type with a spot to put in notes. At a minimum we put in the notes "SL" so we know where we are on the list but it is quick and easy to make TB notes or anything else and when I go to log the caches later I have it with me to help me with our logs. But just because we use two handheld GPS's, one vehicle GPS, an E-tablet and a smart phone (GDAK is on that too) doesn't mean we are addicted...just mildly dedicated.
  14. The dude is just asking for an April Fool's Day prank. Maybe hide a cache with a log pre-signed by some of the other locals, and get it published late at night. When he pulls this stunt, have everyone else correct him, saying they didn't see his signature when they logged. Thats just dirty.....I LOVE IT!!!!
  15. That sounds like a good reason to log a find on your own cache. If that ever happens to me I will probably log finds on my caches. If I can remember this thread.
  16. Saw the updated this morning before I left for work. I started the download but it still had a while to go when I left for work...ITS BIG. Looking forward to getting home and updating out GC. I need to update my 710 too.
  17. I can't speak for the Garmin's but I have experience with the Magellan's. The day we found our first cache we went right out and bought a GPS. After looking at what was available at the store we went to we bought the eXplorist GC. We haven't had any problems with it dexspite my wifes ability to drop it on anything she can find that is HARD. It has held up very well. After about 6 months of caching with the GC we decided we needed a second GPS (since she was going on a trip and wanted to take it with her and I wasn't sitting at home doing nothing) so she took the GC and I purchased the 710. 510 didn't have a compass so it came down to the 610 and 710. The 710 cost me $50 over the 610 and came preloaded with street maps to support turn by turn navigation. We have now added a Nuvi to our list of GPS so the turn by turn in my 710 is no longer used but it is nice to have. I could have upgraded the 610's map but it would have cost an additional $100 for the street map so the 710 seemed like a no brainer. I love all the features of the 710....well I love all the features that I use. It has far more than I will probably ever use but as far as Geocaching goes it has served me well. Only thing I don't like is it doesn't work with Wherigo's but I can download an Droid app for that. However since I don't have any Wherigo's near me that too is a mute point. mmmmm.....theres an idea....I could put out the first Wherigo in my area. Again, I can't compare it to a Garmin but when I have cached with others that use Garmin's I have been able to locate caches just as easily and had the same ability to do anything needed with my GPS. All in all they are probably both great products but everyones opinion will slant a little towards the one they have or use the most. Things I do like, color screen, Magnetic Compass, on-board camera, SD expansion (not that I use it) WATERPROOF (and it really is...thank god)
  18. I was just taking a closer look and I see that the CO in question has only been caching for a couple months and my not even know that is considered bad form. May be a friendly note to them from a local cacher explaining that it is generaly condsidered bad form to log a find on a cache you placed would be in order. Might also be nice to invite them to an upcoming event or invite them out on a day of caching.
  19. I have one I really don't want to return to and find. If maintance is need I guess I will have to go find it but I hope it stays in good condition and I don't have to find it. Either way I am not going to log a find on my own cache. Whats the point? At the same time if someone needs a FTF that bad I say go for it! Just don't be suprised when everyone is laughing at you for it.
  20. There has been more than once instance of a ture Letterbox and Geocache located in the same area and cachers have found and logged the wrong container. Plus many other reasons the log may not have a name on it but in the end I am not about to become the policing authority of Geocaching. I found it, I logged it. If someone else didn't find it and still logged it that is on them not me. What other cachers do with their logs doesn't affect me in any way. I find it far more bother some when I find caches that aren't closed properly and I see the same person logged it last as other ones that I have found open. Find the cache and return it as you found it...but if its open CLOSE IT!
  21. Wasps, bees, ticks, snakes, spiders.... the list can go on and on. If every cache that could be potentially dangerous due to nature had a NA note added to it we would no longer be Geocachers....we would be people with GPS's sitting at home.
  22. S&SLaird


    Yes you can do that. Under PQ's you can "find caches along a route" there you can create your route and once you have it to your liking you can create a PQ for caches along the route. I do it all the time when we take a trip so we can grab caches along the way that are close to the highway and even plan fuel and food stops based on cache saturation. Why not full up the tank, belly and grab 4-5 caches before getting back on the road.
  23. IMHO if you don't find the cache, you didn't find the cache so why log a find. I recently logged a Virtual but do to some confusion I had not found what I was suppose to. The CO got a little upset with me over it but after some clarification he edited the cache page and I changed my log to DNF. I then returned and did it right and entered a new Found Log. I don't understand why people log caches they didn't really find. I have seen more than one log that didn't have a name in it for someone who had logged the cache. It is up to the CO to go out and verify finds not up to me so in the end I really don't care how others play the game. Everyone is always saying it isn't about the numbers yet the arguements always seem to be about the numbers. As far as different team members logging their list for everyone and each member only doing part of the list....I really don't get that. What is the point of working together if your not together. I enjoy caching with a group sometimes but I go to all the caches. I may not be the one that makes the find but we all see it and we all know where it was before heading off to the next one. We enjoy getting out and Geocaching but when we are at home we enjoy looking at the numbers and all the goofy statistics in GSAK. We like planning a day partially based on improving our GSAK badges. They aren't really important but for us it just adds another level of fun that we get to enjoy when we aren't on the trail. It isn't about the numbers; but they are fun.
  24. The other cacher can just log it as grabbed from you when the recieve it.
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