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  1. Hi, I will be moving away shortly and am hoping someone would like to adopt a cache of mine, it's Lucy's Lamb GC34ABH https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC34ABH_lucys-lamb?guid=ef2a7c30-ebff-4dd4-ba26-e674ebe32096 If anyone is interested please message me, thanks.
  2. No interest shown so far ... last chance to get yourself an excellent GPS at a reasonable price
  3. My Garmin Montana 650T is for sale due to a change in hobbies. Complete with full OS UK 1:50K mapping Offers please, highest bid over my reserve will secure. If not sold to someone on here by 12 June then I'll look to sell it elsewhere. Thanks.
  4. Note the downloaded CN map cannot be installed to your PC nor can you selectively install regions. It's a single .img file designed to be installed to your device. If you want to view it on your PC you'll need to plug your device in or take other steps so that BaseCamp can view it.
  5. Err ... no ... just place the card in a card reader, my laptop as do many these days have one built in, for those that don't card readers are very cheap. I reckon the OP had thought of that or wouldn't have asked the question
  6. Sure, just place them in a folder on your card named Garmin\GPX. Your GPS will automatically read them from there.
  7. How have you tried? What happens?
  8. Yes, that's what is explained in the videos I linked to above, although note you can only select the current track for trackback, not any other. (small error, it's also 'Select Review Track', not 'Select Review Map')
  9. There's something wrong somewhere then in my understanding as 'Trackback' is meant to take you back along the same track, not create a different route which seems to be the case in your video. If I do a trackback on my current handhelds (Etrex 20, Montana) the 'track' is an accurate reverse of my outgoing track.
  10. Also note that along with Grasscatchers excellent explanations your new unit uses a very different way of displaying tracks compared with your old. When you select Where to, Tracks or do a 'go' via Track Manager your new unit uses what Garmin call 'Advanced track navigation', there is info on that here: http://garmin.blogs.com/softwareupdates/2009/12/getting-more-out-of-track-navigation.html#.VouBtcsnzcs You might also find these videos useful:
  11. Not sure about your first question, for your second provided you're following a route you can (on all Garmin handhelds I've used) set an off course alarm, but it's in the Marine setup so you need to look there.
  12. First decision is do you want touchscreen or buttons? If you've never tried them visit a store where you can get some hands on experience. I prefer buttons so the only ones on that list I'd consider would be the 62 and Etrex 20x as the rest are touchscreens. I actually have an Etrex 20 that I use for caching/hiking and am very happy with it. I'd also prefer a new rather that used one, so from your list that would mean the 20x!
  13. Which document did you look at? In common with pretty much every manufacturer these days only a quick start manual comes with the device. You can download the full manual or there may be a copy on your device, there was on my Etrex.
  14. In common with most GPS your loaded caches should be visible if you do a Where to, Geocaches and also display on the map screen. However on some the default settings may prevent this happening. Can you describe in more detail the difference between what you're loading and what you're seeing as this often indicates where the issue is?
  15. sussamb

    Garmin 64st Map

    Don't have a 64 but both my handhelds allow that, so as Walt says it should be doable. Try looking at the settings on your 64, it'll be something like Advanced map setup, Zoom levels ... they may need adjusting so caches show at your normal zoom level.
  16. Oops, who rattled your cage My apologies, didn't mean to upset you so and I clearly misunderstood you when you said 64Gb cards cannot be formatted FAT32. As for not helping the OP, I was trying to by pointing out that 64Gb cards can indeed be formatted FAT32. I even say that in one of the links you quote. In any case we now seem to agree they can, so again apologies for any misunderstanding.
  17. Not true ... there are numerous programs that can do it.
  18. Putting them on is one thing, being able to access them all is another.
  19. You probably have cache files installed on the 64 when you got it, these are stored in .ggz files which Basecamp won't read I think. Use Explorer on your PC and delete any .ggz files you find. More info on those files here http://gpstracklog.com/2013/02/garmins-new-ggz-geocaching-file-format.html
  20. I have both a Montana 650t and an Etrex 20, but my preference for caching is the Etrex 20.
  21. While that will work for a while eventually it won't so be prepared to follow all the other advice in due course.
  22. sussamb

    auto zoom problems

    I'm not sure autozoom works when you're walking, only if driving, cycling etc, but then I always turn autozoom off even on my car devices as I prefer to control it myself so I could be completely wrong. I also seem to remember it requires you to be following a route on a routeable map to work
  23. Well hopefully not but if it's them that have the incorrect data it may be necessary.
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