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  1. Hi All Being from Maine and an avid hiker and ham , here is my suggestions for traveling into the woods. I totally enjoy my radios, gps's and all my electronic toys. However, I never and I mean never venture into the woods, even on well marked trails without my compass and maps. As a matter of fact, I have 2 compass's. A good one that stays in my pack, and a small ball compass on my jacket. Someone else posted that compass's never have dead batteries. I totally agree. Still, its fun to contact repeaters and other folks from way back in the woods with the rigs. Gene AA1XD
  2. Hi Can you give us a specific area where you will be. We can look up your area and tell you what your chances are for 2 meter. Also, I would check to see if any of the repeaters have autopatch. Autopatch is where you can make phone calls through the repeater. Good Luck Gene AA1XD
  3. Thanks for starting this part of the forum. I'm Gene from Maine, AA1XD Ham radio is great. And so many different avenue's you can wander down. Starting with V/UHF to HF, satellite, packet, aprs just to name a few. Add that with GPS and you have a fantastic time. I log QSO's with every cache I find. 73 Gene
  4. I have been a ham for 5 years. I have used my rigs,(both base and mobile) to report emergencies, injuries and so forth. On the hiking trail it has been extremely helpful in emergencies, along with my gps which reports exact locations. And it fun. I have met many many great people. AA1XD
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