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  1. I'm selling my GPSMaps 60c because I recently upgraded my Android and just don't give this guy the use he is capable of. Unit is in very nice condition, no dings or dents, no scratches, and its fully operational. It has the Garmin carabiner and I will include my custom Geocaching buckle connection too (1/2 a GC lanyard stitched down to 8" with buckle). Also included are USB Cable, Manual, and Garmin Software on CD (not pictured). Asking $100, shipping included. I'm in Idaho, I don't use PayPal, but can do Google Checkout or Money Order. Will ship via USPS Click'N'Ship, so Priority Mail with tracking.
  2. I really like being FTF, and as a fairly new cacher, I am willing to head out and FTF quickly. My son and I have FTF'd a few caches locally within minutes of seeing them published but if we showed up and someone else was there we'd never claim FTF. FTF to me means first person to sign the log, not first person to see the cache or first person to log it on the site as a found.
  3. There's a couple of these in my town, hides in a little park that's part of a subdivision. I've never had a run-in with neighborhood watch, but you did just what I'd do. I'd just say OK and leave, then post an NM/NA log with exactly what happened. You know, the only real run-in's I've had have been with Mall Security at our local mall. One of the seasoned cachers has a fake rock in a rock garden on the edge of the park-n-ride parking lot at our mall and I've spent quite a chunk of time looking for it (still DNF'd at the moment). 3 out of 4 times I've gone to look the Mall Security has come out to see what I'm up to, turning all the rocks in the median over. Twice its been the same old-bloke, and once he even got out of the truck and looked with me for a bit, totally fascinated with my story. Once it was a younger guy who just rolled his eyes when I said "geocaching" and drove off.
  4. I don't generally carry anything with me aside from water, a snack, my GPS, a sharpie/pen, and my leatherman. If I'm going waaay off trail hiking, I might take my backpack with first aid kit and extra food/water, but generally leave them in the car unless I'll be off for more than a short jaunt.
  5. I like the honesty in this answer, and will put my self firmly in this camp. Caching is as sporty as I get unless Just Dance on the Wii counts...
  6. I'm still up for Idaho or Wyoming/Utah, but never got a reply. Won't bother you again though if you don't need me Cheers!
  7. Hey, I'm in southeastern Idaho but within a little over an hour's drive of Wyoming and Utah and make frequent trips to the counties along the borders for work. I'd love to help out and could actually really use a WY and UT cache find anyway while I'd be in the area...
  8. Does the 3" blade on my Leatherman count? I'm like many others, American and a gun owner--but I rarely take them with me unless I'm specifically going shooting. Sometimes I'll keep my pistol in the trunk of the car if I'm going out of state with the family. Best caching protection in my opinion is my mangy labrador, just don't feed him too much and he'll always be ready to bite something
  9. Waste? Perhaps that was the wrong choice of word; one person's time wasting is another's quality time. I suppose you could readily substitute "enjoy," "diddle," or "spend." Either way, a bit of time spent is a bit of time spent.
  10. http://userscripts.o...pts/show/125926 This one seems to work with Chrome. it SURE does, THANK YOU! Thank you, it works gangbusters in Chrome on my Mac.
  11. I've done a few like that. They can be fun. Here's an example: GC1EM3H Thanks for the link, that's a great example of a very well researched and intellectually stimulating cache. This is exactly the kind of cache I'm thinking of. I've noticed there many little plaques and insets to be found around town with blurbs about the architect of a building, a historical figure, or some other tidbit of history. After doing the Friday night Art-Walk, I'm actually surprised how many of these kinds of little markers there are especially in the "Old" section of town.
  12. Excellent info, thanks for all the replies. I'm thinking I would make all the waypoints visible, as the information on the plaque or sign at the waypoint would be used to get some portion of the final stage coordinates. The distinction between multi and puzzle being what you have to do with the numbers makes sense too--math or riddles make it much easier to place the final without cherry-picking numbers all over town. The final will be a traditional (decon container) cache with a log and such. I would like to make it walking accessible along some kind of historical route around my town and tell an anecdote or two, a nice way to waste an hour or so on the weekend.
  13. Can a multi-cache have no physical containers at each stage, or would that be a challenge cache? My idea is such, list coordinates of historical placards or other date markers around town and have the cacher glean the coordinates for the final cache from riddles about a number contained within those markers. So the find could go something like, "travel to xxxN xxxW, read about such and such thing that happened there on the marker, note the date/other number from marker, maybe do some math or additional bobbling with said number, use result as part of final stage coordinate, rinse, repeat. Would this be a multi, or would it be a puzzle, or would it be a challenge? Also, if there are already traditional caches listed within 528ft of any given marker/number, could I still use the location as a waypoint if there's no physical container?
  14. I really like/generally carry Zebra's telescopic pens for their size, but a fine-point Sharpie seems to be the most trusty device for signing logs of any condition.
  15. Sigh, OSM does not have satellite data. You, like so very many others here are confusing the OSM map with the default setting which is MapQuest. Your post should say you think the MapQuest Maps are terrible. Bigger Sigh. I think the views available are sub-standard. I don't care if OSM aggregates Bing, MapQuest, or TerraServer--the views are sub-standard compared to what Google provides. I don't need user-added trails and I don't have the desire to "just join up and add your own data to OSM," as many have suggested. For my state (and for many other's it seems) the OSM data (regardless of where it comes from) is simply not as good Google's. I love the concept of "Open Source." I even like the idea of community editable information ala Wiki as a map-layer, I just don't like the way OSM implements either. Perhaps a few years from now I'll have a completely different opinion of OSM but for now it feels chintzy. This is 2012, Internet GIS is mainstream and Google Maps gets it right from usability and interactivity perspectives, while OSM seems like a cut-rate knock off to me. Could I go download the USDA data and manipulate it in ArcGIS and build my own layers, sure--but why take the time when GM has it all done for me and includes a free robust client to do just that? My kvetches are minor--more like annoyances as coordinates can be cut and pasted, its only "one" more step. The GM link in the "Other Maps" on the cache listings is also nice, it will have to do for now.
  16. I think the Open Street Maps are terrible. The cache pop up boxes on them look very poorly designed and in contrast to the nice rounded edges found elsewhere. OSM's satellite data is painfully slow and outdated in a good majority of my state, where Google Maps had 2011 USDA 1m data. At least you can copy the coordinates directly off a cache page and paste them in to a browser tab in Google Maps and have the better sat imagery. Does this also affect API usage in Google Earth? Not that it was very handy with the 100m skew anyway... What is the price difference in real dollars if a realistic number of users were willing to pay for it?
  17. Monochrome device has been spoken for. Both color devices still available.
  18. I've recently been given 4 older Sony Clie' devices.They are Palm compatible devices circa 2004, not too exciting but they are all in excellent functional shape. They run CacheMate and iSilo and have a Memory Stick expansion slot for loading tons of .gpx's. I'm going to leave one of them in a local cache for a special cacher, but the other 3 are up for trade. I have two color and one monochrome, first come first preference for choice. All I'd like to trade for is a geocoin or two, unactivated of course so that I can add it to my small but growing collection. If you have a personal signature or state themed coin that's even better! All of the units are processor/speed identical, only difference is monochrome on one screen. They all hold a decent battery charge and the screens were always used with a screen protector so no scratches. Each unit will come with a charger and USB connection for your computer (two have a dock and one has cables) and a screen protector or data sleeve zip up cover (again, two have a screen cover, one has a data sleeve). I will include the Clie CD of drivers as well. I live in Idaho, but I am willing to ship to the US or Canada with a small flat rate priority box, and if you're willing to send the coins first (yes I know that sounds scary, but email me and we'll talk), I'll cover the shipping cost. You can email me via my profile or respond in this thread and I'll email you!
  19. We cache primarily as another cheap hobby to keep me and my kids entertained. I like the "arts and crafts" aspect of making caches, the hiking aspect of finding them, and the social aspect of GC.com which helps to keep my FB.com time down.
  20. I will second the Palm screen protectors--get the generic size and you can cut them to fit just about anything. I use them on my PocketPC, Palm, TomTom, and Garmin 60cs. Very economical, I got a pack of 10 of them for 9.99 at my local Office Supply Mega-Chain Store.
  21. Its not commercial from the perspective of Groundspeak, I'm sure. Geocaching isn't just GC.com after all. The tag line on the video if you go to YouTube to watch it does specifically mention geocaching: "A group of friends use a 2012 GMC Terrain Smaller SUV and its navigation system in a geocaching scavenger hunt."
  22. No offense to your site, but its very cluttery in my browser, the margins appear broken and some of the page is outside of the "lines." I'm using Chrome on a Mac, don't know if its better/worse on anything else and won't be trying. Personally, I don't see a need for an additional site, but more power to you and those who'd like to use it, I'm all for DIY. I guess the question really is, "what Social networking features does GC.com lack?" Lets see, GC.com has friend lists, a chat room, a forums section for dialog, and stats for my caching adventures directly viewable within site. I have the ability to post images either directly to my profile, directly to a cache, or directly to any trackable's page. I can contact members and non-members indirectly via a form on GC.com or directly via their IM/email address if they choose to share it. I can subscribe to forum threads and "watch" trackables or caches and get emails if they are updated/changed/published. If I set my email address to my phone's email, I could get instantaneous feedback if things I want to monitor change. It seems to me the only features missing are instant messaging and the ability to see if your "friends" are online or not.
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